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Women’s Reproductive Health


by Dr. Mecherl Lim

MD (MA) Naturopath (ND), Holistic Kinesiology

This is lower abdominal pain that commences just before or during menstrual flow, the first 24 hours being the most painful. 

About 70 percent of women experience some degree of menstrual pain.


The pain may be gripping, cramping or a constant ache, and it ranges from mild to severe.  Sometimes it spreads to the back and down the legs.  Period pain may sometimes be accompanied by scanty or heavy flow with clots, headaches, nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhoea, sore breasts or dizziness and fainting.


A medical diagnosis is required to find out if the pain is menstrual or something else.  Primary dysmenorrhoea is normal menstruation that is accompanied by pain.  Secondary dysmenorrhoea is linked to a cause such as endometriosis, fibroids or polyps.


Primary dysmenorrhoea is caused when the uterus contracts to eliminate its lining.  Women with period pain probably have high levels of prostaglandins and these compounds over stimulate the uterus.

Secondary dysmenorrhoea has a medical cause such as fibroids (obstructive internal uterine growths) that cause the uterus to contract more powerfully than normal.  Intrauterine contraceptives are also linked to period pain.


Primary dysmenorrhoea

  • Painkilling drugs, such as paracetamol
  • Prostaglandin inhibitors, such as ibuprofen
  • Oral contraceptives often eliminate period pain

Secondary dysmenorrhoea

The medical treatment depends on the cause and may involve hormones, anti-inflammatory pharmaceuticals or surgery.


All drugs have a long list of cautions and adverse effects, as you will see from package inserts or by looking at the MIMs Annual in your library.  Not everyone experiences side effects and you may need to take a strong, quick acting medication for severe symptoms and particularly for pain. If a few over the counter painkillers, such as paracetamol, prevent period or other pain, then that’s the simplest most effective and economical treatment-and it’s unlikely that you will experience side effects from taking, say, two to six tablets a month.


Bed rest with abdominal heat (such as a hot water bottle) is a standard recommendation. This works better if you gently massage about six drops of lavender oil onto your abdomen before applying the heat and lie on your back with a large pillow under your knees.  A combination of eucalyptus and peppermint oil also helps some women and this combination may prevent a headache if you put a few drops on the back of your neck and one drop on the end of your nose.

Herbs : Specific herbs such as cramp bark and wild yam, Chaste tree, Dong Quai, Red Raspberry leaf, False Unicorn, Feverfew, Cinnamon helps to relieve pain and inflammation and reduce the need for pharmaceutical painkillers.

You can also use Dr. Mecherl SHE 18 which is already a combination of the above herbs and you can also see the tea recipe under “Endometriosis” Supplements.

A combination of evening primrose and fish oil works well (and even more so if vitamin E is in the formula), such as Dr Mecherl Femi Vita M or Femi HH.  Neuromous (Magnesium) is sometimes helpful,  I recommend these daily for three months, and if effective relief is relieved, reduce the dose to two weeks, then re-evaluate every few months to find the lowest helpful dose.

This type of schedule works for a number of natural remedies and the aim is to find the lowest helpful dose that works in your case. Subsequently, some women stop taking all remedies, although their pain may recur following illness or major stress.

Other remedies are exercise such as easy yoga may help ease abdominal tension and improve blood flow and therefore reduce pain.  Some women say a glass of wine or a nip of brandy helps!


Regular exercise throughout each month generally relieves congestion and stress.  Also, you will see under “Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) that a scientific trial showed that a vegetarian diet helps reduce period pain.


Always do something about pain, because it increases inflammation, prevents sleep, may cause depression and blocks enjoyment.


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Why are we so afraid of Infertility? Dispersing the taboo of infertility 为何我们对不孕症如此恐惧? 解开不孕症之谜

Dr Ng Peng Wah

Fertility Specialist, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists in United Kingdom

We sat down with Dr Ng Peng Wah from Genesis IVF and Women’s Specialists to discuss infertility and the taboo surrounding it. Genesis IVF is Penang’s premiere IVF centre aimed at providing effective infertility treatments with world-class facilities to help patients deliver their dreams of having a baby.

我们与起源妇产助育专科中心(GenesisIVF)创立者兼妇科专家伍柄华医生(Dr Ng Peng Wah)讨论不孕症之谜。Genesis IVF 是槟城首屈一指的资深人工试管婴儿(体外受精联合胚胎移植技术)专科医疗中心,旨在提供先进的助孕治疗技术和世界级的硬体设施,协助患者实现生育梦想。

Q: What is infertility and what are the steps someone who has problems conceiving should take?

