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Save The Date 如约而至

Ask any watch enthusiast about Rolex, and chances are you’ll get regaled with stories about the foundry where Rolex creates the 18 ct gold alloys used for its watches or the two-colour Cerachrom bezels on the new GMT-Master II. Few will think of the Datejust collection, one of the more understated models of the Rolex family. The Oyster Perpetual Datejust is the archetype of the classic watch, thanks to functions and aesthetics that never go out of fashion. Aesthetically, the Datejust has spanned eras while retaining the enduring codes that today still make it one of the most recognisable of watches.

This year, Rolex introduces the new generation of the Oyster Perpetual Datejust 31, with redesigned case sides and lugs in 18 ct white, yellow or Everose gold. The new Datejust 31 is equipped with calibre 2236 for the first time, which provides great stability in the face of temperature variations and remains up to 10 times more precise in case of shocks.

Amongst the many combinations available, one, in 18 ct white gold, is fitted with a white mother-of-pearl dial and a diamond-set bezel. Another, in 18 ct yellow gold, features a malachite dial with a Roman VI and IX in 18 ct yellow gold set with diamonds, and a version in 18 ct Everose gold is introduced with a diamond-paved dial inlaid with pink mother-of-pearl butterflies.

The Oyster case of the Datejust 31 is guaranteed waterproof to a depth of 100 metres. Its refined middle case is crafted from a solid block of 18 ct yellow, white or Everose gold. Rolex uses only the highest quality natural stones and equips its team of gem-setters with the latest technologies to create gem-set timepieces that exude excellence.  The Datejust 31 is no exception.


劳力士 (Rolex) 一口气推出3款全新版 GMT-Master II,所有新款腕表均搭载新一代 3285 型机械机芯,让人耳目一新。而新版蚝式钢款同时配备双向旋转外圈与亮眼的红蓝双色 Cerachrom 陶质24小时刻度字圈。除了五格链节纪念型表带,表壳外侧及表耳也经过重新精心设计。

如果询问任何一名手表发烧友或收藏家关于劳力士的独家事迹,肯定环绕着劳力士铸造 18 ct 金的故事,或者是议论新

GMT-Master II 上的双色 Cerachrom 陶质表圈。很少人会谈到 Datejust 系列——其实这是错误认知。

作为劳力士家族中较为低调的成员之一,蚝式恒动日志型(Oyster Perpetual Datejust)手表是经典的原型,这要归功于它永不过时的功能和美学。从美学角度探视,Datejust 已经跨越各个时代,至今仍然是最受认可的手表之一,也是经久不衰的典范。

今年,劳力士推展新一代的 Oyster Perpetual Datejust 31,以 18 ct白金、黄金或永恒玫瑰金重新铸造设计了外壳和表耳。全新的Datejust 31 首次搭载 2236 型机械机芯,在温度变化的状况下展现无可比拟的稳定性,而且高出十倍精度的抗震功能。

在众多的组合中,其中一款 18 ct 白金钢表配有优雅白色珍珠母和钻石表盘。另一款 18 ct 黄金则采用美丽孔雀石,雋刻罗马数字时刻VIIX的镶钻表盘;至于 18 ct 永恒玫瑰金款则以粉色珍珠母蝴蝶与钻石镶嵌的表盘脱颖而出。

Datejust 31 的蚝式表壳具备 100 米的防水深度。精致的中层表壳是由 18 ct 白金、黄金或永恒玫瑰金所铸造。劳力士精选优质的天然珍贵宝石,并配备尖端宝石镶嵌技术团队,创造出最卓越的宝石镶嵌钟表,当然 Datejust 31 也毫不例外。

The gem-setter sets the stones individually to achieve a perfect harmony of colours and reflections, and find the optimal position.

The Show Stopper 艳惊四座

“The Divo can lap the Nardò handling circuit in southern Italy eight (8) seconds faster than the Chiron.”

