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Traditional Meets Modern Chinese Cuisine 传统与现代中式菜肴的结合

Once a year, the management at Maple Palace takes on the uncompromising task of setting out a new menu specially for the lunar new year. These exquisitely made dishes take on an auspicious role in ensuring a prospering year ahead.


Aromatic Duck with 7 Head South Africa Abalone.jpg
Aromatic Duck with 7 Head South Africa Abalone

Visually tantalizing, the duck remains the favourite choice of meat that stands in the centre of tender 7 Head South African abalones stewed to perfection.


Cheese Baked Lobster.jpg
Cheese Baked Lobster

While cheese may be an invention of the west, the Cheese Baked Lobster is basked in fried shallots, onion, button mushrooms and a spread of cheese. It is a modern display of how light diary flavour can muster its way into a modern Asian menu at Maple Palace.


Claypot Rice with Assorted Waxed Meat.jpg
Claypot Rice with Assorted Waxed Meat

Another traditional dish that lays the foundation of Chinese cuisine and remains a popular choice among avid tasters has got to be the Claypot Rice with Assorted Waxed Meat. Claypots are known for its ability to retain strong hot fire. Put meat in it and voila – it never fails!


Goose Web Abalone Seafood in Casserole .jpg
Goose Web Abalone Seafood in Casserole

All-In-One-Goodness is what the Goose Web Abalone Seafood in Casserole wants to convey and is definitery not a dish for the faint-hearted. For seafood lovers, this concoction presents some of the most delicate tastes combined and includes generous portions of vegetables, black mushrooms, dried scallops, fish maw, sea cucumber and more.


Inspiration of The Sea 来自深海的启发

Maple Palace takes pleasure indulging its guests in some of Asia’s most diverse variety of sea-inspired dishes. Over the years, the restaurant attracts some of the largest seafood enthusiasts from all corners of the world through its revolutionized approach to create some of the most tasteful seafood cuisines in South-east Asia. The menu proves its true indulgence blending traditional concoction of spices with modern flavors available only in this part of the world.


Maple Palace_1.jpgThe art of steaming is perfected over centuries of trials and tribulations in Asian cuisine mostly used in preparing fresh seafood. The “Steamed Grouper with Fresh Clams & White Radish” is truly a test of simplicity. Blending only the freshest herbs and ingredients from the region, this mild concoction offers an explosion of fresh flavors locally grown and sourced.


Maple Palace_2

Another classic favorite for returning guests at the Maple Palace has to be the “Steamed Cod Fish with Black Fungus & Cordyceps”. It is specially prepared to accentuate the milky and delicate texture complimented by popular Chinese condiment and herbs.


Maple Palace_3

Opt for a spicier encounter popularized over generations living along the Straits of Malacca. Maple Palace’s “Signature Clay Pot Fish Curry” not only oozes generosity but also signifies the harmony of  cultures formed via the spice route. If spice may just be a trigger of too many hot spots, a non-spicy version is also available. 


Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 11.51.59 AM.png

Braised To Perfection 完美焖炖

Maple Palace-2
银杏胡椒猪肚汤 The Double-boiled Pepper Pork Stomach Gingko soup
Maple Palace-3
鲍汁冬粉鹅掌煲 Braised Goose Web with Vermicelli & Abalone Sauce in Clay Pot

Maple Palace has a longstanding reputation for serving some of the most exquisite dishes infused with the highest quality known to the Asian community in Penang. The classic dishes offered at the restaurant are not only classic favourites for many of its returning customers, but  continues to captivate the taste buds of many reunion family dinners and gained new patrons along the way.

The braising method used at Maple Palace has been one of Asia’s oldest foolproof method to celebrate the goodness of meat. Brace for the all time favourite Braised Goose Web with Vermicelli basked in abalone sauce. Traditionally prepared with a claypot, it is a masterpiece infused with all time goodness for the mind and soul. Go full circle and let your senses be restored with the Braised Chicken Feet, Pork Stomach & Pork Belly. It’s definitely a protein booster that will last you all week.

The Double-boiled Pepper Pork Stomach Gingko soup is a recipe deeply rooted in traditional Asian cuisine and known for its medicinal effect to boost metabolism. Gingko remains one of the most popular superfood in Chinese cuisines and has been proven to stabilise asthma and soothe coughes.




Cease The Appetizers 惊叹不息创意小食

“A must-try for guests seeking nostalgia for food from the by-gone era, the Signature Home-Made Spring Roll, fried to perfection, oozes oriental flavours…”


Maple Palace opens the year showcasing some of its prized trinkets of Asian flavoured appetizers. A must-try for guests seeking nostalgia for food from the by-gone era, the Signature Home-Made Spring Roll, fried to perfection, oozes oriental flavours and represents the saving armor of a traditional house such as Maple Palace. The abundance of seafood made available on this island is apparent on the menu presented to us. Favourites among customers include the Deep Fried Silver Fish with Salt and Pepper, Cheese Baked Scallop and Chilled Black Fungus with Black Vinegar. Adding a touch of Asian flavours, the Stuffed Prawn Ball with Dried Oyster & Salted Egg Yolk and Sesame Chicken Boxing with BBQ Sauce are the tasteful fusion of the eastern continent. For those who yearn for some spice go for the Cauliflower Florets with Chilli Sauce.

