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Information Ace 通讯界的王牌

Dato’ Henry Goh

Co-founder and Group Chief Operating Officer of MACROKIOSK Bhd

MACROKIOSK Bhd 联合创始人兼集团首席运营官

“Although we are not Google or Yahoo, we would like to bring more creativity and innovation, Silicon Valley perks and ideas here so that Malaysia can provide a first-class digital business environment.”

Looking amazingly young for the title, Dato’ Henry Goh gives a fresh take to the young urbane entrepreneur.  An authentic millennial success with an Ivy League education, th riving technology company and a title to boot, Goh is refreshingly humble, excited about life and work, and driven by aspirations instead of cash flow.  Most women, and even some men perhaps, are disappointed that he is spoken for.

MACROKIOSK Bhd, a digital enabler that provides technology solutions to businesses in the digital economic world, is set up by three brothers – one of them being Dato’ Henry Goh. Goh studied electrical engineering and got his MBA from Boston University, Massachusetts. “My brothers and I started this business 18 years ago for some extra pocket money. Whatever I achieved in this company kind of defines what I am today.  A good part of my working life is invested in this company.”

Information technology was an obvious choice when the brothers talked about operating a business in 1996.  It started with the basics, teaching people how to use Microsoft and Excel.  Through their father’s mobile phone master distributorship and Malaysia’s information age emergence, the company gained more momentum.  “Nothing extraordinary, there was no eureka moment but through my dad we gained access to the world of SMS and from there on worked towards mobile technology.”

Besides providing digital economic solutions, MACROKIOSK is also passionate about contributing to the country, women empowerment and healthy business ethos.

Although started by three brothers, MACROKIOSK was never intended to be a family-run company. “We fight but we are brothers and we stick together.  Trust is implicit.  We also have a great team of staff, managers and department heads who helped us shape our success story.”

Pioneers of the ‘one-time password’ MACROKIOSK changed the landscape of digital economy, bringing businesses closer to more than seven billion consumers, some of whom may not read newspapers, watch TV or billboards.

“I believe almost everyone in Malaysia has used our services. In 2003 we helped one of the largest banks in Malaysia enable online banking. Today MACROKIOSK powers 90% of the banks in Malaysia in terms of technology.”

As for his own power, Goh recharges by travelling. He has covered more than 70 cities worldwide and the entire European continent. “I see and learn during my travels. It teaches me respect and humility.” And when he is not collecting luxury watches, Goh takes to the skies, soaring his way to attain his Private Pilot Licence.

Dato' Henry Goh with brothers and co-founders of MACROKIOSK Dato' Kenny Goh (left) and CS Goh (right)_edit
Dato’ Henry Goh with brothers Dato’ Kenny Goh (left) and CS Goh (right)



MACROKIOSK Bhd 是一家跨国移动技术供应商,为电子数字经济领域的通讯业务提供各项技术和解决方案。这家目前如日中天的新锐科技企业由 3 名兄弟联合创立,其中一名创始人为吴志兴。吴志兴主修电气工程科系,并拥有美国马萨诸塞州波士顿大学工商管理硕士学位。“我和其他兄弟在 18 年前开办公司的初衷只是想多赚一些零用钱。无论我在这家公司创造了怎样的成就,都能定义今天的我,我大部分最美好的职业生涯都献给了公司。”

1996 年,当兄弟们谈到经营一家企业时,通讯信息技术显然是首选。因此,从基础开始,教导人们如何使用微软和 Excel。而通过他们父亲作为手机分销商的关系和马来西亚通讯科技时代的抬头,创立的公司获得了更多的契机。“没有非凡经历,也无特别探索时刻,但透过父亲,我们接触到短信通讯的世界,从此朝着移动技术的方向努力。”

尽管 MACROKIOSK 是由三兄弟所创立,但从未打算成为家族经营的公司。“我们战斗但我们是兄弟,所以团结在一起,毫无保留的信任。但我们还有一支由员工、经理和部门主管组成的强大团队,他们协助推动并塑造了成功故事。”