NPW: Infertility as defined by World Health Organisation (WHO) as the inability to achieve pregnancy after trying for 12months without using contraceptives. If female patients are above the age of 35, they are considered suffering from infertility if they have been trying for 6 months.

The best action to take is also the most direct one – patients should come to see a fertility specialist so that the cause of infertility be identified so that a proper treatment can be attempted.

Q: What are some common causes behind infertility and the treatments to overcome it??

NPW: Infertility causes are varied but it can equally be male or female factors.

A common problem for male infertility is the inability to produce an adequate amount of viable sperm due to endocrinal, physical, chromosomal or other issues.

One of the most common female infertility problems is caused by ovulation. Ovulation problems are often caused by polycystic ovarian syndrome, which is a hormone imbalance problem that causes infertility. Another common ovulation problem is primary ovarian insufficiency (POI), which occurs when a woman’s ovaries stop working properly.

A woman’s age plays an important role in infertility as it has been statistically proven that women over the age of 35 face increased infertility problems. One of the most effective methods is In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) in conjunction with other technologies to augment a patient’s pregnancy rates. The beauty of IVF is that it helps overcome many infertility problems including: Blocked tubes, polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis, premature ovarian failure as well as low sperm quality.

Q: What are the technologies that can augment a patient’s pregnancy rates?

NPW: We employ techniques such as Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) for patients suffering from low sperm quality to overcome male infertility by manually injecting a sperm into the egg to eliminate the problems of low motility sperm.

Additionally, we have Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) offered to patients to ensure only chromosomally normal embryos are transferred into the mother’s womb. Embryos with abnormal chromosomes usually do not survive pregnancy; even if the pregnancy is successful, the child born with chromosomal abnormalities will be born syndromic such as Down Syndrome, Edwards Syndrome, Patau & Klinefelter. Chromosome defects are one of the most common causes for miscarriage, especially for women over the age of 35.

Q: Before we end do you have any advice for couples facing infertility?

NPW: As a fertility specialist, it is our duty to advocate and educate the public that Infertility is a disease and like any other diseases, couples with infertility should seek out treatment to overcome this disease.


NPW : 世界卫生组织 (WHO) 所定义的不孕不育是指在没使用任何避孕药具,备孕12个月后依旧无法怀孕。如果女性患者年龄在 35 岁以上,已经尝试了6个月仍无法怀孕,就会被认为是不孕症。最佳也是最直接的措施——患者应该咨询生育专家,这样除了可确定导致不孕的原因,还可进行适当的治疗。


NPW : 不孕的因素多种多样,皆可发生在男性或女性身上。男性不孕常见原因是由于内分泌、生理、染色体等问题而不能生产足够数量的精子。而导致女性不孕的常见原因之一是排卵问题,通常由多囊性卵巢综合征,激素失衡而导致不孕。其它的排卵问题原发性卵巢功能不全 (POI),这种病例是卵巢停止正常运转。而女性的年龄在不孕因素中有着关键联系,统计数据证明,35岁以上女性面对不孕问题的机率较高。试管婴儿或体外受精 (IVF)是最有效疗法之一,结合其他的技术将可提高患者怀孕率。试管受精的好处在于可协助克服许多不孕问题,包括:输卵管堵塞、多囊卵巢综合征、子宫内膜异位症,卵巢早衰以及精子质量不理想。


NPW : 我们对精子质量不理想的患者采用单精子注射 (ICSI) 等技术,朝卵子中注入精子,解决精子活跃度低下的问题,克服男性不孕。此外,我们还为患者提供移植前基因检测 (PGS),确保只有染色体正常的囊胚被移植到母亲的子宫中。染色体异常的胚胎通常不能存活;因为即使成功怀孕,染色体异常的孩子也会出现如唐氏综合症,Edwards Syndrome, Patau & Klinefelter 等综合征。染色体缺陷是导致流产的常见原因之一,尤其是35岁以上的女性。


NPW : 作为一名生殖课专家,我们有义务向公众宣导和传达其实不孕症是一种病症,就像其他疾病一样,不育夫妇应该寻求医生进行治疗。

Pottinger The Heart of Hong Kong 石板街酒店,香港中环之魂 

Rigatoni with Tuscan sausage in spicy tomato sauce, sprinkled with ParmesanThePottingerHongKong_11. Pottinger Suite Livingroom

Don’t judge the book by its cover is exactly what many will agree when it comes to Pottinger Hong Kong. Situated right in Central, this is not a 5 star boutique hotel that one will expect until walking through the main door into a small but beautifully designed lobby and being received by very polite and welcoming staff with big smiles. Unlike some of the big brands with massive rooms and tall buildings, Pottinger Hong Kong houses only 68 luxury rooms with an award winning Italian restaurant Gradini Ristorante E Bar Italiano serving not only fine Italian cuisine but also a popular afternoon tea for those who desire elegance with a touch of creativity.