Divo 在意大利南部 Nardò 环形测速赛道上飞驰,比 Chiron 快了8秒钟。”


Bugatti has recently world-premiered Divo1 its latest supercar at the The Quail: A Motorsports Gathering held at Monterey, California. Tuned for agility, nimbleness and optimum handling performance on winding roads, the French sports caris named after Albert Divo, a French racing driver who was a two-time winner of the famous Targa Florio race on the mountainous roads of Sicily with Bugatti in the late 1920s.

法国著名汽车制造商布加迪(Bugatti)最近在加利福尼亚州蒙特里举行的 The Quail : A Motorsports Gathering 展现了全球首次亮相的新车型 Divo1。为了在蜿蜒曲折的道路上取得更敏捷,灵活和最佳的操控性能,这款超级跑车以法国赛车手 Albert Divo 名字命名。他曾在上世纪 1920 开着布加迪的赛车参加在西西里岛山区公路上举行的 Targa Florio 比赛,并夺得两次冠军。


Divo1 is powered by Bugatti’s iconic eight-litre W16 engine with a power output of 1,500 PS. The aerodynamics of the model have been intensively fine-tuned and the suspension and chassis settings have been modified.

As a result, the Divo is 35 kilograms (77 lbs) lighter and has 90 kilograms (198 lbs) more downforce than the standard Chiron2. The lateral acceleration of the Divo has been boosted to 1.6 g. Its maximum speed is limited to 380 km/h (236 mph).

Launched with a limited series of only 40 vehicles, a hefty price tag selling at €5 million each did not seem to deter any interest and were instantly sold out.


Divo1 配置了布加迪标志性的 8 W16 发动机,输出功率为1,500 PS。这款超跑的空气动力学经过了大量微调,而悬架和底盘的全新设计改进了性能。

因此,除了重量减轻了 35 公斤(77 磅),比之前的 Chiron 2 标准具有 90 公斤(198 磅)的下压力,Divo 的横向加速提升至1.6 g.,最高速度则在 380 公里/小时(236 英里/小时)。

这款新超跑推出的限量版只有 40 辆,每辆售价 500 万欧元的高昂价格似乎无法阻挡爱车族的兴致,已经宣告售罄。

Guo Pei – Chinese Folklore Reimagined as High Fashion Couture Photo Shoots


As one of the world’s most renowned Chinese couture designers, Guo Pei creates show-stopping ensembles that blend majestic opulence with theatrical fantasy. The designer’s bejeweled gowns, headpieces, and sculptural shoes were recently styled and photographed by HOWL Collective, who created a series of shots in celebration of the fashion visionary.

Published by Rizzoli as a monograph, the HOWL team’s 122 fairytale shots (titled Guo Pei – Couture Beyond) provide insight into Pei’s incredible designs and their connection with ancient Chinese culture through series of images from themed settings depicting mythical narratives such as Legend of the Dragon and One Thousand and Two Nights.


HOWL Collective announced, “The first major book on China’s leading couture visionary reveals the intricate craftsmanship and imperial glamour that has fashion publications worldwide declaring Guo Pei’s creations ‘the Empire’s new clothes.’”

More of HOWL Collective’s projects on their website and the Guo Pei – Couture Beyond photobook is now available on Amazon.


Race That Watch 万国表赛车队登场


The IWC Racing Team has recently made its official Swiss debut at the 14th Arosa ClassicCar which saw former Formula One driver Karl Wendlinger drove the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL “Gullwing” on the winding 7.3 kilometre hill-climb route from Langwies to Arosa, finishing in seventh place. In 1999, motoring journalists named the 300 SL the Sports Car of the Century, and is instantly recognizable thanks to its gull-wing doors, which resemble the wings of a seagull.

Wendlinger is an ambassador for Mercedes-AMG, a company with which IWC shares a long-standing successful partnership. The Austrian was part of the Sauber-Mercedes team that won the 1991 World Sports Car Championship and later, became a star in the newly formed Sauber Formula One team. 