而“一次性支付密码”的先锋思维改变了电子数字经济的格局,拉近企业与 70 多亿消费者之间的距离,包括一些平常可能不看报纸、电视或广告牌的人们。

“我相信几乎所有马来西亚人都使用过我们的服务。2003 年,我们协助我国最大的银行之一实践了网上银行。如今,就移动技术而言,MACROKIOSK 覆盖了国内 90% 的银行系统。”

至于吴志兴本身的动力充电方式来自旅行。他已经走遍了全球 70 多个城市和整个欧洲大陆。“我在旅行中观察和学习,并且让我更深刻的理解尊重和谦卑。” 当他不收集奢侈表的时候,他就会在天空翱翔,考取私人飞行员执照。

By Billie Ooi-Ng Lean Gaik

New Scene For Enterprises 企业新场景

Sheon Soo Huan.pngSheon Soo Huan

Chief Executive Officer of Emphasise Communication Sdn Bhd

Emphasise Communication Sdn Bhd 首席执行官

“Our strategic locations will be beneficial to entrepreneurs andwe want to see more SMEs succeed. To be a fragment of their success story, is an achievement to our vision too.”

More than often, advertisements especially outdoor billboards are dominated by the big boys of the business because of the high cost production. Today, digital technology offers greater creative opportunities for businesses. It allows flexibility and affordability that can benefit millions of small and medium scale enterprises in Malaysia to reach out to potential customers in more attractive formats.

Emphasise Communication Sdn Bhd (Emphasise), a new start-up company, owns and manages LED billboards branded AIM, is offering affordable digital advertising ad slots that makes it possible for small and medium-scale entrepreneurs to have equal brand presence as the bigger brand businesses.

Sheon Hoo Huan, Chief Executive Officer of Emphasise, envisioned a transformation of the local outdoor electronic advertising market. “There are close to a million small and medium scale enterprises in Malaysia with about 90 per cent of them in the service sector. We want to help them to build their brands in half the time it normally takes for entrepreneurs to start branding exercises on mass medium. When we see an outdoor advertisement, we perceive that the company has reached a certain level of financial strength to spend on high cost production. It takes time to get there and yet, brand awareness is essential to improving the market. One can’t be done without the other. Time vs resources become success essential.”

Most entrepreneurs resort to digital marketing because the cost and market reach is within control and resources.

“Outdoor mediums tap into the subconscious mind. Its vivid and bright display attracts the attention of passer-bys instantly. The message that is on the display will subconsciously become information in your mind and the great thing about the subconscious mind is that it is always “on”. Regardless of what you do, it is active day and night.”

AIM LED Billboards was the first to cover a whole 360° of a roundabout. It’s located at a high traffic area with at least 150,000 vehicles passing a day.

“Our strategic locations will be beneficial to entrepreneurs and we want to see more SMEs ucceed. To be a fragment of their success story, is an achievement to our vision too.”

Sheon Soo Huan_2.jpg


作为一家新成立的初创公司,Emphasise Communication Sdn Bhd (Emphasise) 拥有并掌管 LED(发光二极管)广告品牌-AIM,这个价格适宜的电子科技广告,使中小企业家具备与大品牌商家的宣传形象分庭抗礼的优势。

Emphasise 的首席执行官 Sheon Soo Huan 展望户外电子广告市场的转型。“马来西亚有近百万家中小型企业,其中大概 90% 是在服务业,而我希望协助他们建立自己的品牌,因为这比起在大众媒体上进行品牌推广,可节约一半的时间。而且,人们都会以户外广告的制定评价一家公司的财务实力,因为这是高营销成本。虽然实践需要时间,但是品牌意识对于拓展市场至关重要,可说是缺一不可,时间比对资源就是成功的关键。”



AIM LED 广告牌是首个拥有 360° 铺天盖地的营销宣传方式,设置于每天至少多达 15 万辆车流的交通繁忙地区。


A Symphonic Embrace of Passion 交响乐的炽烈拥抱

Maestro Dato’ Woon Wen Kin

Music Director of the Penang Symphony Society


Maestro Dato Woon Wen Kin.png“I wanted to prove that one is never too old to make music. In fact, many of the world’s best conductors go on till their 80s or 90s.”

