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A Feast Fit for an Emperor 帝王式 饕餮盛宴

Not every loving couple has a remarkable wedding story to tell but the least most would have wanted to receive the blessings from their families and friends. Hence the grand wedding dinner that usually falls on the night after the wedding ceremony is a big deal simply because all invited family members, friends and associates will gather to witness this love story. Usually this is the part where the food served is usually not up to expectation and the guests are left to go home with a bad impression.

The Maple Palace restaurant in Penang is one of the few five stars Chinese restaurants that has the reputation of serving fine Chinese cuisine and making sure all guests are well served.

This luxury bungalow style restaurant has ample carparks on ground floor making parking easy and easy access for customers with all ages. Adding to this is the classy interior environment, the owner and also chief chef Loy Tan has a reputation to select only quality ingredients making sure that all guests are pampered with a feast fit for an emperor.



这家奢华别墅风格的中餐厅拥有充分的地面停车场,让客人感受称心便利。另外,优雅舒适的室内用餐环境,餐厅主人兼总主厨Loy Tan为客人们精心挑选高品质食材,确保大家沉浸在帝王式饕餮盛宴。

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Taste of Perfection 美食之力

It is almost impossible to find a good Chinese restaurant in Penang that serves fresh seafood in a fine dining environment. Maple Palace is the best in town to cater for those with high expectations when it comes to exceptional quality and fine taste. Proprietor and head of chef Loy Tan after a few months of experiment and sourcing, Maple Palace will be offering an exquisite seafood menu that will entice your plate and seduce your eyes. In short, ‘One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dine well’.

在槟城,你几乎不可能找到一家比美宝阁更兼顾食物与环境质量的中餐厅,除了鲜活的海鲜滋味,精致的用餐环境,也满足食客们的高期望值,确保卓越品质和细腻口感。经营者与主厨Loy Tan耗费几个月亲力亲为实验与采购食材,美宝阁餐厅绝对精心配制的海鲜菜单,诱惑吸引着你的盘子和眼球。总之,一个人如没吃好,将无法思考,没余力爱人,连睡眠也欠奉。

Maple Palace 31
Mushroom cheese baked oyster 蘑菇芝士焗生蚝
Maple Palace 26
Monk Jump Over The Wall 乾隆贡品佛跳墙 Double-boiled sea treasure of superior shark’s fin, 2 head Australia Abalone, Sun-dried scallop, fish maw, sea cucumber, pork tendon, mushroom is superior broth 拼红烧2头澳洲鲍鱼
Maple Palace 03
Grill Japanese Octopus with Soya 顶抽酱烧日本鲜鱿
Maple Palace 54
Cheese baked stuffed crab shell 白蟹肉菇茸釀蟹盖

For more information or to make reservations, please call or visit website
+604 227 9690 / +604 227 4542 | www.maplepalace.com

 A Flair for flavour

In a land where spicy street food and Hokkien cuisine rule supreme, there is one heavyweight champion that is slowly turning the tide by introducing impeccable Cantonese Szechuan cuisine in a classy setting that is fit for a king. Set in Maple Gold Club, a grand heritage mansion tucked in the millionaire’s row of Penang’s swanky Northam Road (or Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah), is Maple Palace Restaurant. The restaurant has made a name for being one of the top places frequented by the well-heeled millionaires and socialites of Malaysia’s high society.

The proprietor and head-chef of Maple Palace, Tan Loy Sin, or Loy as he goes by, recently hosted celebrated food critic and writer, C.K. Lam, and EZ to sample the restaurant’s new menu. Lam, who runs one of the most visited food websites in Malaysia is widely regarded as an authority on the Penang food scene and has written for numerous publications in Malaysia and beyond.

Tan Loy Sin and CK Lam
Tan Loy Sin and CK Lam

Joined by Loy and his partner Vivien Teoh, we were treated to a sumptuous spread that included Double Boiled Watercress Soup with Pork Ribs, Braised Abalone with Sea Cucumber & Black Mushroom, Fresh Water Prawn Curry with Mantou, Steamed Marble Goby with Superior Soya Sauce, Steamed Chicken, and finished with a sweet note with the Sweetened Ginger Tea with Glutinous Rice Ball.

As the tantalising aroma of the food wafted, the conversation around the table naturally turned around to food. Lam, who originally hails from Kuala Lumpur, was soon sharing her insights on the restaurant industry with Loy. ‘Most important is the food, and so is the word of mouth,’ she said, explaining that when customers like the food and service in a particular restaurant, they spread the word to their friends and family, which everyone at the table agreed that it works even better than any advertisement.

Echoing Lam’s sentiments, Loy in turn shared with the table his attitude on running a successful restaurant. He said that customers’ feedback was very important to him as he strives to maintain the type of service and quality that has come to be accepted of Maple Palace. ‘We need to be in tune with our customers’ preferences, and so, much thought is put into deciding what goes in our menu,’ said Loy, who personally creates the course set menu.

Lam chimed in, saying ‘There is much competition these days and Maple Gold is one of the Chinese restaurants that is on top of the game. Loy works closely with his kitchen staff in maintaining the standard for the food and keeping the menu fresh and exciting. Dishes are prepared with bold and exciting flavours using quality and fresh ingredients.’

‘Many know the restaurant for its comfort fish steamboat. Among the large selection of delectable dishes, the fish steamboat is one dish that I will order time and again. The aromatic soup boiled for hours has lots of flavour and depth,’ she said, ‘Maple Palace is also a must go destination for waxed meat claypot rice (Lap Mei Fun). This fragrant dish which is available during the festive Chinese New Year period is prepared with preserved Chinese sausage, waxed duck thigh, goose liver sausage and Chinese wine.’

On what was being served that afternoon, Lam said, ‘The curry udang galah (fresh water prawn), which is part of the new exciting menu, is a huge winner. The fresh prawns stand up beautifully to the divine combination of Indian spices and the ladies’ fingers made a perfect accompaniment to this spicy dish. You can have it with deep-fried mantou or white rice.’

The other dish that stood out for her was the beautifully steamed marble goby dish. ‘The steamed fish in soy sauce is a simple dish and it is put together with a dazzling sauce – the chef uses the high quality Kikkoman soy sauce.’  As for the dessert, the self-professed sweet tooth had this to say about the desserts at Maple Palace; ‘A must-try dessert is the black sesame glutinous rice balls done two ways – served in warm ginger tea or rolled in grinded peanuts. I particularly like the ones in ginger tea.’ As each one of us polished off the hot aromatic bowl of Sweetened Ginger Tea with Black Sesame Glutinous Rice Ball, we had to agree with Lam.

For more information or to make reservations, please call +604 227 9690 / +604 227 4542 or visit http://www.maplepalace.com.