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Giving prominence to lavish international events in all its magnificence

Best of The Best From Penang

inPenang award420.jpgThe INPenang International Awards recently celebrated its 4th edition honouring some of Penang’s bright and successful personalities and organizations in a sophisticated soirée held at The Banquet, The Top, an iconic entertainment tower boasting an indoor amusement park located right at the center of the hustle and bustle of George Town, Penang.

Endorsed by the Penang State Government, 19 awards were presented on the evening attended by over 400 local and foreign VIPs and dignitaries including Chief Minister of Penang and Guest of Honour for the evening, Chow Kon Yeow, Deputy Agric Minister and YB Yeoh Soon Hin.

Themed ‘Vanity Fair’, the glamorous evening pays tribute to leaders who have achieved prodigious success in their careers and fields of expertise. Following CHTNetwork’s principle of “Where All Good Things in Life Meet…”, the event plays a huge significance creating business opportunities and advocating the competitive spirit among key players in Penang and its international counterparts.

The most prominent award of the evening – INPenang Lifetime Achievement Award – was presented to Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Lim Gait Tong, the Chairman and CEO of Farlim Group (M) Bhd a prominent figure known for his relentless fortitude who continues to contribute to Penang and Malaysia’s economic growth today.

Guests were entertained with serenading tunes from the popular musical show ‘Phantom of the Opera’ from the Penang Symphony Orchestra conducted by its Music Director Dato’ Woon Wen Kin. A hallmark of CHTNetwork includes a runway fashion show specially presented by The MOD House, Venessa Diamonds and Marque Deluxe. To end the night, a high energy dance performance titled ‘Echo Victory 2019’ was presented by Triple I Production House.

Penang Symphony Orchestra conducted by Maestro Dato’ Woon Wen Kin


Fashion Show.jpg
Runway Fashion Show presented by The MOD House


Luxury items auctioned for the evening include a painting by watercolourist Khoo Cheang Jin, handcrafted carpets by Nasim Carpet, a glamour photo shoot session with Michael Deeb, traditional cheong sums by The MOD House, a luxury bag by Marque Deluxe and jewelleries by Venessa Diamonds.

Auction 1
Auction – Nasim Carpets
Auction 4
Auction – Venessa Diamonds

Recipients of the InPenang National Awards include Dato’ Teoh Hai Hin (Hong Seng Group), Tan Sri Datuk Alex Ooi (Ideal Property Group), Dr Lee Kim Siea (The M Clinic), Anne Lee (Anovia Bridal), Tan Sri Datuk Seri Richard Koh (The Top), Sean Lau & Cheryl Ng (Wonderfood Museum), Cynthia Hwang (Sunshine Retail Group), Lim Ee Keong (David Xuan), Dato’ Woon Wen Kin (Penang Symphony Society), and Ong Thor Guan, Choon Jin Kooi, Koay Kai Bin (TG Ocean Health Food Industries).

Yeoh Soon Hin Chairman of PETACH presented 5 InPenang International Outstanding Achievers Awards. Recipients include Dato’ Maimunah Mohd Sharif, William Lye OAM S.C., Adrian Ng, Yeap Huey Huey and Dato’ Henry Goh.

The award show debuts the InPenang Emerging Entrepreneur Award dedicated to movers and shakers who have directly played a significant role in influencing their community and placing Penang at par with other growing cities regionally. And awarded 3 of its newest trophies to Tan Li Mei (Scoopoint), Derick Ooi (Global Story), and Jason Ong (Triple I Production House).

Sponsors for InPenang International Awards include Thai Airways International, RHB Premier, Cycle & Carriage, Schwarzkopf Professional, Red Box, Venessa Diamonds, Marque De Luxe, The MOD House, Nasim Carpets, Focal Concept, Anjeri, Malaysia SME, and Miura Group from Australia.