Maestro Dato’ Woon Wen Kin is a prolific performer, a passionate educator and the most experienced symphony orchestra conductor in Malaysia. In England, he participated in the International Oxford Bach Festival, the Annual Sir Hendry Wood’s Concerts; worked for the London Opera Centre and recorded several violin recitals for the BBC Overseas Service. Subsequently, he was awarded a conducting scholarship by the Federal Republic of Germany to study advance conducting.

Instead of furthering his career abroad, he decided to return to Malaysia and he began to promote and develop orchestral music ever since. In 1978, he was appointed by the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports to establish the National Music Camp and served as the music director. In addition, he was appointed the principal conductor of the 1st ASEAN Youth Music Workshop in 1980. In 1991, he was also appointed as the advisor and the conductor of the National Symphony Orchestra.

In 1980, Dato’ Woon founded the Penang Symphony Society and served as its President and Music Director. Through the Society, he has contributed towards the rise of orchestral music in Penang and Malaysia. He has also nurtured thousands of talented musicians, who are now established musicians in academics and performances, furthering the initiatives of promoting orchestral music locally and worldwide in many countries. Today, the Society houses the Penang Symphony Orchestra, Penang Wind Orchestra and Penang Junior Orchestra. Over the years, Dato’ Woon has led these orchestras to perform in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand.

As a globally respected musician, he has been invited as a guest conductor to perform in China, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines and USA; as well as an adjudicator in the International Mozart Competition for Young Musicians Festival and the International Nier Violin Competition.

He has received many awards for his contributions in music and culture. He has received the Australia’s Oversea Culture Award, the Schubert Medal Award by the Vienna City, the Anugerah Karyawar Seni Musik (Best Director of Music), the Asia-Pacific Cultural Industry Exhibition by China, the Cultural Award in Music, the Lifetime Achievement Award, to name a few.

Maestro Dato Woon Wen Kin-1.png


拿督温文京指挥是一位杰出的演奏家、教育家,也是马来西亚最资深的指挥。在英国的时候,他参与了国际牛津巴赫音乐节, 年度亨德利伍德爵士音乐会;也曾在伦敦歌剧院工作,并为BBC海外服务部录制了几首小提琴演奏会。随后,他荣获德意志联邦共和国奖学金,以专研高级指挥课程。



作为一位受国际受尊敬的音乐家,他受邀担任客座指挥,在中国,德国,印度尼西亚,马来西亚,新加坡,台湾,泰国,菲律宾和美国演出; 也受邀当国际莫扎特青年音乐家比赛和国际尼尔小提琴比赛的评审员。



Scaling Greater Heights 精益求精,再创辉煌

Dato Khor Siang Gin.pngDato’ Khor Siang Gin

Group Managing Director of Hunza Properties Berhad

Hunza Properties Berhad

One of Malaysia’s leading property developers, Hunza Properties Berhad (“HPB”) is recognized for its exemplary portfolio of residential and commercial projects. The Group’s esteemed reputation stems from its uncompromising standards of quality and commitment to doing things “RIGHT”, the core to our values.

Founded by Dato Seri’ Khor Teng Tong, a veteran entrepreneur with astute vision, and led by the Group Managing Director, Dato’ Khor Siang Gin, HPB has established a reputable name in the property development and property investment industry. As a front runner of property market especially the Northern Malaysia, HPB’s portfolio spans integrated townships, commercial developments, mid to high end property. Its development has contributed our international presence and transformation of skylines in the country.

Our story is defined by a team of warm and diligent people working together intelligently, to lead transformation and create value successes.

Naming after Hunza Valley, a beautiful place in Northern Pakistan, our strength is found through the spirit of dynamism and self-sustaining attitudes. More than just resemblance by its name, our story is defined by a team of warm and diligent people working together intelligently, to lead transformation and create value successes.

Dato’ Khor Siang Gin, 48, was appointed as an Executive Director of HPB on 17 August 2010. On 01 January 2014, he was then promoted to Group Managing Director of HPB.

He graduated from University of Toledo in United States of America with a Bachelor Degree in Administration in 1995. Upon graduation, he joined Malaysian Oxygen Berhad as a Marketing Executive, in 1997 he was then moved on to Mandin Garden Sendirian Berhad as manager. Subsequently, he was appointed as the General Manager of Khor Teng Tong Holdings Sendirian Berhad in 2002.