August 2017 - 18.jpgAugust 2017 - 04.jpg

开年伊始,美宝阁 (Maple Palace) 再次展示了一些亚洲风味的精致创意小食。对于那些拥有怀旧情结的食客来说,这是一个必去之处,油炸至完美极致的招牌蟹肉春卷,散发出浓郁的东方韵味,这也捍卫了美宝阁作为传统经典菜肴堡垒的声誉。至于槟岛丰富品种的海鲜也在菜单占据重要的一席之地,比如备受食客欢迎的 “椒盐白饭鱼”,“芝士焗扇贝” 和 “凉拌陈醋云耳”。而添加了亚洲风情色彩的如 “合宝环珠”,这是酿虾球与蚝干加咸蛋黄的独特菜式,至于 “芝麻烧汁铁公鸡” 是东方大陆的美味融合。对于喜爱香酥口感的人们来说,酥炸椰菜花配搭辣椒蘸酱是首选。

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 4.23.14 PM

Chinese Cuisine Redefined 重新定义中式料理

A great dining experience often involves not only fresh ingredients or good taste, but never lacks of creativity and innovation that surprises the diners. There is a restaurant in Penang that has all the qualities and values that is mentioned above, which is the Maple Palace Chinese Restaurant 美寶閣.
Maple Palace has a good reputation for serving quality and interesting menu. We substantiated this reputation by interviewing 3 well-known food bloggers in town who have something to say about the restaurant.



Khoo Ling Tze

Our recent specially curated dinner at Maple Palace showcased the restaurants capability and creativity, presenting us with dishes that were top notch in quality.

The highlights included the BBQ Roasted Spanish Iberico Pork Ribs (served with crispy potatoes and truffle oil salad) which in the deft hands of their chef, could certainly rival any other Western Ribs place in Penang.

The aromatic duck with 7 Head South Africa Abalone combined the best of both worlds – land & sea! Meanwhile the Braised Ee Fu noodles with Goose Web was a rare delicacy that had us wanting more with deep, richly flavoured goose web and addictive springy noodles.

Maple Palace pushes boundaries when it comes to Chinese Cuisine in Penang. From dishes using simple ingredients that pack a punch (like the “Paku Pakis” with ‘Ubah’ Sauce) to the aforementioned highend dishes, Maple Palace shines with their innovative spirit and passion for bringing excellent food to the folks in Penang & beyond!





C.K. Lam

Being one of the leaders in Chinese cuisine, Maple Palace strives to provide a pleasant dining experience by combining wonderful ambiance and delicious food prepared using quality and fresh ingredients.

A proven favorite of diners, the restaurant offers options for large and small events, to wedding receptions and also specially-curated set with off-menu dishes based on diner’s preferences.

Like many other diners, I have found comfort in dining at Maple Palace. The restaurant has been providing innovative and flavoursome food. Worth mentioning are the fish steamboat and the BBQ roasted Spanish Iberico pork rib which is an exciting Western fare.The same can also be said about the efficient service and parking convenience.




JJ Jason

Maple Palace is a place filled with memories for me. I still remember how I spent time with family members during weekends at this restaurant in the past. There are many unforgettable dishes that my family and i would always go back just to have the same dishes again.

Ever since they changed ownership in 2009, I can only see more improvements and the food is getting better and more creative. More creative fusion dishes have been added into the menu and became more popular among the local Penangites. Maple Palace is one of the best Chinese restaurants around and I believe it will always be top on the list.


虽然美寶閣曾在 2009 年易主,但它的料理改进得更好更有创意,菜单中添加了许多融合中西的创新料理,非常受当地人欢迎。我相信美寶閣永远都是名列前茅受欢迎的中式料理餐馆。

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 4.23.14 PM

A Place For Customized Fine Dining 度身打造的精致饮食

Aromatic duck with 7 head South Africa abalone
Highlight of the menu, if you really want to go all the way for fine dining, this is a must order dish as the duck is crispy on the outside and juicy inside, while the abalone brings out the flavour of the sea.

Fine dining is more than just serving premium food in a nice environment, it is also about experiencing the creativity of each dish where sight, smell and taste compliment each other making each individual serving unique and special.

Maple Palace Restaurant in Penang is a must try for diners who demand exquisite dining experiences. A notable restaurant offering a perfect blend of the exotic Asian cuisine and the distinctive Western dishes. Guests not only can choose from its regular menu, Maple Palace can also do special order catering to how extensive the menu should be.

In short, Maple Palace Restaurant is one the the top restaurant in Penang serving a full range from its delicious appetizers, interesting sides, amazing mains to beautiful desserts. Dining here is truly a culinary adventure.




Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 4.23.14 PM.png

Celebrating the year of the Rooster 春风和煕迎鸡年

A celebration truly melts the heart each time when it is served with deliciously prepared food. With the Lunar New Year just around the corner, meal times during the season of celebration are crucial to foster, build and reconcile relationships. Maple Palace truly represents the essence of traditional and artisanal cuisine that brings the hearts together.

One such dish that fosters an ambiance of benevolence is the Fish Steamboat, a warm and hearty meal that could be shared around meaningful conversations. Enjoy the freshly prepared seafood and other sides alongside a delicate and delectable stock.

Combination Platter remain as the family favourite with its selection of intricate tapas-like finger food suitable even for the young and old. Exquisitely displayed to attract even the most finicky of fans, this delicacy feeds the eyes as much as the taste for good food.


What stands out for Maple Palace is its knack for what truly attracts its customers. Its efforts in preparing some of the most sophisticated dishes have brought customers back to its restaurant time and time again.

Another favourite such as the Home Made Classic Seafood in Casserole has been in the menu of the Asian cuisine for centuries and has been refined for over centuries by local and regional settlers.

Enjoy the season of celebrations in the year of the Rooster!









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An Intricate Parcel of Goodness 五味缠结的精华包裹

Asian traditional cooking is one of the world’s longest living history passed on, barely in written form, but significant to the people surrounding its existence. Over generations, Asian culinary skills remain the highlight and a boasting element of the community in the Eastern culture. From hosting guests in your home to celebrating a special event, food, prepared with much care and complexity represent the respect and the level of importance for those who savour them. One such delicacy that continues to be a favourite among many is the rice with assorted meat served in lotus leave recipe. Normally served hot directly from the kitchen’s steamers, this intricate packet is typically wrapped in softened lotus leave filled with rice, chestnuts, meat, sausage, yam and beans. Discover Maple Palace’s own interpretation of this southern China dish.

Right in the heart of the business district of George Town, Maple Palace is Penang’s prime exponent of the alluringly exquisite and mouth-watering Chinese cuisine. Maple Palace is distinct in its approach to traditional Asian cooking and set the bar high amongst its peers to serve its own interpretation with an avant-garde approach.



A Feast Fit for an Emperor 帝王式 饕餮盛宴

Not every loving couple has a remarkable wedding story to tell but the least most would have wanted to receive the blessings from their families and friends. Hence the grand wedding dinner that usually falls on the night after the wedding ceremony is a big deal simply because all invited family members, friends and associates will gather to witness this love story. Usually this is the part where the food served is usually not up to expectation and the guests are left to go home with a bad impression.

The Maple Palace restaurant in Penang is one of the few five stars Chinese restaurants that has the reputation of serving fine Chinese cuisine and making sure all guests are well served.

This luxury bungalow style restaurant has ample carparks on ground floor making parking easy and easy access for customers with all ages. Adding to this is the classy interior environment, the owner and also chief chef Loy Tan has a reputation to select only quality ingredients making sure that all guests are pampered with a feast fit for an emperor.



这家奢华别墅风格的中餐厅拥有充分的地面停车场,让客人感受称心便利。另外,优雅舒适的室内用餐环境,餐厅主人兼总主厨Loy Tan为客人们精心挑选高品质食材,确保大家沉浸在帝王式饕餮盛宴。

For more information or to make reservations, please call or visit website
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Today this (Clay Pot) cooking method is still very popular, offering modern culinary experts and food enthusiast a taste of perfection.

Clay pot cooking has been one of the main cooking method since the early settlers and civilisations across the globe. Today this cooking method is still very popular offering modern culinary experts and food enthusiast a taste of perfection. Different cultures have different ways of cooking with this pottery and the Chinese especially those from the Guangdong province are considered one of the best cooks in Asia when using this centuries-old cooking method.

Chefs and foodies prefer clay pots cooking simply because the food inside the pot losses little to no moisture as this cooking method rely more on steam and heat with the aim of presenting tender and flavourful dishes that will ultimately melt in the mouth. This is why clay pot dishes usually come with very impressive ingredients such as abalone, scallop, crabs, exotic sea catch fish, etc.

For those who are into fine food and do not want to be disappointed when ordering your clay pots, Maple Palace Restaurant in Penang is the perfect place to treat yourself and friends.






Maple Palace 014Assorted Preserved Wax Meat Clay Pot Rice 沙煲北风腊味饭

food 009Braised Chicken Stuffed with Abalone and Dried Scallop 十头鲍鱼霸皇鸡

Maple Palace 026Fresh Crab Mee Hoon Soup served in Hot Clay Pot 沙煲螃蟹米粉汤

food 014
Braised Garoupa Fish with Roasted Pork Belly 红烧石斑火腩煲

food 017Braised Egg Plant with Szechuan Sauce 川式鱼香茄子煲


For more information or to make reservations, please call or visit website 预知更多详情或预约,请拨打以下号码或浏览网站 +604 227 9690 / +604 227 4542  www.maplepalace.com