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Celebrating the Greats 杰出的庆典

Entering its 6th edition, CHT Awards is now officially known as the CHT International Awards. This prestigious award presentation is no longer just recognising local Malaysians’ achievements, but also adopting a new category that honours international recipients who have remarkably contributed to their respective societies. With its motto of ‘Outstanding Leaders & Great Organizations’, president Ch’ng Huck Theng who also founded CHTNetwork had a vision to forge the spirit of ‘Where All Good Things in Life Meet’ – creating platforms where friends can meet to further explore possibilities and potentials. CHT Awards was one of the brainchild to unveil the contributions of individuals and organisations to the public; it also creates an opportunity for others to meet the greats in person. This one-of-its-kind award strives to acknowledge people and organisations from different industries and countries through real merit and contributions and not solely on fame and fortune.

迈入第6届的CHT大奖现已正式被称为“CHT国际大奖”。这项备受推崇的颁奖仪式不再仅认证马来西亚人的成就,同时采用全新的机制类别,表彰那些促进与贡献和谐社会的国际得奖者。凭借 “杰出的领袖与伟大的团体组织”的原则,由庄学腾创立的CHTNetwork有一个梦想:本着“遇见生活中一切美好的人与事”的精神并创造一个平台,让朋友们能进一步探讨可能性和激发潜力。CHT大奖是脑力激荡的产物,也揭开个人和组织对公众的重大贡献;并且创造了一个机会,让大家发掘人性之美好。这独一无二的奖励是给予那些真正付出功绩和奉献的不同行业个人或组织,而不仅是考虑名气与成功。


The VIPs
Over 400 invited guests had dressed to impress at the event with the theme Le Connoisseur – gentlemen were in their charismatic formal suits while the ladies turned up in flattering dresses of lace and chiffon. Among the Guests of Honour were His Royal Highness The Crown Prince of Perlis Tuanku Syed Faizuddin Putra Ibni Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Jamalullail and Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess of Perlis Tuanku Hajjah Lailatul Shahreen Akashah Khalil accompanied by the Ambassador of Lebanon to Malaysia His Excellency Ali Daher and spouse Dania Daher, Ambassador of Cambodia to Malaysia Her Royal Highness Samdech Reach Botrei Preah Anoch Norodom Arunrasmy and Ambassador of Pakistan to Malaysia His Excellency Mr. & Mrs. Hassan Raza. Sponsors for this high profile event were Amee Philips, Fujifilm, Nasim Carpets, Lamborghini Kuala Lumpur, One East Museum and Rado while SocietyImaging was the partner. The Taming Sari Grand Ballroom of The Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur was the chosen venue to host this exciting event.

400多名受邀嘉宾出席这届主题为“鉴赏家”的颁奖晚会并留下深刻的印象-出席的绅士们身着魅力的正式西装,而优雅的女士们却穿上蕾丝或雪纺的衣裙惊艳全场。其中荣誉贵宾为DYTM Raja Muda Perlis Tuanku Syed Faizuddin Putra ibni Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Jamalullail殿下与夫人DYTM Tuanku Hajjah Lailatul Shahreen Akashah Khalil,伴随着黎巴嫩驻马来西亚大使Ali Daher阁下和夫人Dania Daher,柬埔寨驻马来西亚大使Samdech Reach Botrei Preah Anoch Norodom Arunrasmy公主殿下亲王,还有巴基斯坦驻马来西亚大使Hassan Raza阁下偕夫人。这项引人注目的颁奖活动赞助商是Amee Philips、Fujifilm、Nasim Carpets、吉隆坡兰博基尼,一东博物馆和Rado,同时,感谢SocietyImaging担任合作伙伴。而激动人心的颁奖晚宴也选在吉隆坡皇家卓兰酒店Taming Sari大宴会厅盛大举行。

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The Performance

The night started off with a pair of sister-brother siblings presenting a duet of The Myth OST – Endless Love together with the Master of Ceremony of the night Daniel Chan. Followed by veteran actress and singer Sophia Ibrahim. Renowned music composer Johan Nawawi chipped in to entertain the crowd with ‘Hanya Satu’ and international acclaimed violinist Tengku Ryo from Indonesia captured the hearts of the guests with his mellow violin melody.