Together with the Management team under his leadership, HPB has a healthy financial structure over these recent years. By upholding HPB’s RIGHT core values, comprising Reliability, Integrity, Greatness, Human Development and Teamwork, and focus on the Group’s corporate mission, this has resulting in continuous growth. He is also in supplement successfully taking group in private in March 2016.

Dato’ Khor is actively involved on the social front. He is currently the Immediate Past Chairman of FIABCI Malaysia – Penang Branch; General Committee Member of Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce (“PCCC”); Public Officer cum Education in Property Development, Construction & Management Committee (“PDCMC”) of PCCC. He is also the committee member of Teochew Merchants Association.  Meanwhile, he was the Assistant honorary treasurer in 2006, honorary treasurer in year 2008 and Committee Member in year 2012 in Penang Master Builder Association (“PMBBMDA”).

New Benchmark In Luxurious Modern Living

Multi-award winning property Hunza Group has long been a pioneer of distinctive lifestyle concepts in Penang. It has built and  delivered over 14,000 units of residential, commercial, industrial and mixed-use properties over the past 40 years. One of its kind, newly completed project of ALILA2 in Tanjung Bungah and current project of Merkarsari in Bertam are renowned for its absolute commitment to quality and enchancing new lifestyle development. New upcoming projects lined up include TREEO Affordable Housing in Sungai Ara and The Penang International Commercial City (PICC) in Bayan Baru are set to transform the skyline and be the talk in town.



Tranquility Amidst Natural Beauty

This one-of-a-kind nature-inspired development is Hunza’s first affordable residence offering a host of features.

Comprising 3 blocks, with built-up area of 850sq ft (3B2R), this development is crafted on elevated land with green hills as its background and unobstructed views of the cityscape in front. With over 50% of the project site dedicated to greenery, residents can enjoy the cool breeze amidst a serene environment.

Nestled within the lush surroundings of Sungai Ara, the project promises more than just a conducive living environment bordered by natural elements. It also provides lifestyle facilities that cater to both individuals and families. As such, residents can unwind and exercise at any time of the day.

Its strategic location offers swift access to various amenities such as schools, malls, hospitals, Penang International Airport, Penang Bridge and Second Penang Bridge.



Modern Comfort Meets Connectivity

Since 2002, Hunza has completed 13 phases of development in Bertam, Kepala Batas, building more than 4,000 housing units. The most recent development, Mekarsari, a mega township development spans across 350 acres of land comprises residential units ranging from Zero Lot Bungalow, Semi-Detached and Terrace Houses to low and medium cost flat as well as commercial units for retail shop lots.

Strategically situated in Bertam, Kepala Batas, Mekarsari provides easy access to a myriad of amenities and destinations such as educational institutions, major hypermarkets and food outlets.

Mekarsari homes offer breathtaking views of greenery along with family-oriented layouts and comfortable spaces where you can relax amidst a tranquil atmosphere. Other lifestyle-enhancing features comprising green landscaping, natural ventilation and high ceilings create a wholesome living environment.

With a winning combination of comfort and connectivity, Mekarsari gives you the best of serenity without compromising the joys of a vibrant lifestyle.



The Pulse of Penang

A world-class smart city in the making, Hunza’s Penang International Commercial City (PICC) in Bayan Baru heralds a new age of urban living and development. It offers the promise of greater safety, lower levels of pollution, more efficient energy usage and an overall better quality of life for those living in urban environments.

One of the most highly anticipated, multi-billion ringgit mixed developments in Penang, it will be built on strong infrastructure yet remain sustainable. This city with intelligent living spaces, intuitive work areas and interconnected ecosystems sprawls over 40 acres of prime land.

It will house commercial components such as retail shopping, medical centre, BPO office and hotel, alongside residences. Components will be developed in phases, with the first, Phase 1A, having 852 condominium units with indicative build-ups of 1,000sq ft to 1,700sq ft.

Alila 2.jpg


A Haven of Exclusivity & Serenity

This international award-winning masterpiece pampers discerning homeowners with resort-style luxuries, modern sophistication, eco-friendly features and a highly convenient location.

