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10years of Excellence: Splendid Designs Iconise Spaces

For the past 10 years ever since 2004 when Splendid Interior Décor was set up, various  homes and buildings  throughout  Penang have housed the signature mark of interior design excellence by Splendid Interior Décor. Inspired by the maestro himself, Darren Tan, some of Penang’s landmarks which boast of his works include the Gurney Paragon and Fettes Residences.

Along with business partner Ms. Sylvie Sim, Splendid was set up 10 years ago with a lot of encouragement from friends and families, and the hardcore commitment to ensure it would be a success. Their clientele started with referrals to overseas clients who were seeking to build their homes in Penang under the Malaysia My Second Home Programme and from there, the referrals continued to incorporate clients in the booming property sector in Penang.

Sylvie attests the 10 solid years of business relationship between them is based on trust and a balancing of roles among the partners. While Sylvie manages and makes decisions on administrative matters, the decision making in all other aspects is left up to Darren. “I have absolute trust and confidences in his decisions and I am there to back him up all the way”, she says.

The 10 years have seen Darren and his team at Splendid win a number of achievements for their designs. However when asked to highlight the award that meant the most to him Darren unhesitatingly replied “the 2012 InPenang Award for Best Interior Design House. It is an honour for me to be associated with Ch’ng Huck Theng and his network of friends and associates. I believe his way of doing business is the best way as business based on friendships is sustainable. In addition, receiving an award that originates from Penang has special meaning for us as we are Penang based as well. It is a feather in our caps when organisations in Penang recognise Penang progenies. It inspires us to achieve even more.”

Darren states that whatever good name his firm gets is all due in a very large part to his team.

“Our team really deserves the credit for it is they who hold the fort together, working hard and most importantly, with burning passion to see to successful completions on time and happy clients,” emphasises Darren.

Armed with passion, a solid business partnership and a dedicated team that stands firm with him, Penang can look forward to many more splendid interior designs that will make spaces become iconic.

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A Taste of Asia’s Finest

When we talk about Asian food at its finest, the award-winning Maple Palace restaurant promises to deliver the best food, service and ambience. From simple dinner to a very special occasion, the restaurant frequented by elite clientele, eventually has become one of the top spots for the upper echelons of society. It is no wonder that the restaurant has attracted international celebrity chef, Martin Yan and the restaurant has received a certification of appreciation of ‘Taste of Malaysia 2015/2016’ from him.

Maple Palace restaurant is famous for their commitment to the food purity without the use of MSG. Opened in 2009, the restaurant specialises in wide array of Cantonese and Szechuan dishes made from freshest and finest ingredients. Giving tradition a little artisan twist, the dishes display incredible flavours with unique interpretations that pay homage to various Asian cooking methods. To provide personalised dining experience, Maple Palace restaurant offers made-to-order dishes which are prepared based on individual tastes and preferences, allowing patrons to order off the menu.

Undeniable many know the restaurant for its aromatic fish steamboat with its flavourful soup based however there are other delectable dishes that stand out in the menu. BBQ Roasted Spanish Iberico Black Pig Spare Rib, Fresh Crab Mee Hoon Soup in hot clay pot, Spanish Lamb Leg with Mixed Herb and Whole Lobster Thermidor are among the dishes that you should give them a try when visiting Maple Palace restaurant.

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BBQ Roasted Spanish Iberico Black Pig Spare Rib

Also not forgetting, the restaurant does provide devilishly good desserts. Tuck into with a wide range of refreshing desserts such as sweetened peanut cream, chilled mango sago with pomelo, glutinous rice ball with grated peanut or the chilled six treasure tea with sea coconut to wrap up a satisfying meal. A must-try dessert is the black sesame glutinous rice balls which served in warm ginger tea. The rice balls and ginger tea creates a great flavour and wonderful texture, make every bite a delight to chew.

Every six months, the restaurant chef along with his team of kitchen mavericks relentlessly works to design new degustation menu to provide something different to diners each time they visit the restaurant as well as to improve their overall dining experience. The blending of both new and old, east and west make a memorable dining experience.

The restaurant was honoured with the ‘‘Pinnacle International Excellence (PIE) Award 2014’’ under the Emerging Class trophy for Fine Dining (Chinese) category.

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