首先掀开序幕的是由一对声音动人的姐弟歌手搭档合唱电影“神话”的主题曲-无尽的爱,由大会司仪Daniel Chan伴奏。其次是资深女星兼歌手 Sophia Ibrahim 的实力表演,而著名作曲家 Johan Nawawi 也现场呈献“Hanya Satu”娱宾。来自印尼的国际著名的小提琴家Tengku Ryo却以柔美激情的旋律迅速捕捉现场听众的心。


The Birthdays

One distinctive thing about CHT Awards is that it is not only prestigious, but also with a heart. Knowing that some guests actually postponed their birthday celebration with their loved ones and friends to support the event, five guests were delighted with a surprised birthday celebrations when cakes and presents were presented to them accompanied by a birthday song from the floor. Guest of Honour HRH The Crown Prince of Perlis Tuanku Syed Faizzudin was also caught by surprise when the President of CHTNetwork presented a rare and old huge Coca Cola bottle as a belated birthday present knowing that The Crown Prince was an avid Coca Cola collector.


CHT大奖与众不同的是,不仅是满载荣誉,而且非常贴心。获悉当晚一些出席贵宾由于颁奖礼推迟本身与亲友庆生活动,精心准备了蛋糕和礼物,伴随着生日歌,为5名贵宾举办了惊喜生日派对。例如荣誉贵宾玻璃市州王储Tuanku Syed Faizzudin殿下也显得意想不到,当CHTNetwork的创始人拿出巨型罕见的可口可乐瓶作为迟来的生日礼物,因为殿下是狂热的可口可乐收藏家。


The Best Dressed

Although many ladies had dressed to kill, only five were chosen for their magnificent evening gowns. Dato’ Dr. Wenddi Anne Chong presented the Best Dressed mementos to the beautiful Datin’ Winnie Loo, Nadia Wong Abdullah, Lillian Tong, Shawna Yap and Jocelyn Coco.


纵然出席的女士们皆为盛装打扮,但大会只挑出5名最佳的晚礼服搭配。由拿督蔣慧瑩颁发最佳服装奖予美丽的拿汀卢妙卿、Nadia Wong Abdullah、Lillian Tong 、Shawna Yap 与 Jocelyn Coco。


The Auctions

Auction of the night is always a significant part of CHT Awards as guests will have the opportunity to have some fun and excitement in the bidding game and at the same time contribute to charity as part proceeds from all items sold will go to children in need a helping hand. Most of the sponsors for this year’s CHT International Awards 2016 chipped in for this worthy cause.




Touching Moment

92-years-old mother of award winner Dr Lee Kim Siea was the oldest guest in the ballroom. Dr. Lee was almost in tears when receiving the CHT Pursuit of Excellence Award and dedicated the award to his mother who came from China with nothing and succeeded in bringing up one of Malaysia’s best plastic surgeons.



CHTAward_IMG (563)

The Awards Goes To

This year, CHT Awards presented 24 awards to recipients from 9 countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Japan, United States, Ireland and Australia. Topping the list is Dato’ Syed Mohamad bin Syed Murtaza, the President and Founder of MASAAM (Motorcycle and Scooter Assemblers and Distributors Association of Malaysia), who was awarded the CHT Lifetime Achievement Award 2016 for his contributions to the Malaysian motorcycle industry. Dato’ Syed Mohamad currently also serves as the Chairman of Malaysia’s leading corporations in the automotive industry – DRB-HICOM Berhad.


今年,CHT国际大奖颁发24个奖项予来自9个国家的得奖者,包括马来西亚、新加坡、印尼、泰国、柬埔寨、日本、美国,爱尔兰和澳大利亚。排在首位的是拿督Syed Mohamad bin Syed Murtaza(马来西亚摩多与踏板摩多装配和分销商协会(MASAAM)主席兼创始人),他是2016年CHT终身成就奖的获奖者,这是感念他为马来西亚摩多行业所作出的贡献。这名杰出领袖目前还担任马来西亚汽车行业领先公司 – DRB-HICOM Berhad的主席。

CHTAward Winner1CHTAward Winner2CHTAward Winner3CHTAward Winner4


CHT Lifetime Achievement Award 2016
Dato’ Syed Mohamad bin Syed Murtaza
President and Founder of MASAAM
(Motorcycle and Scooter Assemblers and Distributors Association of Malaysia)

CHT Pursuit of Excellence Awards 2016

CHT PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE (Tertiary Education) Award 2016
Sunway Education Group
Dr. Elizabeth Lee Fuh Yen, Senior Executive Director of Sunway Education Group

CHT PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE (Plastic & Aesthetic) Award 2016
Dr Lee Kim Siea
Consultant Plastic & Aesthetic Surgeon of Carl Corrynton Medical Centre (CCMC)