许多人在谈到香港时会相当认同“不要以封面来判断一本书好坏”这个原理。因此,但看到这家酒店坐落在喧嚣市中心,外表看起来并非一家“既定模式”的五星级精品酒店,直到你穿过大门进入一个小巧精致的酒店大堂,受到彬彬有礼、服务周到的酒店员工热情接待。区别于一些大品牌酒店的豪华大套房和高楼大厦,香港中环石板街酒店 – The Pottinger Hong Kong 只有 68 间豪华客房,还设有一家获奖无数的意大利餐厅 Gradini Ristorante E Bar Italiano,不仅提供意式美食,也打造优雅舒适的下午茶餐点环境。

ThePottingerHongKong_00. Gradini_BarThePottingerHongKong_00. Gradini_Interior_high ceilingUnlike others, Pottinger Hong Kong is perfectly located in between Hong Kong’s heritage and modern vicinities. Pottinger Street nearby itself is a prime example of the island’s rich and varied past. Named after the first Governor, Henry Pottinger, this boutique hotel is the hotel where East meets West and Heritage meets Modernity. Any visitor whose ultimate visit is to experience the true spirit and energy of Hong Kong, then Pottinger Hong Kong is definitely the hotel for you.

最与众不同的是,这家酒店在当地的传统与现代风格之间有着完美融合的定位。而酒店位于的砵甸乍街 (Pottinger Street) 或称石板街,本身就是香港岛上具备丰富多彩历史的典型地带。这家精品酒店以香港第一任总督 Henry Pottinger 的名字命名,是东西方交融、传统与现代交汇的酒店。如果香港之行最终目的是体验香港真正的精神和活力,那么香港中环石板街酒店绝对是不二选择。

Gradini X Estée Lauder Black Truffle Diamond Afternoon Tea(For one) (1)Gradini X Estée Lauder Black Truffle Diamond Afternoon Tea(For two) (1)A stroll down the road for early morning Dim Sum in Lian Xiang Lou where food is served in push carts while service is still with old style attitude are what old Hong Kong living cultureis all about. After breakfast, just around the corner, one can find street stalls selling varieties from Donald Trump’s masks, tourist products to fresh juice aligning the steps luring visitors to spend a few bucks. Walking a few hundred steps up and one will wander onto the first road Hong Kong built in 1844 – Hollywood Road, a place that is famous for its antique dealers, curio merchants and art galleries. If it is already time for lunch, then look for any Michelin star or guide or Hong Kong typical local down to earth coffee shop style will definitely be an experience. From the top, tourists may travel back down by taking the longest outdoor covered escalator system in the world, while exploring the boutique shops around. Usually by this time, the day would be hot if not raining. This is a good time to make an effort to connect with old friends or associates and the best place to meet and chit chat is non other than having a much needed relaxing hi tea in Pottinger Hong Kong. A sip of fine wine and tasting the little unique classy bites with good friends around is a perfect lifestyle that money cannot buy.


Roasted GooseThePottingerHongKong_01. Main Entrance on Stanley Street_retouched

After tea, a quick shut eye, a good bath and getting ready, Hong Kong nightlife is yet another adventure one should not miss. One of Hong Kong’s most popular heritage restaurant is just 5 minutes walk from the hotel. Yung Kee is famous for its finger licking good roast goose and fine Chinese culinary dishes. Dinner probably will finish around 9.30pm or 10pm. Don’t be surprised to see a lot of people walking up and down Lan Kwai Fong when you walk out the restaurant because the night is still young and this is when the party begins. Lan Kwai Fong is the place to be when it comes to dining, drinking, socializing and loud music. People there are usually very friendly. Don’t worry about getting drunk and not being able to go back to the hotel as it is only 5 minutes away by foot. After a long day, rooms in Pottinger Hong Kong are considered above average in size and very good in terms of feel and comfort.


