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Of Knights, Flying Robots and Pepper

Somewhere in the world at any given point in time someone is saying “you know, I have a plan…..” and these are some of the results…..high tech gadgets that will blast-off  life onto the next level.

Jibo, The World’s First Family Robot

Robots are the latest trend in family pets!   Jibo, is the new robot from MIT roboticist Cynthia Breazeal.  Jibo can go online to order your usual pizza, be the photographer at your home events, and be your personal smart assistant.

Yes Mother Dear!

Disguised in a doll package embedded and encased into your smartphone app, you can choose your choice of notifications be it for your fitness tracking, stats keeper or security systems.

It Glides and Flies

Exclamation Marky Flying Robot is the future of directional signboards. To cap the representation of futuristic vibes and trends of youth, zest for life, enthusiasm and action, hence the flying robot is in the shape of an exclamation mark. Kudos to designers Ronny Sauer and Form & Drang

MiP – Sway With Me

This bionic balancing-act is a sight to behold. Perched comfortably atop a pair of dual-directional wheels, MiP freely stabilises itself and responds to your motions and gestures.

Pair  this outstanding robot to your smartphone via Bluetooth with the free MiP app and you can drive it around just by tracing a path on your smartphone.

K5  Knightscope – High Tech Lone Ranger

The Knightscope(K5) robot security system features a 360 degree high definition camera that can record everything around it. It features high quality microphones that record sounds of any kind.  Other sensors on these robot security guards include thermal imaging, infrared sensor, ultrasonic distance and speed sensor, license plate scanning, air quality sensors and more.

Pepper – Your Robotic BFF

The latest creation from Aldebaran Robotics for SoftBank Mobile, Pepper is a social robot able to converse with you, recognize and react to your emotions, move and live autonomously. Pepper can translate what state you are in using his knowledge of universal emotions  and his ability to analyze your facial expression, body language and the words you use.


This year sees the reinvention of the living areas with exotic motifs, ethnic patterns, artistic details and blends of textures

The living area in your home serves many functions; a formal sitting area for entertaining guests, a family room or a personal space for reading and relaxing. Determining the use of the room often helps when deciding how to decorate it.

Because the living room is used for various purposes it’s best to incorporate furnishings such as bookshelves, cabinets, sofa sets, side tables and built-in entertainments centres. These may just be the basics but you can amp up the atmosphere by simply experimenting with colours, accessories and ornaments. Picture frames, rugs, throw pillows and curtains are all great for adding colour and textures, while mirrors, table lamps and ceiling lights can add dimensions throughout the space.

Mixing old and new interior designs and fusing it with a touch of individuality, creativity and innovation, Splendid Interior Décor is dedicated to transforming your living room into a comfortable and inspired space that brings together family and friends. Spearheaded by aesthetic whizz, Darren Tan, the team at Splendid have always delivered on their promise of bringing to life the space that you call home.

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Catering to an elite clientele, Maple Palace Restaurant delivers on its promise of best food, service and ambience.

When it comes to quality of food and service, the award-winning Maple Palace Restaurant is setting the bar for the F&B industry in Penang. “Food and service are equally important nowadays,” says Tan Loy Sin, the restaurants proprietor-cum-chef. “The main speciality of Maple Palace is the good food and beautiful environment. We continuously strive to provide the best to our customers, accepting positive and negative comments to help us improve.”

Maple Palace Restaurant specialises in Cantonese and Szechuan cuisines made from the freshest and finest ingredients. The elaborate dishes are prepared with unique interpretations that pay homage to various Asian cooking styles. Famous for their commitment to the purity of the food, no MSG is used in the preparations of the food nor is the freshness of the ingredients ever compromised.

Widely acclaimed as one of the best places to dine and be seen in, Maple Palace attracts the upper echelons of society for various dining events. Despite its fine dining status, Loy believes that his prices are reasonable for the level of quality, service and ambience that is provided. Having high expectations to meet, Loy maintains standards and consistency by only hiring skilled and experienced staff without succumbing to the economical option of settling for foreign workers.

Together with his team of kitchen mavericks, Loy relentlessly works to design a completely new menu every six months, whilst the restaurant interior is upgraded every year with new furnishings and tableware. To maintain a positive and inspiring work environment, Loy remains hands-on with the operations and in managing the 70 odd workers.

The restaurant was honoured last year at the inaugural Pinnacle International Excellence (PIE) Awards 2014 when they received an Emerging Class trophy for the Fine Dining (Chinese) category.