CHT PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE (Business: Government) Award 2016
Tan Sri Dr Rebecca Fatima Sta Maria
Secretary General of Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI)

Dato’ Mirza Mohammad Taiyab
Director General of Tourism Malaysia

Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur
Dr. Ahmad Adzuan Abdul Rahman, CEO of Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur

CHT PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE (Home & Living) Award 2016
Pensonic Group
Vincent Chew, Group Managing Director of Pensonic Group

CHT PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE (Expatriate) Award 2016
Dato’ Teddric Jon Mohr
CEO of International Medical University (IMU) Healthcare

CHT PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE (Property Developer) Award 2016
Dato’ Alex Ooi Kee Liang
Director & Executive Chairman of Ideal Property Group

CHT PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE (Female Artiste) Award 2016
Sophia Ibrahim
Veteran Actress and Singer

CHT PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE (Music Producer & Composer) Award 2016
Johan Nawawi
Founder of Johan Nawawi Sdn Bhd

CHT PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE (Philanthropy) Award 2016
Dato’ Ruby Khong
Founder & Philanthropist of Kechara Soup Kitchen (KSK)

CHT PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE (Green & Sustainable Mobility) Award 2016
Dato’ Dennis Chuah
Executive Director of Eclimo Sdn Bhd

CHT PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE (Hospitality) Award 2016
Cititel Hotel Management
Dato’ Eric Lim, Managing Director & CEO of Cititel Hotel Management

CHT International Awards 2016

CHT INTERNATIONAL (Culinary Arts) Award 2016
Martin Yan
International Celebrity Chef • United States

CHT INTERNATIONAL (Private Equity Investment) Award 2016
Ryosuke Takatsuki
President & CEO of INSPiRE Corporation • Japan

CHT INTERNATIONAL (Hospitality & Shopping) Award 2016
Pradit Phataraprasit
CEO of Winvestment Co. Ltd. • Thailand

CHT INTERNATIONAL (Art & Investment) Award 2016
Museum of Contemporary Arts (MoCA@LOEWEN)
Linda Ma, Director of MoCA@LOEWEN • Singapore

CHT INTERNATIONAL (Male Artiste) Award 2016
Tengku Ryo
Composer & Violinist • Indonesia

CHT INTERNATIONAL (Business & Investment) Award 2016
Jason Yeap, OAM
Chairman of Mering Corporation Pty Ltd • Australia

CHT INTERNATIONAL (Medical Education Institute) Award 2016
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI)
Professor Cathal Kelly, CEO of RCSI • Ireland

CHT INTERNATIONAL (Tertiary University) Award 2016
University College Dublin (UCD)
Professor Patrick Murray, Dean of Medicine of UCD • Ireland

CHT INTERNATIONAL (Business & Investment) Award 2016
Oknha Rithy Sear
Chairman of WorldBridge Group • Cambodia

CHT INTERNATIONAL (Humanity & Medical) Award 2016
Clinton Courson
Owner of Quest Medical Supply, Inc • United States

To know more about CHT Awards – Outstanding Leaders & Great Organizations, visit:


By Dato’ Teddric Jon Mohr, MHA, FACHE

There are many types of Robots in medicine today. Some will automatically take your blood pressure as you walk around, automatically inject insulin for diabetic, shock the heart to keep it beating, move your arms or legs and the list is growing.

Robotic surgery is advancing very quickly.  The Robots entered the areas of knee replacement surgery in 2006. One of the new leaders in robotic surgery is StrykerMako. This device allows the replacement of the Knees either fully or partially. The robotic arm technology, (Whole Arm Manipulator “WAM”) was developed by MIT and Barrett Technology.

The human knee of bones, muscles and ligaments are very complex.  The replacement by a metal joint assures the patient that he can walk or run with less pain.  Therefore, computers have been used for years along with x-rays to make sure the length and alignment of the metal knee is accurate.  However greater accuracy appears to be now available with a Robot.

The StykerMako RIO system using a CT x-ray to create 3D model of the patient’s knee assisting the surgeons to develop a plan that prepares the for the implant, the size needed, alignment and positioning.  This customized plan is used to assist during surgery with the added placement of pins in the leg then integrated with the 3D CT and real time views guiding the surgeon during surgery.  The real time information increases the accuracy giving greater safety for an ideal implant positioning which reduces potential complications.

Studies on the MAKOplasty patients using randomized controlled trials show the patients experience less pain days after surgery than those that underwent manual surgery after two months.  Other studies on the partial knee replacement have shown the robot is 2-3 times more accurate than manual techniques.  Interim results of patients indicate the robotic arm has a 0.4% failure rate versus a 4.0% rate for manual implants.