INPenang Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Lim Gait Tong

INPG Lifetime Achievement Award 2019.jpg

INPenang International Awards Winners

  • Best Tourism (Museum) Penang – Wonderfood Museum
  • Top Bridal Studio – Anovia Bridal
  • Best Musical Conductor – Maestro Dato’ Woon Wen Kin
  • Best Geomancy Sevice Industry – David Xuan
  • Best Automotive Manufacturing Industry – Hong Seng Group
  • Top Developer – Ideal Property Group
  • Best Household Brand Group – Sunshine Retail
  • Top Health Food Manufacturer Industries Sdn Bhd – TG Ocean Health Food
  • Best Plastic & Aesthetic – The M Clinic
  • Best Transformed Tourist Attraction – The Top, Penang

INPG Awards Winners.jpg

INPenang International Outstanding Achievers Awards Winners

  • Adrian Ng (Malaysia)
  • Dato’ Maimunah Mohd Sharif (Kenya)
  • William Lye, OAM S.C. (Australia)
  • Yeap Huey Huey (Myanmar)
  • Dato’ Henry Goh (Malaysia)

INPG Awards_International Winners.jpg

INPenang Emerging Entrepreneur Awards Winners

  • Derick Ooi Tze Wei
  • Jason Ong Han Yee
  • Tan Li Mei

INPG Awards_Emerging Winners.jpg

Penang International Luxury Collections Week (PILCW) 2018 槟城国际奢华周


The 2nd edition of PILCW 2018 once again saw an exhibition of luxury items including antiques, art, stones, vintage cars, properties, carpets, etc. Chairman of Penang State Tourism Development, Heritage, Culture and Art, The Honorable Yeoh Soon Hin in his opening speech acknowledged the fact that Penang is lacking in exclusive products and services in the luxury tourism sector. He applauded PILCW for being a very good initiative to provide this beautiful island with such a platform. Organiser and President of CHT Network, Ch’ng Huck Theng said that it was not easy to organise this event, especially when market sentiment is rather slow as the public is still very much in a wait and see mode to monitor how the economy will be reacting to the new government’s budget announcement. However Ch’ng stressed that life has to move on. “Rather than waiting in shops, such events do help in bringing in new potentials and reconnecting with existing clients” Ch’ng added.

The three day event started with a Grand Opening where Yeoh was the Guest of Honor and all guests sang Happy Birthday to celebrate his birthday after the opening. One of Penang’s top jewelry boutiques Venessa Diamonds presented an exclusive contemporary Nyonya jewelry show during the VIP preview evening. Two specialists from KL were invited to speak about investing in art, coins and notes. Winson Loh from Pinkguy Gallery talked about Collecting vs Investing in Malaysia Art, whereas Cho Chun Long gave an insight of Collecting Rare Coins & Notes. The last day of the event saw MNP Auctioneers hammering off arts, antiques and collectibles.

Sponsors for the PILCW 2018 were the Penang State Government, RHB Premier, Lamborghini Kuala Lumpur, Thai Airways International, Sunsuria Berhad, Royal East (Australia) and Gurney Paragon Mall.


今年堂堂迈入第二届的 2018 年槟城国际奢华周 (PILCW),结合了古董、艺术品、珍石、古董汽车、房产和地毯等奢华臻品公开展出。槟城旅游、古迹及文化事务委员会主席杨顺兴在开幕致辞时表示,槟城在奢华旅游领域中,一直缺乏独特性的奢华产品与服务,

PILCW 恰好弥补了缺失的这一块,为此,他称赞 PILCW 为槟城这座美丽的岛屿,提供了一个绝佳的奢华旅游推动平台。活动主办者兼 CHT Network 创办者庄学腾表示,在这个市场笼罩着低迷氛围,民众普遍抱持观望心态,等待新政府颁布的财政预算案是否能够振兴经济的大环境下举办这场活动,实属不易。无论如何,庄学腾认为生活始终要回归正常。“与其守株待兔,不如主动出击,透过活动开发潜在新客户群,以及和原有客户保持良好联系。”庄学腾补


荣誉嘉宾尊敬的杨顺兴受邀主持开幕仪式,正式掀开这场为期三天的活动。仪式结束后,众出席贵宾也同时为尊敬的杨顺兴高唱了一曲生日歌以庆祝他的生日。在贵宾预展当晚,作为槟城最具知名度之一的珠宝精品店,Venessa Diamonds 呈现了一场独一无二的现代风格娘惹珠宝秀。两位来自吉隆坡的专家,受邀前来主讲艺术品、古币和古钞相关课题。来自 Pinkguy 画廊的卢詠申主讲马来西亚艺术品收藏与投资课题,而 Cho Chun Long 则深入探讨珍稀币钞之收藏课题。活动最后一天,MNP 拍卖行现场举办了一场拍卖会,拍卖品包括了艺术品、古董和其他珍稀收藏品。