The Arosa ClassicCar, dubbed “the little Monaco of the Alps”, has attracted fans of historic motor-sport from across the world since the first edition in 2005. It attracts around 25,000 spectators each year where the races are held along the twisting hill-climb route, which covers a distance of 7.3 kilometres and 422 vertical metres as it winds its way from from Langwies to Arosa. It is also the only course in Switzerland that has a 1.2 kilometre downhill stretch.

-ap42702--pauliPhilip Rathgen (CEO Classic Driver), Karl Wendlinger and Ted Gushue

沙夫豪森 IWC 万国表车队最近在第 14 届阿罗萨经典古董车赛上正式亮相,前一级方程式赛车手 Karl Wendlinger 驾驶的梅赛德斯-奔驰(Mercedes-Benz300 SLGullwing”在蜿蜒 7.3 公里的爬坡路线上从兰维斯(Langwies)开到阿罗萨(Arosa),最终名列第七。1999 年,汽车记者将 300 SL 命名为世纪跑车,因为其形似海鸥翅膀的鸥翼门设计,一眼就能辨认出。

Wendlinger 是梅赛德斯 – AMG 公司的大使,该公司与 IWC 有着长期的成功合作关系。这位奥地利人是索伯(Sauber)-梅赛德斯车队的一员,该车队曾在 1991 年赢得世界跑车冠军,后来成为新成立的索伯一级方程式车队的明星。

而被称为“阿尔卑斯山小摩纳哥”的阿罗萨经典古董车赛,自 2005 年第一年举办,就吸引了来自世界各地的经典车竞赛爱好者。每年约有 2.5 万名观众前来参与,比赛沿着蜿蜒的爬坡路线进行,从兰维斯延伸到阿罗萨,全程 7.3 公里,垂直高度 422 米。这也是瑞士唯一有 1.2 公里下坡的赛道。

Lady of Her Time 女性的时光


Known for her beauty, passion and incredible on-screen success, OMEGA brand ambassador Nicole Kidman was the perfect candidate to officially open OMEGA’s celebratory exhibition in St. Petersburg entitled “Her Time”.

欧米茄(OMEGA)品牌大使 Nicole Kidman 以美貌与激情,还有在电影银幕表演缔造的巨大成就而闻名,当然也是欧米茄在俄罗斯圣彼得堡举办的“她的时光”庆典展览的最佳代表人选。

omega_63.jpgOMEGA’s well-travelled showcase of women’s watchmaking was launched with signature OMEGA style at a special cocktail party and dinner attended by international guests and media, as well as Oscar-winner and OMEGA ambassador Nicole Kidman. OMEGA’s “Her Time” displays OMEGA’s evolution of women’s timepieces and changing styles, from early Lèpine pendants and the iconic Ladymatic, through to “secret jewellery watches” and today’s latest creations.

The granite and marble of St. Petersburg’s famous neoclassical palace provided a stark and striking backdrop to OMEGA’s quintessentially feminine timepieces, and brought a real sense of drama to the display. OMEGA’s journey with women has been a synchronised story of time and fashion. No matter the decade, the brand has always kept step with society’s many changing attitudes and styles.

而欧米茄女性腕表百年臻品展览也显示品牌对于世代杰出女性的赞礼。预览会的鸡尾酒会和晚宴的出席者除了国际宾客和媒体,奥斯卡奖得主、品牌大使 Nicole Kidman 亮相其中。“她的时光”展示了欧米茄对于每个时代女性形象特质的变迁和创新风格,从早期华丽的 Lepine 吊坠怀表到标志性的 Ladymatic,还有“隐秘珠宝腕表”到如今的全新创作。



Asia Rendezvous Charts New Territory on Penang Island 亚洲名品汇集新领域槟岛

Penang Rendezvous Day 1 _ 2 Highlights (74)

After its successful editions in Singapore and Phuket, Southeast Asia’s most anticipated luxury lifestyle event, Asia Rendezvous, brought the excitement to Penang Island where guests were treated to one-of-a-kind experiences by renowned brands in luxury lifestyle. From yachts, classic cars and supercars to high-end properties, art, fine wines and gastronomy, this four-day event also introduced visitors to world-renowned brand showcases offering unique customisation options.