From partial knees in 2006 to full knees in 2015 over 23,000 MAKOplasty procedures have been preformed using the robot.  There are now over 150 hospitals worldwide using the Robotic system. 

As with ALL new medical interventions evaluation over time is the key.  To date with thousands of knees replaced there seems to be an advantage in robotic knee surgery with less pain and quicker return to normal life in the Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty (UKA).


by Dr Mecherl Lim MD (MA) Naturopath (ND) , Holistic Kinesiology


There is no way to handle a true physiological addition except to stop it completely. Addicts can’t have just on line of cocaine of just one drink.  Go Cold Turkey, but you won’t have to white knuckle it because if you follow – “5 Ways to Detox” you will automatically reset your body’s neurotransmitters and hormones.

Stop all form of sugar, all flour products and all artificial sweeteners.  They all cause increased cravings and slow metabolism and lead to fat storage.  This especially includes liquid sugar calories – A latte can have more sugar than a can of soda- that makes you eat more all day and drive storage of belly fat. Also get rid of anything with Trans or Hydrogenated FATS & MSG (watch hidden names).

Ideally, for 5 Days you avoid any foods that come in a box, package or can or have a label, and stick to real, whole fresh food. And the best way to really Detox is to give up all the grains for 5 days. Give up all drugs too, Caffeine, and alcohol are the 2 biggest after sugar.


Protein, Protein, Protein at every meal, especially breakfast, is the key to balancing blood sugar and insulin and cutting cravings.

Start the Day with whole farm eggs or a protein shake, and recommended whole food protein shake (MHT Phyto Nutri).

Use Nuts, seeds, eggs, fish, chicken or grassfeed meat for protein at every meal.  A serving is 4 to 6oz or the size of your palm.


Yes, that’s right, Unlimited Carbs.  Did you know vegetables are carbs? And you get to eat as much as you want.  Unlimited refills!  There is one Catch. I only mean the Non-starchy veggies such as greens, the broccoli families, (including cauliflowers, kale, collards ) asparagus, green beans, mushrooms, onions, zucchini, tomatoes, winter squash and beets- just for 5 days. Also skip grains and beans for 5 days. It supercharges the results so you lose weight and feel GREAT .


Fat is not a FOUR letter word.

Fat doesn’t make you fat, SUGAR does.

Fat makes you FULL, balances your blood sugar and is necessary for fueling  your cells.

Along with the protein, have good fats at every meal and snack including nuts and seeds, which also contain protein, extra virgin olive oil, coconut butter, avocados and Omega 3 fats from fish.


Extraordinary new research shows that obesity is contagious.  You are more likely to be overweight if your friends are overweight than if your parents or siblings are overweight.

But Health is contagious too.  In large social experiment, I did with my friend Rick Warren and Saddle Back, we got people to lose weight in a year by doing the program together.  They met in groups, helped, loved and support each other and those who did it together lost twice as much weight and get twice as Healthy.  I call it the LOVE DIET, everybody Needs as a BUDDY.

Find friends or form a small group and do the 5 DAYS DETOX & LIVE together.

Parasites in our system for the next issue. For more information visit:

Quick & Easy Tokyo 东京自由行 PART 2

Tokyo prior to 1968 was known as Edo, a small castle town in the 16th century but today it is the world’s most populous metropolis and one of Asia’s must visit destinations for unlimited choice of shopping, entertainment, culture, art and dining. Not to mention the rich history offered by this city to visitors is beyond words can describe. If one only have a few days in Tokyo then…








Japan_UenoPark-CMYK edited
Ueno Park 上野公园

Ueno is a good choice for those who seek a walk in the park and a chance to visit a few museums at close proximity. Ueno Park is famous for its cherry blossoms that bloom in Spring and lotuses that flower in Summer. Nearby are the National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo National Museum, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum and the Tokyo Cultural Hall. Children will love the zoo in the park. Next to the Ueno station is the Ameyayokocho Market where one can again wander around shopping for miscellaneous that include clothes, bags, shoes, etc.




Kabukichō 歌舞伎町

Shinjuku is one of the busiest place in Tokyo where the JR train station here serves more than 3.5 million passengers a day. There are large scale shopping stores such as Time Square, Keio department store, Isetan and many more. It is almost impossible to tell one how to walk around Shijuku as it is a big area with too many shopping and entertainment. Stamina and deep pockets are very much needed in this area.