Comprising 270 units of freehold bungalows and semi-detached homes, Alila2’s of 33 and 34-storey towers are set on a 9.8-acre site perched 223ft above sea level in Lembah Permai, Tanjung Bungah. These spacious homes have luxurious interiors that open up to stunning vistas of rolling hills and Andaman Sea on the horizon.

Alila2’s green features include shading devices, special heat-blocking glass, T5 light fittings, water efficient sanitary fittings and a rainwater collection system. It also comes with extensive facilities for a vibrant and active lifestyle.

Among the prestigious awards bagged by Alila2 include Best Development Marketing Malaysia (5 Star) and Best Residential Development Malaysia (5 Star)in the Asia Pacific Property Awards Development 2018-2019.


Lord of The Skies 航空主宰者

Tishti SumitraTishti Sumitra

General Manager of Thai Airways International

The balance between staff welfare and company policies, is hard to achieve but very crucial. I strongly believe in staff development and maximum skill-training.  The happiness quotient of every member of staff is also important.

Built like a football linebacker, Tishti Sumitra is equally formidable in a suit and the corporate realm. As General Manager of Thai Airways International for Malaysia and Brunei, his boyish smile and charm can easily thaw the most rigid opponents or negotiate multifaceted deals with ease and success.

Responsible for a gamut of portfolios, from sales to passenger comfort, his leadership style is hailed as refreshing, gentle and result-oriented. “The key to a successful company is team work and I try to be accessible to my staff most of the time.  The balance between staff welfare and company policies, is hard to achieve but very crucial. I strongly believe in staff development and maximum skill-training. The happiness quotient of every member of staff is also important.”

While Sumitra appoints a higher level of principles for himself, he shares that, “Every moment with Thai Airways is a good one for me. Self -discipline is paramount and one should not only rely on rules and regulations to do the right thing. Doing the right thing should come from the heart and mind.”

Born and bred in Bangkok, Sumitra studied engineering in the Chulalongkorn University before furthering his education in Italy at the Politecnico di Torino (The Polytechnic University of Turin), an engineering university based in Turin, Italy. He studied MIS, majoring in multimedia.

Self -discipline is paramount and one should not only rely on rules and regulations to do the right thing.  Doing the right thing should come from the heart and mind

Before joining Thai Airways in 1999, he dabbled in software sales and even held a brief tenure with the Science Museum in Thailand. He was posted in Laos before heading the Malaysia and Brunei offices. What is his biggest challenge in running one of the top premium airlines in the world?  “Speaking to the press,” he says with a wink. He is reticent but there is a force about him that is reassuring.  “Every Thai Airways moment counts – the experience, friends and business acquaintances, the successes, trials and tribulations.  I find tremendous pride in working for one of the best airlines in the world.”

“The market is tough but my mission here is to strengthen the Thai Airways presence in this region. This year Thai Airways bagged the Skytrax Awards for World’s Best Economy Class, Best Economy Class Onboard Catering, World’s Best Airline Lounge Spa, Best Cabin Crew in Thailand and Best Economy Class in Asia. We have Michelin-Star chefs designing our catering menu.” With those accolades, everything should be smooth as silk.

Tishti Sumitra.jpg


Tishti Sumitra 犹如一名足球场上的后卫,他在专业领域里自成一套的法则令人崇敬。作为泰国国际航空公司 (Thai Airways International) 马来西亚和文莱区域总经理,他略带孩子气的笑容和魅力可以轻易化解最顽固的对手,轻松地与各方达成协议与交易。


Sumitra 已经为本身制定更深层次的原则,而他也借此分享:“在泰航的每一刻对我来说都是美好的。高度自律会让一切事半功倍,一个人不应仅依靠规章制度去做正确的事情,这些行为应该发自内心。”在曼谷出生和长大的他在泰国朱拉隆功大学 (Chulalongkorn) 攻读工程学,之后前往意大利都灵理工大学 (The Polytechnic University of Turin) 继续深造,学习管理信息系统专业 (MIS),主修多媒体。