是次 2018 PILCW 主要赞助单位为槟城州政府,RHB PremierLamborghini Kuala Lumpur,泰国国际航空,Sunsuria BerhadRoyal East (澳大利亚) 和葛尼百丽宫。


158th Lexus Melbourne Cup 第158届墨尔本杯盛情上演

The Melbourne Cup Carnival is Australia’s most well known horse racing event held on the first Tuesday of November every year. Neil Wilson, Chief Executive Officer of Victoria Racing Club (VRC) has declared the 158th Lexus Melbourne Cup a resounding tourism success. Across a span of four days, it has successfully attracted 303,587 local, regional and international visitors who gathered to enjoy the racing, fashion, entertainment and hospitality of the world’s most vibrant racing event.

The 158th Melbourne Cup’s greatest highlight was the breakthrough win for Godolphin. Four-year-old Cross Counter took the lead during the final stages of the race and claimed victory for the first time ever, becoming the first English horse to win this historical event.

Throughout the Carnival, 451 horses competed in 37 races with more than $20 million in prize money. Channel 7’s coverage of the Lexus Melbourne Cup was streamed to a local and global audience on Twitter for a third straight year, viewed by more than 2 million.

Myer Fashions on the Field was a big hit that saw 556 stylishly dressed men and women and 305 children and families compete for more than $436,000 in prizes.

The Birdcage enclosure once again played host to international and local celebrities including Elle Macpherson and Megan Gale at Lexus; Montana Cox at Kennedy; Rebecca Harding at Seppelt Wines; Elyse Taylor and Usain Bolt at Mumm; Sam Smith, Dionne Warwick and Bella Heathcote at 1 Oliver St; Lara Worthington at Bumble; and Scott Disick and Sofia Richie at Ultra. 

2018 Derby Day2018 Oaks Day2018 Oaks Day for VRC: The Nursery/Domain/The Park/FOTF2018 Derby Day for VRC: The Nursery/Domain/The Park/FOTF

作为澳大利亚极负盛名的赛马活动,“墨尔本杯嘉年华”落在每年 11 月首个周二举行。维多利亚赛马俱乐部 (VRC) 首席执行官 Neil Wilson 宣布,“第 158 届雷克萨斯墨尔本杯(Lexus MelbourneCup) 给旅游业增添一抹浓厚的亮丽色彩。这项为期四天的赛事中,成功吸引凝聚了 30 3587 名本地、区域和国际游客,共同观赏这项集中赛会、时尚,娱乐和款待元素的盛会,同时也是全球最具活力的赛马盛宴。

158 届墨尔本杯最大的亮点是 Godolphin队取得了突破性的优胜。4 岁的赛马 Cross Counter 在最后阶段取得历史性领先,并一锤定音,成为第一匹赢得压倒性胜利的英国名驹。

综观赛事狂欢期间,共有 451 匹马参加了 37场比赛,奖金超过 2000 万澳元。第7频道连续第三年在推特上向当地和全球观众播放雷克萨斯墨尔本杯,观看人数超过 200 万。另外,Myer 赛场时尚大赛也是一个备受瞩目的环节,556 名着装时尚风潮的男女和 305 名儿童与家庭参加了时尚比赛,争夺逾 43 6000 澳元的奖金。

尊贵的鸟笼区再次迎来了国际和当地名流闻人,如代表雷克萨斯的 Elle Macpherson Megan Gale; 肯尼迪的 Montana Cox; Seppelt Wines Rebecca Harding; MummElyse Taylor Usain Bolt; 1 Oliver StSam Smith, Dionne Warwick Bella Heathcote; Bumble Lara Worthington ,还有 Ultra Scott Disick Sofia Richie

Race That Watch 万国表赛车队登场


The IWC Racing Team has recently made its official Swiss debut at the 14th Arosa ClassicCar which saw former Formula One driver Karl Wendlinger drove the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL “Gullwing” on the winding 7.3 kilometre hill-climb route from Langwies to Arosa, finishing in seventh place. In 1999, motoring journalists named the 300 SL the Sports Car of the Century, and is instantly recognizable thanks to its gull-wing doors, which resemble the wings of a seagull.