When the sun sets, then that is the time when Kabukicho comes alive and the dancers strip. The place is relatively safe at night but visitors should be careful of scams and pick pockets. There are a few good Ramen stores around where one can request another two extra ramen noodle free of charge if you have such big stomach.



Akibahara 秋叶

Akibahara or Akiba in short is well known for being the world leading electronic place. Not only this is the place for those looking for the latest electronic gadgets, it is also the mecca for otakus. Visiting anime or idol fans from near and far will visit this place especially on Sundays where many be in their manga, anime and Japan cosplay. Some may consider this culture twisted especially for those with traditional up-bringing or conservative mind-set but to others, it is an opportunity where the virtual world comes alive.



Tokyo Sky tree 东京天空树

Tokyo Sky Tree is the venue for those who prefer an indoor, more relaxing and cooler shopping experience. It is the world’s tallest ‘free-standing tower’ at 634m with two observation decks overlooking Tokyo with a spectacular panoramic view. A large shopping complex and an aquarium are located on the base.


Sensoji Temple 浅草寺

If you only have time to visit one temple then the Sensoji Temple located in Asakusa will be the perfect choice. This is Tokyo’s oldest and one of the most popular yet most colourful temples. It is hard to miss this temple as it has a big red lantern with Japanese wordings written in black hanging in front of the main entrance. Upon entering, visitors will be greeted with a 200 meters shopping street called Nakamise that have interesting small shops selling from typical Japanese souvenirs such as folding fans, chopsticks, etc., to local traditional hand made snacks. Only after walking through the centuries old shopping street then one will approach the main hall and the five starred pagoda. There are many events held throughout the year here and the annual festival of the Asakusa Shrine, the Sanjay Matsui held in May is the biggest.


Malaysia Art 2016 2016年的马来西亚艺术圈

It is undeniable that Malaysian art industry was expecting a tough ride after the introduction of Goods and Services Tax (GST) in 2015. It gave rise to unprecedented jam-packed auctions just before its official implementation with the hope that collectors would take advantage of saving instead of paying GST. Although most expected a bad year of 2015, the overall total sales result was a complete astonishment with around RM2 million higher than 2014. Henry Butcher Art Auctioneers outperformed the rest with more than RM10.7 million sales, followed by KLAS Art Auction with about RM8 million, RM7.5 million for Masterpiece Auction KL and The Edge Auction for RM1.5 million.

2016 marks an interesting year for Malaysian art industry as it will be the time for collectors to transform into bargain hunters, making it an uphill battle for both artists and art galleries. Although some of the relatively new galleries have decided to call it a day, the more established galleries such as Wei-Ling Gallery, G13, Core Design Gallery and Richard Koh Fine Art were among those that brave the outlook as they not only go on the offensive with interesting local exhibitions, but also going abroad to promote in-house artists in international art exhibitions such as Art Stage Singapore. While other galleries such as Galeri Seni Mutiara and The Art Gallery from Penang and KL-based galleries such as PINKGUY Gallery and Segaris Art Centre prefer to focus more on local presentations. In short, galleries today must showcase its strength towards the artists they represent in order to gain collectors’ confidence with an apparent objective that they will be the blue chip when it comes to art investment.

With an expected slowdown in the Malaysian economy, the art industry will be facing a challenging year ahead. It is also crunch time for true dedicated artists and professional art galleries to prove to the public that their creations are worth collecting and investing, as the world has had enough of self-proclaimed and non-serious artists while some better artists demand prices beyond the reach of most especially the newcomers. Collectors are not dumb rich people; artists and their artworks are just like other professions and products that consumers pay with expectations.

TOP50 2015.png

无可否认,马来西亚艺术圈在2015年大马政府实行消费税之后,对前景的展望是崎岖难行。另外,消费税实施之前,大马拍卖行引起了前所未有的拥挤,因为收藏家们想提早省一笔钱。虽然多数人预计2015年是不利的一年,但实际上拍卖行的整体营收仍令人惊讶,达200万令吉,高于2014年的记录。其中,亨利艺术拍卖行表现鹤立鸡群,营收超过1070万令吉,其次是KLAS艺术拍卖行,大约800万令吉;吉隆坡尚品艺术拍卖行750万令吉;The Edge拍卖行150万令吉。