在 1999 年加入泰国航空公司前,他曾涉足软件销售,甚至在泰国科学博物馆工作过一段时间。至于受委为泰航马来西亚和文莱区域负责人之前,是在老挝地区任职。而运营一家全球顶级优质航空公司,他面临的最大挑战竟然是面对媒体发表言论时刻。不过,即使沉默不语,但他身上散发一股让人安心的力量。“身处泰航的每一个阶段都很重要——经验、朋友和商务伙伴,还有成功、考验和磨难。”他对于自己在全世界最好的航空机构内服务感到无比自豪。

“即使营销市场艰难,但我的任务是强化泰国航空在上述区域的存在感。今年,泰国航空公司获得 Skytrax 全球航空业评选为“全球最佳经济舱”、“全球最佳经济舱餐饮” 、“全球最佳航空公司休息室 Spa”,“泰国最佳机组人员”与“亚洲最佳经济舱”等殊荣。而我们有米其林星级厨师设计餐饮菜单,拥有这些荣誉加冕,一切都应该像丝绸一样光滑顺畅。”


By Billie Ooi-Ng Lean Gaik

Always Learning To Be A Cut Above The Rest 坚持学习,持续超越

Datin Winnie LooDatin Winnie Loo

Director of a A-Cut Above Salon and Academy

“It’s ironic, but I’ve always had this urge to know and learn more. You can never stop learning and to stay competitive and successful, you have to keep learning.” 

To remain a cut above the rest, it’s a continuous journey to keep learning, unlearning and relearning. Success is easily achieved but it sure won’t last forever if you become complacent.

This philosophy applies to almost everything in life, especially in business and it’s something that Datin Winnie Loo practices to be and remain the successful business woman that she is today.

For someone who is known locally and internationally for A Cut Above – her chain of high-end salons and impressive repertoire of global hair and fashion shows, the learning never stops.

“I’m going back to my studies, more specifically to do my MBA in the Asian Metropolitan University and my dream will be to graduate in 2020. My business celebrates its 40th anniversary next year and it has achieved many milestones, but finishing my studies has also been on my bucket list for some time,” says Winnie, who was to begin a tertiary course in chartered secretarial studies some 40 over years ago, but she deferred it to study at Morris Masterclass, a Vidal Sassoon school of hairdressing, in London. From there she studied under Vidal Sassoon and in 1979, started A Cut Above in Malaysia.

Loo’s own A Cut Above Academy is a five star government rated and international institution that prides itself by giving students the knowledge and practical skills to become hairstylists, beauty therapists, make-up and special effects artists of the future.

So, resuming her studies means that she will be the student, and no more the teacher. “It’s ironic, but I’ve always had this urge to know and learn more. You can never stop learning and to stay competitive and successful, you have to keep learning.”

“Every challenge is a lesson for you to become better, to find yourself and to find success. I feel that the current trend of doing business such as crypto currency, online investments and online fame is somewhat easier and fast paced – if done well, the rewards are almost instant. When in my time, I had to go through the grind of investing in my first physical shop where the returns only came much later,” she explains.

Aside from continually learning and then training the next generation about exceptional styling and hair-dressing, Loo also wants the 40th anniversary of her business to leave a legacy.

“It won’t be a one day event because it’s been four decades, so it’s going to be a big bash over a whole year. We’re talking about throwing staff parties, galas and even awards for loyal clients, long time associates and suppliers. It’s mainly like a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who’s been with us through the years as we wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for them,” explains Loo.

Datin Winnie loo_1.jpg



这一理念几乎适用于生活中的每件事物,尤其是在商业领域。这也是马来西亚美发造型界领军人物拿汀卢妙卿(Datin Winnie Loo)所努力追寻,维持今日成功商业女性面貌的原因。

她一手创办在本土和国际上有口皆碑的 A Cut Above 高端沙龙连锁店,令人叹为观止的全球杰出发型设计和精彩时装秀,都诠释了学无止境的真谛。

而她宣告即将再重返校园,更具体地说,是在亚洲城市大学 (Asian Metropolitan University) 攻读 MBA 学位,并期望在 2020年毕业。明年她所打造的事业将迈入40周年,纵然取得许多关键里程碑,但是完成学习研究也在她的心愿清单里搁置了一段时间。这一切都是从 40 年前开始,卢妙卿本来应该就读特许秘书课程,但却推迟上述课程,而选择在伦敦的维达沙宣(Vidal Sassoon)美发学院进修 Morris Masterclass。之后她在维达沙宣手下学习,并于 1979 年在马来西亚创立了 A Cut Above。