For the remaining days in Hong Kong, Central station is just 5 minutes away conveniently connecting almost all tourist and popular destinations including Disneyland and Airport Express. In short, Pottinger Hong Kong is the hotel one should seriously consider if convenience, class and lifestyle experience are what one is looks for when visiting Hong Kong. 


Viewing Treasures 珍品共赏


The Straits Chinese Antique Auction’s Special VIP Preview by MNP Auctioneers saw many Peranakan antique collectors and enthusiasts gathered  at the Seri Negara, Carcosa Seri Negara, the iconic national heritage site of Malaysia. The event was sponsored by Asian Heritage Museum Sdn Bhd. Renown artist cum collector Ch’ng Huck Theng was invited to share about his collection ideology and he also donated his book ‘The Surviving Pieces’ for sale where all proceed goes to charity. Furthermore MNP Auctioneers presented RM10,000 donation to the social tenant of Carcosa Seri Negara, Asean Heritage Museum to support their effort to build a regional peace museum.

MNP Auctioneers 所举办的海峡华人古拍卖特殊 VIP 预展上,许多侨生或土生华人(Peranakan)古董的收藏家和爱好者聚集在马来西亚国家文化遗产之一的 Carcosa Seri Negara,该活动由亚洲文物遗产博物馆有限公司赞助。著名艺术家兼收藏家庄学腾除了受邀分享收藏理念,他也捐出本身的著作《The Surviving Pieces》,书籍的销售收入作为慈善用途。此外,MNP Auctioneers 还向 Carcosa Seri Negara社会承租方的亚洲文物遗产博物馆捐献了 1 万令吉,以支持他们建设区域和平博物馆的努力。

IMPerfect Creation in MOCA@Loewen, Singapore 美丽与丑陋创作新加坡特展

MOCA@Loewen Singapore-5

Sculptor Chng Huck Theng achieved another milestone in his art career when invited for his first solo exhibition entitled ‘IMPerfect Creation’ in Singapore at MOCA (Museum Of Contemporary Art) @ Loewen. Guest of Honour for the official opening of IMPerfect Creation was H.E. High Commissioner to Singapore Dato Zulkifli Adnan. Dato Zulkifli in his speech praised the hard work the artist had put into creating ‘ugly’ pieces that are beautiful if one actually took the time to understand the concept of … ’if one cannot see ugly, one cannot see beauty’.

CEO of MOCA@Loewen further added that this is the first time the institution hosted a top Malaysian sculptor and he believed that the artist would do well as he was not only a creator but also a thinker. 16 very interesting bronze sculptures that captured a lot of interest and attention. The event was attended by art lovers, collectors and friends.

MOCA@Loewen Singapore-1MOCA@Loewen Singapore-2MOCA@Loewen Singapore-4

雕塑艺术家庄学腾受邀在新加坡 MoCA@Loewen-当代艺术博物馆举行个人特展“美丽与丑陋创作 – IMPerfect Creation”,这是他艺术生涯的又一个里程碑。而驻新加坡高级专员拿督 Zulkifli Adnan 阁下担任开幕嘉宾,他在开幕演讲中高度赞扬这位艺术家在创作时所付出的心血,他认为,如果真正花点时间理解“丑陋”的概念,会发现美丽,但如看不到丑陋,那么同样看不到美丽。MoCA@Loewen 的首席执行官进一步补充说,这是该机构首次举办马来西亚顶级雕塑家的作品展,他相信艺术家本身的实力,因为他不仅是一个创作者,而且是一个思想者。16件精彩创意的展出青铜雕塑作品吸引了许多目光和关注。艺术爱好者、收藏家和朋友们皆出席观赏这项展出。

MOCA@Loewen Singapore-6MOCA@Loewen Singapore-3

Serena Lindeman : Australia’s most luxurious fashion experience to date 体验澳洲最奢华的时尚

Serena Lindeman-5.jpgSerena Lindeman recently made her Malaysia’s debut showcase when she became the first milliner invited by CHT Awards to perform at its 7th edition in Kuala Lumpur. The catwalk showcase also included other celebrated fashion designers from Australia.

Over the years, Serena has spun her designs into contemporary and classic hats that adorn the heads of some of Melbourne’s racing royalty. She brings glamour and fun to Melbourne’s fashion parades and millinery competitions with the Melbourne Cup Carnival as her focus.

The Melbourne-based milliner weaves her magic in a studio within the Nicholas Building overlooking Swanston street. This is where her designs are transformed into reality, and fitted in a variety of styles before clients make their final call.