2016年对马来西亚艺术圈而言,是有趣的一年。因为这一年,收藏家可能逢低买入,艺术圈成为艺术家和画廊之间的艰苦战场。虽然一些相对较新的画廊已决定关闭,比较资深的画廊,如Wei-Ling Gallery、G13、Core Design Gallery 和 Richard Koh Fine Art却勇敢前进。它们不仅积极举办有趣的本地艺术展,也到国际艺术展如“艺术登陆新加坡”介绍本身的艺术家。槟城的珍珠画廊和The Art画廊,以及来自吉隆坡的画廊,如PINKGUY画廊和Segaris艺术中心比较专注于本地展览。总之,今天的画廊必须向他们所代表的艺术家展现实力,以赢取收藏家的信心–相信他们所购买的艺术品,是蓝筹股级的投资。


Auction-Lot 57 Abdul Latiff Mohidin %22Landskap Rimba 96%22 (1996) 81cm x 203cm Oil on Canvas)1

Abdul Latiff Mohidin

Landskap Rimba
1996 • 81cm x 203cm • Oil on Canvas
KLAS Art Auction 24/05/2015, Lot 57
Price Realised: RM601,800

Auction-Yusof Ghani %22Biring LXX%22 (2007) Oil on Canvas 183cm x 183cm1

Yusof Ghani

Bring LXX
2007 • 183cm x 183cm • Oil on canvas
KLAS Art Auction 18/01/2015, Lot 48
Price Realised: RM313,600

Auction-Lot 109 Chia Yu Chian

Chia Yu Chian

The Waterfall
1983 • 97cm x 184cm • Oil on Canvas
Masterpiece KL 02/08/2015, Lot 109
Price Realised: RM156,800

Auction-Ahmad Zakii Anwar, Legong 4, 1997, Acrylic on canvas, 120 x 180cm, 2 panels

Ahmad Zakii Anwar

Legong 4
1997 • 120cm x 180cm • Acrylic on Canvas
KLAS Art Auction 24/05/2015, Lot 66
Price Realised: RM118,000

Image(s) courtesy of KLAS Art Auction and Masterpiece Auction

BULLSEYE! Art Stage Singapore resiliently hits the mark 射中靶心! 新加坡艺术舞台击中目标

For the sixth year in a row, Art Stage Singapore has brought Southeast Asian art to the forefront of international art market. The anchor event of Singapore Art Week was held at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre from 21 Jan to 24 this year.

Art Stage Singapore has long been the summit for serious collectors from Southeast Asia and beyond, a fact further proven by attendance of respected international art collectors and experts such as celebrity auctioneer Simon de Pury, architect Rem Koolhaas; and leading collectors Alain Servais (Belgium), Daisuke Miyatsu (Japan), and Deddy Kusuma (Indonesia).

Art Stage Singapore 2016_Yudi Sulistyo_World Without Sea_presented by ARNDT
World Without Sea by Yudi Sulistyo

Highlight of Art Stage Singapore 2016 was the Southeast Asia Forum that explored the bridge between the art market and the non-commercial facets of contemporary art. Encapsulating this idea was the exhibition ‘Seismograph: Sensing the City – Art In the Urban Age’ that successfully underscored the significance of contemporary art in developing the modern society.

Despite facing a gloomy economy and experiencing a dip in the number of visitors, Art Stage Singapore saw favourable sales. Among the top selling artists and artworks at Art Stage include Yayoi Kusama whose works fetched USD1.2 million and Chun Kwang Young who saw one of its works fetching USD 175,000.


新加坡艺术博览会俨然是高端收藏家的东南亚峰会,出席的包括国际艺术收藏家和著名拍卖商: Simon de Pury, 建筑师Rem Koolhaas,收藏家  Alain   Servais(比利时), 宫津大辅(日本)与  Deddy   Kusuma(印尼)。

2016年新加坡艺术博览会的亮点东南亚论坛,也探讨竖立在艺术市场之间桥梁和非商业的当代艺术。而封装这个概念的展览“地动仪”:感知城市 – 艺术在城市时代”,成功突显了当代艺术在发展现代社会的关键意义。

Art Stage Singapore 2016_Yinka Shonibare MBE_Alien Man on Flying Machine, Alien Woman on Flying Machine, Alien Child _presented by Pearl Lam Galleries
Alien Woman on Flying Machine by Yinka Shonibare MBE



Today this (Clay Pot) cooking method is still very popular, offering modern culinary experts and food enthusiast a taste of perfection.

Clay pot cooking has been one of the main cooking method since the early settlers and civilisations across the globe. Today this cooking method is still very popular offering modern culinary experts and food enthusiast a taste of perfection. Different cultures have different ways of cooking with this pottery and the Chinese especially those from the Guangdong province are considered one of the best cooks in Asia when using this centuries-old cooking method.