A Cut Above Academy 是一家获得政府评鉴资质的五星级国际机构,给与学生们相关知识和实践技能,让他们成为未来出色的发型师、美容师、化妆师还有特效师。



除了不断学习和培训下一代针对美发专业和美妆造型创新开拓之外,卢妙卿还期望企业40周年纪念能够留下难忘的馈赠。估计这不仅是一天的活动,因为已经走过 40年,所以这将是一整年的盛会。他们正在讨论举办员工聚会、联欢会,甚至奖励忠诚客户、长期合作伙伴和供应商。


By Karina Foo

An Eye For Style & Philanthropy 时尚与慈善的聚焦点

Datin Caroline Wong.pngDatin Caroline Wong

Ambassador of International Ipoh Fashion Week

“It should be a common objective for every woman to look beautiful and healthy. I love to sing and dance, and that keeps me alive and energetic”

A philanthropic spirit curb more generosities within the human heart than you can ever imagine exist. Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give” is a true and honest expression whose statement many would agree. The conception of this virtue for ‘love of mankind’, whether in big or small ways, speak of only kindness and love; an effort of walking the talk.

When the EZ Malaysia team first met Datin Caroline Wong, her smile exuded a generous and warm charisma – “a personality we all wish would come naturally to us”. Caroline’s passion for giving a hand is never far away. And throughout the years, her charitable efforts surrounding the Ipoh valley did not go unnoticed. Her regular appearance, many times in the name of friendship, naturally became philanthropic efforts and pride to many who know her. A dedicated mother from the start, she threw herself into motherhood and was actively supporting the interests of her children. These initial involvement were the start of a life-long support for many Perak swimming meets.

Coupled with her love for dressing up, she takes on stylish roles for many charity organisations, beauty pageants, and was most notable for her ambassadorship for Ipoh’s very first edition of the International IPOH Fashion Week (IIFW™) in 2017. She worked closely with Louis Sebastion, CEO of IIFW and its board members at the paediatric cancer care unit at Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun in Ipoh with the objective of connecting humanity through fashion.

The mother of three is proud of her Ipoh roots and carries that pride wherever she goes. As a public figure, her appearance shows her love for style and beauty seen in her carefully chosen attire for every occasion. “It should be a common objective for every woman to look beautiful and healthy. I love to sing and dance, and that keeps me alive and energetic”, said Datin Caroline. Her adoration for colour is also seen in her vibrant selections of attire – always respectful to herself and the host who’d invited her.     

She now splits her time between maintaining a healthy lifestyle, helping those in need and as a pillar of support to her family.

Datin Caroline Wong_3.jpg

Datin Caroline Wong, as an ambassador for The International Ipoh Fashion Week Gala Dinner 2017 in Ipoh Syeun Hotel Ballroom.


博爱精神让人类内心比想象中更慷慨激昂的情感有了节制。英国著名政治家 Winston Churchill 曾说过:我们靠得到的东西谋生,我们靠给予的东西生活。相信大部分人都认同,这是一种真实、纯粹的表达。这种美德对“人类的爱”的概念,无论事物的大小,信奉慈悲仁爱;努力实践所说的。

当《御智马来西亚》采访队第一次与 Caroline Wong 面对面时,她的微笑散发出一种慷慨而温暖的魅力—“我们都希望自己能自然而然地拥有这样的个性”。而她对伸出援手的热情从未冷却。多年来,她在怡保周边进行的慈善活动并没有被忽视,而她经常以友谊的名义出现,成就了许多认识她的人的慈善事业和影响力。


而且由于 Caroline 的衣着打扮时尚,她在时尚界所扮演的慈善角色更是多彩多姿,最著名的是2017年第一届怡保国际时装周(IIFW™),她作为盛会的大使参与其中。她与 IIFW 的首席执行官Louis Sebastion -同时是位于怡保的 Raja Permaisuri Bainun 医院儿科癌症护理部门的董事会成员密切合作,目的是透过时尚将社群联系起来。




Datin Caroline Wong_2.png
Hospital interviewing the Paediatric Cancel Patient in Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun Ipoh.