Wendlinger is an ambassador for Mercedes-AMG, a company with which IWC shares a long-standing successful partnership. The Austrian was part of the Sauber-Mercedes team that won the 1991 World Sports Car Championship and later, became a star in the newly formed Sauber Formula One team. 

The Arosa ClassicCar, dubbed “the little Monaco of the Alps”, has attracted fans of historic motor-sport from across the world since the first edition in 2005. It attracts around 25,000 spectators each year where the races are held along the twisting hill-climb route, which covers a distance of 7.3 kilometres and 422 vertical metres as it winds its way from from Langwies to Arosa. It is also the only course in Switzerland that has a 1.2 kilometre downhill stretch.

-ap42702--pauliPhilip Rathgen (CEO Classic Driver), Karl Wendlinger and Ted Gushue

沙夫豪森 IWC 万国表车队最近在第 14 届阿罗萨经典古董车赛上正式亮相,前一级方程式赛车手 Karl Wendlinger 驾驶的梅赛德斯-奔驰(Mercedes-Benz300 SLGullwing”在蜿蜒 7.3 公里的爬坡路线上从兰维斯(Langwies)开到阿罗萨(Arosa),最终名列第七。1999 年,汽车记者将 300 SL 命名为世纪跑车,因为其形似海鸥翅膀的鸥翼门设计,一眼就能辨认出。

Wendlinger 是梅赛德斯 – AMG 公司的大使,该公司与 IWC 有着长期的成功合作关系。这位奥地利人是索伯(Sauber)-梅赛德斯车队的一员,该车队曾在 1991 年赢得世界跑车冠军,后来成为新成立的索伯一级方程式车队的明星。

而被称为“阿尔卑斯山小摩纳哥”的阿罗萨经典古董车赛,自 2005 年第一年举办,就吸引了来自世界各地的经典车竞赛爱好者。每年约有 2.5 万名观众前来参与,比赛沿着蜿蜒的爬坡路线进行,从兰维斯延伸到阿罗萨,全程 7.3 公里,垂直高度 422 米。这也是瑞士唯一有 1.2 公里下坡的赛道。

Lady of Her Time 女性的时光


Known for her beauty, passion and incredible on-screen success, OMEGA brand ambassador Nicole Kidman was the perfect candidate to officially open OMEGA’s celebratory exhibition in St. Petersburg entitled “Her Time”.

欧米茄(OMEGA)品牌大使 Nicole Kidman 以美貌与激情,还有在电影银幕表演缔造的巨大成就而闻名,当然也是欧米茄在俄罗斯圣彼得堡举办的“她的时光”庆典展览的最佳代表人选。

omega_63.jpgOMEGA’s well-travelled showcase of women’s watchmaking was launched with signature OMEGA style at a special cocktail party and dinner attended by international guests and media, as well as Oscar-winner and OMEGA ambassador Nicole Kidman. OMEGA’s “Her Time” displays OMEGA’s evolution of women’s timepieces and changing styles, from early Lèpine pendants and the iconic Ladymatic, through to “secret jewellery watches” and today’s latest creations.

The granite and marble of St. Petersburg’s famous neoclassical palace provided a stark and striking backdrop to OMEGA’s quintessentially feminine timepieces, and brought a real sense of drama to the display. OMEGA’s journey with women has been a synchronised story of time and fashion. No matter the decade, the brand has always kept step with society’s many changing attitudes and styles.