Chefs and foodies prefer clay pots cooking simply because the food inside the pot losses little to no moisture as this cooking method rely more on steam and heat with the aim of presenting tender and flavourful dishes that will ultimately melt in the mouth. This is why clay pot dishes usually come with very impressive ingredients such as abalone, scallop, crabs, exotic sea catch fish, etc.

For those who are into fine food and do not want to be disappointed when ordering your clay pots, Maple Palace Restaurant in Penang is the perfect place to treat yourself and friends.






Maple Palace 014Assorted Preserved Wax Meat Clay Pot Rice 沙煲北风腊味饭

food 009Braised Chicken Stuffed with Abalone and Dried Scallop 十头鲍鱼霸皇鸡

Maple Palace 026Fresh Crab Mee Hoon Soup served in Hot Clay Pot 沙煲螃蟹米粉汤

food 014
Braised Garoupa Fish with Roasted Pork Belly 红烧石斑火腩煲

food 017Braised Egg Plant with Szechuan Sauce 川式鱼香茄子煲


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Fuse the two and we have an architectural genius who uses nature’s tranquillity to transform basic structures into towering green sanctuaries. Deborah Joy Peter hops onsite helmet-ready to deconstruct the maker’s premise of the sky being the limit.

Defined most of all by his architectural dexterity, Jason Pomeroy is a conceptualist with a critical eye where the design of buildings is concerned. Yet, the professor is no ordinary engineer. By now an author of at least three industry-specific books and host of two seasons of Channel NewsAsia’s City Time Traveller, the mover and shaker is a well-traversed draftsman who dreams up winning layouts even before the initial artist impression makes it from plot to paper.


In fact, his immersion in the field qualifies as ultra-unique in a manner that renders his creations both structurally sound and environmentally-friendly. An ideator with a particularly intense fascination towards edifices of the sky-rise variety and the tenacity to match, his penchant for construction is almost poetic. The architect suggests it is entirely possible that his love of green architecture was born in his parents’ garden in England.

Creatively inspired even as a boy, he remembers once upon a time, raising from the ground up, wigwams which were strewn together using branches, sticks, and leaves from the bushes and blankets from mum’s cupboard. “My interest was cemented during later visits to London, when my father took me to Sir Christopher Wren’s St. Paul’s Cathedral. The lofty interior and domed structure simply took my breath away. From then on, I was hooked,” the founding principal of Singapore-based sustainable design firm, Pomeroy Studio, explains.

Tall order

During his foundation years at the Canterbury School of Architecture in the United Kingdom, captured by the way each utilised what little space they had for the benefit of their inhabitants through skygardens and other communal spaces, his curiosity over high-rise cities such as Hong Kong and Singapore took root. Nevertheless, it wasn’t until the turn of his masters at the University of Cambridge that his attention to sky-rise greenery and the role of skycourts and skygardens deepened.

In his words, green architecture pays respect to the natural environment by harnessing the sun, wind, and rain in a way that reduces energy, water consumption, and stress on the environment. However, established in 2012, Pomeroy Studio’s approach travels further by drawing from the essence of history, culture, and tradition to create ‘built environments’ that positively impact people’s lives. A good example is a previous project dubbed the Idea House, which is Asia’s first carbon-zero prototype home.

Renewable technology

Beyond just solar panelled roofs, modern advancements such as photovoltaic cells and water harvesting influenced the aforementioned invention, which is modelled after the ancient Malay kampong house. “Built before the advent of electricity, the kampong house was designed to maximise natural light and ventilation while being expandable to accommodate a family of 3 to 5 as well as sensitive to its surroundings. Drawing inspiration from this traditional vernacular architecture of South East Asia, we reinterpreted it for the 21st century.”

The above cultivates an atmosphere conducive to a dweller’s needs while remaining considerate of the place. Thus, cities planned along sustainable lines lessen inequality with energy and building costs reduced, enabling citizens of lower economic means to live closer to the city centre and their places of work. “I hope the determination to preserve ancient culture and tradition is maintained and the kind of sustainable built environments I advocate and can be found in Singapore is replicated in other Asian cities including Kuala Lumpur.”

Jason Newpark Serviced Residences_c Pomeroy Studio


Meanwhile, from getting his feet wet in Venice to visiting ancient shrines in Kyoto, getting lost in the valleys of Bhutan, and marvelling at the Singapore skyline, Pomeroy’s journey has taken him as far as the regions of Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Be it as a visiting professor at the Universita IUAV di Venezia or television personality cracking the code behind landscapes through City Time Traveller, his architectural development is ever-evolving while influenced by the countries he explores and people he meets.