For more information or to make reservations, please call                         +604 227 9690 / +604 227 4542 or visit


From classic to contemporary, Splendid Interior Décor creates styles that suit your individual taste.

As the heart of your home, it is important that the kitchen is inviting, comfortable and functional. That does not mean you have to sacrifice on personal style preferences. A minimalist kitchen can be as cosy as one that is modeled after a country-style kitchen. The trick is to play around with the colour scheme, light and appliances to infuse the sleek, contemporary look with some warmth.

And this is where Splendid Interior Décor weaves its magic. Specialising in classic chic to modern luxury styles, the team at Splendid spearheaded by aesthetic whiz, Darren Tan is able to transform your kitchen space into an elegant, functional and comfortable room.

Splendid has always delivered its promises perfectly and the personalized service provided is something it prides itself on; its clients have come to expect the high standard that accompanies the company’s end-results.

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Raising The Bar On Urban Living

Eupe Corporation Berhad, one of northern Malaysia’s leading property developers, is heading to Kuala Lumpur and has set its sights on revolutionizing the style of contemporary living in the country’s capital.

Text and Images Courtesy of EUPE

Eupe, recognized as one of Malaysia’s Top Property Developers (2013) as well as Malaysia’s Township Developer of the Year (2014) has its first two major residential projects in Kuala Lumpur lined up for construction in the not too distant future. Both The Weave in Cheras and Novum at South Bangsar will be defined by iconic architectural designs and a new, all-inclusive approach to urban lifestyles.

According to Managing Director, Dato’ Beh Huck Lee, the company has been realising the lifestyle dreams of thousands of Malaysians since it started operations in 1986. “Over that time we have built more than 20,000 homes and in the process become one of the largest and most respected developers in northern Malaysia,” he says. “We strive to provide innovative living solutions that are anchored in the enduring values that have shaped our history and legacy. Our core value is trust.”

As a trusted property developer, Eupe aims to provide high-quality, distinctive yet affordable residential living that will benefit not only homebuyers and investors, but the community in the long term.

In line with these values, the 40-storey The Weave project is designed to be entirely ‘people focused’ with four key factors in mind.

Design for Family
Design for Community
Design for Convenience
Design for Security

“All The Weave’s facilities and functions have been planned to help make its residents’ daily life more convenient, comfortable, secure and pleasurable,” Dato’ Beh affirms. “We haven’t just tried to match or compete with other developments. Instead we’ve put in a lot of thinking to create a complete package that is focused on the needs of residents, as well as facilities they may not think they might need but will want.”

“What we wanted to achieve with the design is for residents to know Eupe has put in a lot of effort into thinking and conceptualising a complete and comfortable lifestyle experience for them. The end result is an all-inclusive concept that weaves together family life, community togetherness, lifestyle facilities that cater for every need, as well as security and convenience for a new level of urban living.”
Eupe’s development in South Bangsar, Novum which means ‘new innovation’ in Latin summarises perfectly what the project represents. That is because it has been conceptualised and designed around three ‘news’.

The first is ‘New Bangsar’. Novum’s iconic architectural design and the latest in contemporary facilities and conveniences will define this exciting new precinct for years to come.

The second, ‘New Lifestyle’ offers novel facilities such as open green spaces, common areas as well as mood-scapes to cater for every lifestyle need. The mood-scapes consist of tranquil spaces for quiet moments to shared spaces that residents can enjoy with each other, to active spaces for all their fitness and wellbeing needs.

The third is the ‘New Digital Life’ which brings the best in digital lifestyle with a wide range of digital facilities as well as new levels of high-speed connectedness and convenience.

Located in one of the most strategic areas in the capital for leisure and work opportunities, residents at Novum will be close to major highways and amenities, as well as being accessible to popular neighbourhoods and the best in shopping and entertainment.

“Novum embodies the best in new thinking, innovative design and meticulous planning that differentiates our developments from others,” says Dato’ Beh. “It offers residents and future generations a progressive, iconic home and stylish, contemporary lifestyle whilst defining the identity of South Bangsar as a new and highly liveable location within one of Malaysia’s most desirable city areas.’

Eupe’s initial projects in Kuala Lumpur reflect an ongoing focus and commitment to excellence and innovation that has seen the company become a trailblazer in property development in its home state of Kedah. The Somerset development in Sungai Petani, Kedah’s main population centre, underlines just why the company continues to break new ground in premium living in northern Malaysia.