Serena Lindeman 最近应 2018 7CHT国际大奖之邀,而带著其作品千里迢迢到马来西亚参与时装秀,即在颁奖礼的走秀环节中连同其他澳洲设计师的服装设计闪亮登场。

多年来,不管是当代或经典的 Serena Lindeman 作品系列,都为墨尔本赛马场增添不少头顶上的风光,而为墨尔本的时尚增添风采及趣味同时,墨爾本杯狂歡節中的帽饰比赛则是她专注的焦点。

来自墨尔本的 Serena Lindeman 在斯旺斯顿街的尼古拉斯大楼设有工作室,而这里也是她创造无数头顶风光的地方。

Serena Lindeman-2Serena Lindeman-3OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Text by Monica Tong

Olivier Krug : The Law of Attraction in A Champagne Empire 香槟帝国的魔力法则

Looking to hear the cork pop and the stream of fizzy bubbles ooze from a bottle of Krug’s Grande Cuvée? Dubbed as the King of Champagne, Krug’s champagne is still in a league of its own in comparison to other bubbly we see in the market. Olivier Krug is a sixth generation Krug and the Director of the House of Krug in Reims, France. He is a passionate father of four, and has tastes for the finer things in life from an early age.

His love for the motherland and its produce resulted in a life-long passion for the art of harvesting some of the finest champagnes in the world. His parents bore 5 children, and today, he remains the only child directly involved with this family business. He recalled his early childhood surrounded by grapes, the people and the aromas of the vineyard: “When I was a little boy, no more than 7 or 8 years old, I would ask my dad to take me around. I loved sitting in a corner, listening to him while he was talking to the growers and tasting grapes.”

Although Olivier’s father has taught his son everything that he would need to know about champagne-making, the young boy, however, did not immediately grasp the monumental reasons in indulging in the process. In fact, this bubbly wine, which we call champagne, can only be made in one place in the world – France.

Olivier grew to be an indispensable part of the Krug business and later, found the reason why the Krug brand is a worldwide commodity and phenomenon. “We create the Krug every year because we want to offer Krug to Champagne lovers, a champagne with quality that is unquestionable.” With unquestionable quality, comes unquestionable dedication. “You have to care for details, look at everything, forget nothing, care about the people. A good business is the consequence of good work. Therefore, the reason should not be the objective, because it’s all about how you make it.”

To enjoy a glass of champagne, Oliver suggests abandoning the champagne flutes for a Joseph glass, which will allow the bubbles to reach their optimal expression. He compared the experience of tasting champagne using a champagne flute to “going to the opera with earplugs”. Apart from using the right utensil, Oliver also suggests chilling the bottle at an optimal temperature to release the maximum wine aroma. To top that, what could be better than pairing champagne with good food and music? So choose wisely, because all champagne is not created equal.

Olivier travels around 100 days in a year to bring the Krug brand abroad and introduce the taste of the finest champagne to the world.

Olivier Krug-2.jpg

听着软木塞“噗”的一声和从 Krug’s Grande Cuvée 香槟瓶内渗出的华丽金黄气泡,这款酒香扑鼻的香槟被誉为香槟之王,因此与市场上其他香槟相比,Krug 香槟拥有着独一无二致命吸引力。Olivier Krug 是第六代法国兰斯 Krug 家族的传人。他是一名充满激情的4名孩子父亲,自小就热爱生活中的一切美好事物。



Olivier Krug 逐渐成为 Krug 商业品牌中最核心的一环,再后来,他发现了 Krug 成为全球知名香槟品牌的原因。“我们每年都要生产香槟,因为想为香槟爱好者献上最好的 Krug 香槟,确保毫无疑问的品质。而毫无疑问的品质也与毫无疑问的奉献相关。你必须注意细节,观察每一件事,关心着人们的感受。最好的经营是优良工作付出的体现。因此,理由不应该是客观的,因为一切都取决于你如何去做。”

为了享受一杯香槟,Olivier 建议放弃笛形杯而用 Joseph 杯,让气泡达到最佳的展现方式。他把用笛形杯品尝香槟的体验比作“戴着耳塞去看歌剧”。除了使用正确的餐具,他还提议在最佳温度下将瓶子冷却,最大化的释放葡萄酒香气。此外,还有什么比香槟配上美食和音乐更好的呢?所以更要明智地选择,因为并非所有香槟都是生来平等的。

Olivier 每年的旅行期约 100天,将 Krug 品牌散播至各国,并向全世界推荐最动人和富含层次感的香槟风味。

Text by Monica Tong