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Art & Culture 轩尼诗与艺术

“I felt the bottle was a perfect canvas to extend my Black Holes body of work. The inclusion of the metadata concept was also important for me because it’s an extension of what I’m already pursuing in my work.” McGinness nobly declares.

Hennessy V.S Limited edition bottle was created by internationally renowned contemporary artist Ryan McGinness making this the 5th collaboration between the liquor company with internationally renowned contemporary artists over the 5 years. This limited edition is based on the artist’s “black holes’ series of paintings where the colours glow under black-light on a silver background incorporating McGinness’ signature icons that symbolises the craftsmanship of Hennessy Cognac. Hennessy celebrated the launch of this historic partnership in August with a event titled #ArtoftheChase in New York City with an interactive tunnel of digital McGinness artwork captivating guests with Hennessy cocktails, including the ‘Infinity’ that the artist helped to create. Not to mention a special performance by rapper 2 Chainz. The artist later travelled with Hennessy to further promote and bottle-signings in LA, Miami and Philadelphia.

轩尼诗限量版的酒瓶是艺术家 Ryan   Mcginness 的杰作,这是该国际知名当代艺术家过去5年来第 5 次与酒类公司合作。这款“黑洞”系列作品在深邃的黑光中闪烁黄色、紫红色和绿色霓虹色涡流线构成百合花图案色彩,结合银色背景的 Mcginness “辐射眼”签名图标,象征着轩尼诗干邑精巧手艺。

而为何配合限量版的艺术酒瓶,轩尼诗 8 月在纽约市启动合作伙伴的酒会派对 #ArtoftheChase,现场除了有电子数码方式展现 Mcginness 的艺术作品隧道,而艺术家们更是创造了“无限”这个主题。而 Rap 歌手 2 Chainz 的现场演出更是增添色彩,这项宣传盛会也将在洛杉矶,迈阿密和费城举行。


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Burberry has expanded its global flagship at 121 Regent Street in London to create an exclusive area dedicated to gifting. The extension, which opened in spring 2015, celebrates the very best of British craftsmanship, creativity and produce. The new space will also accommodate an all day café that will offer an entirely British menu – Thomas’s Cafe. The café offers the finest seasonal produce from small farmers and artisan suppliers from around the UK.

现在,博柏利 (Burberry) 的全球旗舰店 (位于英国伦敦121摄政街) 除了将提供英式风格菜单,在全新和独特区域内,致力奉献礼品于客户们。自 2015 春季开始营业的 Thomas’s Cafe,同样为博柏利的客户们提供美妙的英式菜单餐点。这个历史悠久的奢侈品牌馈赠专属礼品和个性化的服务,体验舒适优雅的购物感受。博柏利成立于1856,是一个全球性的高端品牌。

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Taste of Perfection 美食之力

It is almost impossible to find a good Chinese restaurant in Penang that serves fresh seafood in a fine dining environment. Maple Palace is the best in town to cater for those with high expectations when it comes to exceptional quality and fine taste. Proprietor and head of chef Loy Tan after a few months of experiment and sourcing, Maple Palace will be offering an exquisite seafood menu that will entice your plate and seduce your eyes. In short, ‘One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dine well’.

在槟城,你几乎不可能找到一家比美宝阁更兼顾食物与环境质量的中餐厅,除了鲜活的海鲜滋味,精致的用餐环境,也满足食客们的高期望值,确保卓越品质和细腻口感。经营者与主厨Loy Tan耗费几个月亲力亲为实验与采购食材,美宝阁餐厅绝对精心配制的海鲜菜单,诱惑吸引着你的盘子和眼球。总之,一个人如没吃好,将无法思考,没余力爱人,连睡眠也欠奉。

Maple Palace 31
Mushroom cheese baked oyster 蘑菇芝士焗生蚝
Maple Palace 26
Monk Jump Over The Wall 乾隆贡品佛跳墙 Double-boiled sea treasure of superior shark’s fin, 2 head Australia Abalone, Sun-dried scallop, fish maw, sea cucumber, pork tendon, mushroom is superior broth 拼红烧2头澳洲鲍鱼
Maple Palace 03
Grill Japanese Octopus with Soya 顶抽酱烧日本鲜鱿
Maple Palace 54
Cheese baked stuffed crab shell 白蟹肉菇茸釀蟹盖

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Stepping Into The Bedroom 阶层式卧室

It is no surprise that Chinese or Oriental furniture are popular especially among the expats living in Malaysia. When it comes to that, Splendid Interior Décor does provide interior designs with Oriental feel. In fact, most of its designs will carry a very unique piece of furniture called the Tansu cabinet or usually known to many as the steps cabinet.

Tansu is a traditional mobile storage that was first used in the Genroku era of the Edo Period (1688-1704). Today this classic step cabinet can be found not only in Japan, but also China and Korea. Some interior designers prefer to shy away from adopting this furniture into their designs as it is not an easy piece to fit without much experience. However, this Chinese step cabinet can be considered as a signature of Splendid’s design – one could easily see a piece or sometimes a collection of these very classical furniture as a divider, a wall cabinet or just for pure decoration.

When it comes to owning a house, the bedroom interior is definitely an important focus as it is the place where we spend most of our time in. We can see that when one is abroad, the common phrase used is ‘There is no place like my home’; if one is back home then it would be ‘There is no place like my room’. This is why Splendid Interior Décor places much emphasis on designing bedrooms for a simple reason – one needs to feel good and sleep well to ensure that the body and mind will be ready to function again after a good rest. Thus, the professional designers are well-experienced in blending classical Chinese furniture into modern architectures. It is no doubt Splendid’s distinctive signature presentation where East meets West.

Splendid Interior Décor recent project was a luxury penthouse beautifully situated up North in Penang facing the sea. With a view fit for a king, the Peranakan style four poster bed was the choice of selection for the master bedroom as for centuries, bed has been a symbol of wealth and the Peranakans were among the most influential generations in the early 20th century. Not only so, there is also a pair of majestic Ming styled blue and white vases to compliment this nostalgic space.

中式或东方式的家具毫无疑问受到居住于马来西亚外国人士的欢迎。Splendid Interior Décor优美的设计,除了散发浓厚东方韵味,更有趣的是,大部分的设计都少不了一个独特的家具-称为Tansu柜子或阶层柜。

Tansu是日本传统的移动柜子,最先在江户的元禄时代(1688-1704)开始流传。今天,这个经典的柜子,不仅日本,中国和韩国也可见。一些室内设计师皆回避采用类似家具,因为如果缺乏相关经验,这并非可以轻易驾驭的家具设计。然而,中式的阶层柜是Splendid Interior   Décor标志性的设计,单独或几件古典家具作为分隔作用,一个墙柜或纯粹装饰。


Splendid Interior Décor最近的设计方案是环境优美的豪华公寓,向北可达槟城,面向大海。为了符合土生华人(Peranakan)的风格,几个世纪以来四柱床一直是主卧室的基调,同时是财富象征,而在20世纪初,土生华人是非常有影响力的一代。此外,蓝色和白色明代风格花瓶宏伟兼明亮对比,完美匹配怀旧空间。

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