Comprising a limited number of spacious homes The Somerset offers contemporary and airy indoor spaces that spill onto outdoor terraces, as well as extensive roof gardens that are the highlight of each unit. It’s also the first project in the region with an impressive price tag of over RM1 million per unit.

The development, which is now moving into its second stage, is situated on a hill just outside Eupe’s Cinta Sayang Resort and its 200 acres of golf and recreational areas.

Cutting into the hill has been minimized to maintain the original contours of the land and to maximize Somerset’s sustainability credentials.

“The concept is one of openness, where the areas merge seamlessly into one another so as to increase flexibility of space usage,” explains Eupe’s Corporate Manager, Marketing and Design, Datin Michelle Gan. “The flow of spaces, like the flow of chi, has been emphasized in the design for comfort and practicality.

‘Light and air are the key elements with high ceilings and extensive use of glass to maximise natural lighting and ventilation,” she continues. “We also call the development ‘Head of the Dragon’ because of the natural contours that allow the homes to perch above the world. This not only gives Somerset a distinctive enclave feeling but also naturally enhances the security of the precinct.”

Stage One of the project was launched late 2013 and take-up has been strong. Registrations for Stage Two of the project are now open. “The strong response shows home buyers in the region want a distinctive type of premium housing which merges community living with safe, secure natural surrounds,” says Ms Gan. “The whole concept is based on effortless livability with an emphasis on difference.”

For further information on The Weave, Novum and Somerset projects, please visit where you can sign up to receive Eupe’s digital magazine, Property Trust.

The Weave, please contact Danniel Tan
on (+6) 012-423 6662
Novum, please contact Steven Tham
on (+6) 016-971 0174
The Somerset please contact
(+6) 04-441 4888 or
by email

Escape to the desert

Experience the majestic Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort with a stay at their exclusive Royal Pavilion Villas located in a secluded setting of the United Arab Emirates desert.

Images courtesy of Minor Hotel Group

Set against the dramatic landscape of The Empty Quarter – the world’s largest stretch of uninterrupted sand desert, the exclusive collection of Royal Pavilion Villas is the epitome of Arabian elegance. The unique retreat located just one kilometre from Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara is ideal for guests seeking a truly bespoke getaway and seclusion.

The Royal Pavilion Villas by Qasr Al Sarab comprise ten fully self-contained pool villas complete with swimming pool, outdoor rainforest showers, sunbathing cabana, terrace dining and lawn areas as well as the main Pavilion which houses Porte Cochere, a welcome Lounge, The Dining Room, The Lounge, The Terrace, The Workout Room, The Spa and an impressive outdoor area.

Evening cocktails are served daily at the guests’ choice of either The Lounge or The Terrace, both offering spectacular views of the changing colours of the desert sands. With the twinkling lights of Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort emerging at dusk, the experience is nothing short of fairytale grandeur.

Signature touches include exclusive transport (private limousine or helicopter transfers) from Abu Dhabi or Dubai Airport to the resort, a traditional UAE falcon experience upon arrival, traditional Arabic tea tasting and Arabic inspired Afternoon Tea set, followed by a personal escort to their Royal Pavilion Villa where they will be pampered with a relaxing foot ritual to start their experience in lavish style.

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Let your tastebuds dictate with Maple Palace’s personalised dining experience

Award-winning Maple Palace Restaurant is widely acclaimed as one of the best places to dine and been seen in. Taking palatial dining a step further, Maple Palace recently introduced its made-to-order experience where dishes are cooked to suit individual tastes and preferences even allowing for patrons to order off the menu.

As its name suggests, Maple Palace restaurant specialises in a wide-range of Cantonese and Szechuan dishes made from the freshest and finest ingredients. Giving tradition a little artisan twist, the elaborate dishes are prepared with unique interpretations that pay homage to many different Asian cooking methods.

The restaurant was recently honoured at the inaugural “Pinnacle International Excellence (PIE) Award 2014” where proprietor-cum-chef, Tan Loy Sin, walked away with the Emerging Class trophy for Fine Dining (Chinese).“The main specialty of Maple Palace is the good food and beautiful environment,” explains Loy emphasising that his restaurant continually strives to provide the best to its customers.

Loy, along with his team of kitchen mavericks, relentlessly work to design a completely new menu every six months. This enables diners to experience a completely new culinary adventure each time they visit the restaurant. The latest addition to their dining menu includes succulent pieces of Honey BBQ Pork and Braised Sea Cucumber & Goose Web in Garden Greens plus a selection of western fusion dishes such as Stir Fried Australia Scallops with Asparagus & XO Sauce and Stir-fried Venison with Dragon Fruit. The blending of both old and new, east and west make for an unforgettable dining experience.