而欧米茄女性腕表百年臻品展览也显示品牌对于世代杰出女性的赞礼。预览会的鸡尾酒会和晚宴的出席者除了国际宾客和媒体,奥斯卡奖得主、品牌大使 Nicole Kidman 亮相其中。“她的时光”展示了欧米茄对于每个时代女性形象特质的变迁和创新风格,从早期华丽的 Lepine 吊坠怀表到标志性的 Ladymatic,还有“隐秘珠宝腕表”到如今的全新创作。



Asia Rendezvous Charts New Territory on Penang Island 亚洲名品汇集新领域槟岛

Penang Rendezvous Day 1 _ 2 Highlights (74)

After its successful editions in Singapore and Phuket, Southeast Asia’s most anticipated luxury lifestyle event, Asia Rendezvous, brought the excitement to Penang Island where guests were treated to one-of-a-kind experiences by renowned brands in luxury lifestyle. From yachts, classic cars and supercars to high-end properties, art, fine wines and gastronomy, this four-day event also introduced visitors to world-renowned brand showcases offering unique customisation options.

The event took place at the scenic Straits Quay Marina, a picturesque sea-fronting space where it saw Kronenbourg, Leopard Catamarans, Martell, Bentley, Pen Marine and many other event partners converge to showcase their latest product and services.

Aditus, a luxury access platform for crypto-affluents and sponsor of Penang Rendezvous, hosted a number of seminars to introduce the powerful method of investment and building the standard of luxury in the lifestyle industry through cryptocurrency.

Asia Rendezvous continue its focus to strengthen its position as the premier luxury lifestyle event and is seeking to secure more anchors and partners to enhance global collaborations.

Guests were treated to four days where the Straits Quay Marina was transformed into a bustling hub to showcase all things luxury, including yachts, supercars, classic cars, properties, a

东南亚万众期待的奢华盛会 “Asia Rendezvou” 继在新加坡和普吉岛成功举办后,这次落在槟城,国际奢侈品牌云集并带来令人兴奋的深刻体验。从游艇、经典豪车、超级跑车和高端房地产等,再到艺术,美酒和美食,四天的活动还为参观者推介了世界知名品牌提供最独家精致的定制选项。

这项盛会在美丽的槟岛海峡港口举行,当天荟聚 KronenbourgLeopard CatamaransMartell BentleyPen Marine 等知名品牌和其他活动合作伙伴,纷纷展示他们的最新产品和服务。

Aditus – 这家以聚集“加密名人”奢侈品和生活方式门户平台,同时也是这项盛会的赞助商。透过举办一系列研讨会,介绍通过加密货币投资和建立奢华生活方式标准的强大渠道。

至于 Asia Rendezvous 将持续专注加强作为汇集顶级奢华生活方式的盛会活动,并寻求获得更多的聚焦点和商业伙伴,以扩展全球合作。

Penang Rendezvous Day 1 _ 2 Highlights (355)

Connect CHT Hunza Penang Property for Australians 槟城房产面向澳大利亚


Connect CHT with Hunza in Melbourne Melbournens gave Penang developer Hunza Property an amazing reception during the recent introduction of Alila 2 in SpACE@Collins. More that 100 guests were invited to understand first hand why it is beneficial to invest in Penang properties in terms of investment or simply owning holiday homes on a resort island. It has always been developers promoting Melbourne properties in Malaysia but never the other way round. This maiden event marks the first in Malaysia history where a Malaysian property was introduced to the people down under. Directors of Hunza were impressed with the reception and confident that they would be returning to Melbourne in the near future. Among the guests were West Moreland, Consul General of Malaysia, Khor Tze Ming and Lily Tan, Executive Directors of Hunza, investors and industry players including David Liao, Hubert Jahja, Idamo Lee, Andrew Lee and many more.


最近在位于墨尔本 SpACE@Collins 行的雅逸嵐2 (Alila 2) 高端房产项目推介会上,Connect CHT 联合马来西亚房地产开发商汇华产业有限公司 (Hunza Property) 接待了墨尔本的客人们。当天出席的逾百名宾客更深入了解投资槟城房地产的优质方案,或者纯粹实践在美丽岛屿上拥有度假屋的夙愿。值得一提的是,从来都是开发商在马来西亚推广墨尔本的房地产,但这是首次反其道而行之。


与会贵宾有马来西亚总领事Westmoreland,汇华集团执行董事许芝敏与陈秀芬, 投资领域和业界人士包括 David Liao, Hubert Jahja, Idamo Lee, Andrew Lee 等等。