The event took place at the scenic Straits Quay Marina, a picturesque sea-fronting space where it saw Kronenbourg, Leopard Catamarans, Martell, Bentley, Pen Marine and many other event partners converge to showcase their latest product and services.

Aditus, a luxury access platform for crypto-affluents and sponsor of Penang Rendezvous, hosted a number of seminars to introduce the powerful method of investment and building the standard of luxury in the lifestyle industry through cryptocurrency.

Asia Rendezvous continue its focus to strengthen its position as the premier luxury lifestyle event and is seeking to secure more anchors and partners to enhance global collaborations.

Guests were treated to four days where the Straits Quay Marina was transformed into a bustling hub to showcase all things luxury, including yachts, supercars, classic cars, properties, a

东南亚万众期待的奢华盛会 “Asia Rendezvou” 继在新加坡和普吉岛成功举办后,这次落在槟城,国际奢侈品牌云集并带来令人兴奋的深刻体验。从游艇、经典豪车、超级跑车和高端房地产等,再到艺术,美酒和美食,四天的活动还为参观者推介了世界知名品牌提供最独家精致的定制选项。

这项盛会在美丽的槟岛海峡港口举行,当天荟聚 KronenbourgLeopard CatamaransMartell BentleyPen Marine 等知名品牌和其他活动合作伙伴,纷纷展示他们的最新产品和服务。

Aditus – 这家以聚集“加密名人”奢侈品和生活方式门户平台,同时也是这项盛会的赞助商。透过举办一系列研讨会,介绍通过加密货币投资和建立奢华生活方式标准的强大渠道。

至于 Asia Rendezvous 将持续专注加强作为汇集顶级奢华生活方式的盛会活动,并寻求获得更多的聚焦点和商业伙伴,以扩展全球合作。

Penang Rendezvous Day 1 _ 2 Highlights (355)

Connect CHT Hunza Penang Property for Australians 槟城房产面向澳大利亚


Connect CHT with Hunza in Melbourne Melbournens gave Penang developer Hunza Property an amazing reception during the recent introduction of Alila 2 in SpACE@Collins. More that 100 guests were invited to understand first hand why it is beneficial to invest in Penang properties in terms of investment or simply owning holiday homes on a resort island. It has always been developers promoting Melbourne properties in Malaysia but never the other way round. This maiden event marks the first in Malaysia history where a Malaysian property was introduced to the people down under. Directors of Hunza were impressed with the reception and confident that they would be returning to Melbourne in the near future. Among the guests were West Moreland, Consul General of Malaysia, Khor Tze Ming and Lily Tan, Executive Directors of Hunza, investors and industry players including David Liao, Hubert Jahja, Idamo Lee, Andrew Lee and many more.


最近在位于墨尔本 SpACE@Collins 行的雅逸嵐2 (Alila 2) 高端房产项目推介会上,Connect CHT 联合马来西亚房地产开发商汇华产业有限公司 (Hunza Property) 接待了墨尔本的客人们。当天出席的逾百名宾客更深入了解投资槟城房地产的优质方案,或者纯粹实践在美丽岛屿上拥有度假屋的夙愿。值得一提的是,从来都是开发商在马来西亚推广墨尔本的房地产,但这是首次反其道而行之。


与会贵宾有马来西亚总领事Westmoreland,汇华集团执行董事许芝敏与陈秀芬, 投资领域和业界人士包括 David Liao, Hubert Jahja, Idamo Lee, Andrew Lee 等等。