Just as much thought and effort that goes into maintaining the menu and the dining room, equal emphasis is placed on ensuring the quality of the food that leaves the kitchen. Maple Palace is famous for its commitment to purity of the food. No MSG is used in the preparation of the food nor is the freshness of the ingredients used ever compromised.

It is no wonder that the restaurant attracts the upper echelons of society for various dining events. Catering to an elite clientele, the restaurant which has a seating capacity of 320 persons has become a much sought-after venue for society weddings, milestone celebrations as well as the regular family gatherings.

Cocktail Craft BY CHIVAS

Chivas Regal, the world’s first luxury Scotch whisky, celebrated the craftsmanship at the heart of bartending with the launch of its first-ever global cocktail competition, The Chivas Masters. 

Images courtesy of

The Chivas Masters sees the iconic brand highlight its rich heritage by challenging the world’s best mixologists to create classic cocktails from four of the great cocktail eras – the Classic Age (1880-1920), the Post War Boom (1945-1965), the Disco Years (1975-1990) and the present modern Age of Revivalism.

The exclusive competition culminated in a two-day grand final held at The Nomad, New York on 15 July, was judged by a distinguished panel of leading bartenders, past and present, from New York’s bar scene.  Amongst them was Agostino ‘Ago’ Perrone of London’s prestigious Connaught Bar. A previous winner of the World’s Best Bartender award at “Tales of the Cocktail”, Ago not only served as judge but was also invited to create an exclusive cocktail for

the event.

Contestants were assessed on their knowledge of each era’s cocktail heritage, their creativity and ability to bring the story behind their serves to life, as well as the name, appearance and quality of their cocktail creations.

American bartender, Masahiro Urushido emerged winner over 12 other international competitors, receiving the distinction as Chivas Regal’s first ever Chivas Master with his creation ‘The New Pal’ cocktail.

Shori – Synergizing culture and craftsmanship

Leading pewter brand Royal Selangor joins creative forces with 300-year old Japanese lacquer-ware experts Zohiko to produce exclusive sculptures featuring the legendary koi.

Crafted in pewter and lacquered with the age-old Maki-e technique, the Shori collection pays homage to the Japanese legend of a determined koi who turned into a dragon. The old myth recounts the attempts by a school of koi swimming against the flow of a waterfall to reach the top. Only one would succeed, pleasing the Gods and as a reward was turned into a magnificent dragon.

First cultivated in Japan, the koi or nishikigoi are one of the most elegant and graceful ornamental fish species that come in a variety of colours – each with its own significance. The limited edition sculptures feature three variations of the koi—Go, Miyabi and Irodori —a deep bronze symbolizing strength, gold exuding elegance and a multi-coloured koi to represent beauty.

Cast in fine Royal Selangor pewter, each piece is painstakingly hand-worked and polished by skilled artisans, breathing life into the elements that surround the fish. The completed pewter work is then flown to Kyoto where Zohiko’s craftsmen add the finishing touch of lacquer sprinkled with gold and silver dust, followed by more layers of lacquer. The pieces are then carefully polished to reveal the intricate design.

The Shori sculptures come complete in a box that also functions as a display case. Carefully assembled, the back and base panels are specially lacquered with the Mine kumo nuri technique pioneered by Zohiko to produce a mesmerizing blue on black effect and used for the first time in this collection.

The Shori collection can be viewed at selected Royal Selangor retail stores. The collection is limited to 88 sets worldwide and is only available upon order.

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George Town Festival Turns 5

As the annual arts and cultural festival celebrates its ‘wooden’ anniversary, we bring you the top 5 highlights of the event.

Described by The Edge, Malaysia 2012 as ‘one festival in the country worth making a roadtrip for’, the George Town Festival (GTF) has been drawing in audiences and participants not only from the region but the world over.

The month-long festival, which was founded as a celebration of George Town’s UNESCO Heritage Site Listing on 7 July 2008, sees a shift to August this year to accommodate the Muslim fasting month.

With programmes scheduled daily throughout the festival, this year’s events draw attention to the living culture of the city – people, places and communities. Modest locations such as coffee shop corners and sidewalks will be transformed into galleries and theatres, giving the impression of a borderless stage.

‘We live within such a unique network of vibrant spaces, and the real centrepiece of the festival is the city itself. We want to turn the city into a canvas for world-class artistes,’ says Festival Director, Joe Sidek who has been helming the project since 2010.