“It is pleasing to see many of the lessons articulated in my book, The Skycourt and Skygarden: Greening the Urban Habitat, implemented in the city-state, whilst my foray into zero carbon housing which was similarly published in Idea House: Future Tropical Living Today has been a template for many of our low and zero energy design projects,” the designer tells Essenze, whilst continuing to make his mark as a best-in-class architect worldwide.

巧妙的融合,利用大自然的宁谧优美,让基本结构转变成参天绿色保护区。在此解析Jason Pomeroy这位生态建筑师的绿意架构奇迹。

这名教授绝非一般工程师,Jason   Pomeroy灵巧的建筑思绪、独到的眼光格调,也缔造生态建筑特色概念。身为特定行业书籍作者和亚洲新闻频道“城市时间旅人”节目两季的主持人,这名极具号召力的梦想建筑架构者,肆意将情节串联并跃然于设计图纸上。


灵感的启蒙是当他还是男孩时候,记得有一次,用从灌木丛中拾到的树枝、树叶等搭建简易的帐篷支架,而覆盖的毯子取自母亲的柜子。“那年在伦敦,我父亲带我到圣保罗大教堂,崇高装潢和圆顶结构,轻易攫夺我的呼吸,从那时起,我就深深着迷。”这名在新加坡创立永续建筑设计公司 – Pomeroy工作室的建筑师说着他的心路旅程。


如他所言,生态建筑通过利用太阳与风,降低能源和水的消耗,强调尊重和爱护自然环境。Pomeroy工作室在2012年设立,并且进一步从历史,文化与传统视角打造“生态环境”,这项对于人们生活本质产生积极影响的规划推进顺畅,最佳例子是之前的Idea House项目计划,这是亚洲首个无碳的原型屋。







In 1952, a car that could reach a top speed of 120 mph was unheard of until Bentley released its iconic R Type Continental. The four-seater is known as the world’s first Grand Tourer, and only 208 cars were produced, making them the car of the season.

50 years later, this grand dame of the road inspired Bentley’s designers to girt the world the first Continental GT.

The Continental GT echoes the elegance of its R Type predecessor with the three Continental styling cues. First, the seamless curve of the striking power line and second the muscular haunches that indicate the brute force concealed within the updated version of Bentley’s prestigious heritage, built by coachbuilders H.J. Mulliner. The third element is the Continental’s famous swooping, fast roof line.

Almost doubling the performance of its first version, the Continental GT reaches a top speed of 206mph with its W12 power engine to give the world a technological marvel that is the Bentley Continental GT.



欧陆GT呼应R型的优雅前身,还有三个关键线索传承。首先,惊人的力量感曲线,第二元素是宾利著名的遗产和更新版本,车尾部的战斗性肌肉曲线,由经验丰富的H. J. Mulliner车厂制作。最后的线索就是欧陆著名的俯冲,快速的顶线。



Porsche Design … for those whose unobtrusive, smart-casual style demonstrates their confidence in all situations.

Impeccably tailored and intuitively finished, the fashion creations of the house of Porsche Design prove that fashion can be serious and visually arresting at the same time.

Porsche Design, which recently unveiled its Fall / Winter 2016 collection at the Berlin Fashion Week, has managed to find the perfect harmony of formal elegance with hip coolness. The result is a sophisticated collection of menswear perfectly styled for the urbane traveller.

The highlight of the collection was the zip-out blazers made from easily removable integrated light down that allows its wearer to adjust the blazer to suit different climates. It is ingenious design functionalities like this and the use of innovative and responsive fabrics that make Porsche Design a leader in the men’s premium fashion segment. Strategically positioned colour and structural elements in its fashion-forward creations reminisce of motor sport and genetically connect Porsche the fashion house to Porsche the automotive behemoth.





Porsche Design Show FW 2016 Fashion Presentation

Porsche Design Show FW 2016 Fashion Presentation

Porsche Design Show FW 2016 Fashion Presentation

Porsche Design Show FW 2016 Fashion Presentation

Porsche Design Show FW 2016 Fashion Presentation

Porsche Design Show FW 2016 Fashion Presentation

Porsche Design Show FW 2016 Fashion Presentation

Porsche Design Show FW 2016 Fashion Presentation

Porsche Design Show FW 2016 Fashion Presentation

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