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Oriental Red First Seafood Market in Penang 东方红海味

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3-Tiers Lobster Tray 三层式龙虾拼盘

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Oriental Red Seafood Market is not your normal neighbourhood seafood restaurant. With no prix fixe menu, diners are given the flexibility to handpick their own desired seafood from the seafood counter.

The seafood comes in a wide variety, with some fresh and some frozen. Selected seafood will then be cooked by the dedicated team and served in the way of Nabe (Japanese Hot Pot). It is noteworthy that the special broth for the Nabe is authentically prepared in Japan and air-flown to the restaurant.

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Petr Feher, Ch’ng Huck Theng, & Director of Oriental Red Paul Goh

槟城的东方红海味是一家特别的餐厅,这里虽然没有餐单,但只要在店内的海产市场选好新鲜或冷冻的海鲜,店家都会免费以他们从日本特别调制后空运过来的 Nabe 汤煲 (Hot Pot) 为食客烹煮海鲜,让人即可购物又可同时用餐。

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Celebrating the year of the Rooster 春风和煕迎鸡年

A celebration truly melts the heart each time when it is served with deliciously prepared food. With the Lunar New Year just around the corner, meal times during the season of celebration are crucial to foster, build and reconcile relationships. Maple Palace truly represents the essence of traditional and artisanal cuisine that brings the hearts together.

One such dish that fosters an ambiance of benevolence is the Fish Steamboat, a warm and hearty meal that could be shared around meaningful conversations. Enjoy the freshly prepared seafood and other sides alongside a delicate and delectable stock.

Combination Platter remain as the family favourite with its selection of intricate tapas-like finger food suitable even for the young and old. Exquisitely displayed to attract even the most finicky of fans, this delicacy feeds the eyes as much as the taste for good food.


What stands out for Maple Palace is its knack for what truly attracts its customers. Its efforts in preparing some of the most sophisticated dishes have brought customers back to its restaurant time and time again.

Another favourite such as the Home Made Classic Seafood in Casserole has been in the menu of the Asian cuisine for centuries and has been refined for over centuries by local and regional settlers.

Enjoy the season of celebrations in the year of the Rooster!









For more information or to make reservations, please call or visit website
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Taste of Perfection 美食之力

It is almost impossible to find a good Chinese restaurant in Penang that serves fresh seafood in a fine dining environment. Maple Palace is the best in town to cater for those with high expectations when it comes to exceptional quality and fine taste. Proprietor and head of chef Loy Tan after a few months of experiment and sourcing, Maple Palace will be offering an exquisite seafood menu that will entice your plate and seduce your eyes. In short, ‘One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dine well’.

在槟城,你几乎不可能找到一家比美宝阁更兼顾食物与环境质量的中餐厅,除了鲜活的海鲜滋味,精致的用餐环境,也满足食客们的高期望值,确保卓越品质和细腻口感。经营者与主厨Loy Tan耗费几个月亲力亲为实验与采购食材,美宝阁餐厅绝对精心配制的海鲜菜单,诱惑吸引着你的盘子和眼球。总之,一个人如没吃好,将无法思考,没余力爱人,连睡眠也欠奉。

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Mushroom cheese baked oyster 蘑菇芝士焗生蚝
Maple Palace 26
Monk Jump Over The Wall 乾隆贡品佛跳墙 Double-boiled sea treasure of superior shark’s fin, 2 head Australia Abalone, Sun-dried scallop, fish maw, sea cucumber, pork tendon, mushroom is superior broth 拼红烧2头澳洲鲍鱼
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Grill Japanese Octopus with Soya 顶抽酱烧日本鲜鱿
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Cheese baked stuffed crab shell 白蟹肉菇茸釀蟹盖

For more information or to make reservations, please call or visit website
+604 227 9690 / +604 227 4542 | www.maplepalace.com