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Setting Trends, Influencing Style 创造风格, 引领风尚

Raymond Choon

Creative Director & Owner/ Founder of Hairco

Setting trends and influencing style are the reasons Raymond Choon is currently one of Malaysia’s top hairstylists. Raymond only came in contact with hairdressing or hairstyling when he first stepped into London, a place commonly known as the hair heaven of the world. It was the place where Raymond experienced an epiphany of capturing the essence of hair and fashion in all moods and possibilities. Young and innovative, he explored uncharted beauty and unconventional experiments with the challenge of narrowing the gap between brands, products, people and expectations. Before returning to Malaysia, Raymond made another stop at Shanghai where he believed the importance of understanding what was desired is not only in the west but also in the east.

Today, Raymond is a successful hairstylist who owns a boutique hair salon at the Gardens Mall. Hair Corner offers customers a contemporary environment where celebrety treatment is the core of its hairstyling services.

身为马来西亚顶级发型设计师的Raymond Choon,凭借多年来不停地创造风格,引领风尚而在本地发型界享有崇高地位。Raymond与发型设计的初次邂逅地点,正是在国际发型界的中心舞台 – 伦敦,他在伦敦这段日子汲取了许多与发型和服装相关的专业知识,同时培养出广阔的眼光和视野。才华横溢而又勇于创新的他,屡屡挑战高难度,致力将品牌,产品,人们以及期望的隔阂予以消融。在返回马来西亚之前,Raymond曾经在上海停留了一段时间观察学习,因为对他而言同时掌握东、西方精髓知识才真正称得上透彻了解。

今天,Raymond已经在吉隆坡Gardens Mall拥有个人发廊 – Hair Corner。发廊内部设计洋溢着浓郁的当代经典氛围,为每一位踏入发廊的顾客提供如同名人般的顶级发型设计服务。


Burberry has expanded its global flagship at 121 Regent Street in London to create an exclusive area dedicated to gifting. The extension, which opened in spring 2015, celebrates the very best of British craftsmanship, creativity and produce. The new space will also accommodate an all day café that will offer an entirely British menu – Thomas’s Cafe. The café offers the finest seasonal produce from small farmers and artisan suppliers from around the UK.

现在,博柏利 (Burberry) 的全球旗舰店 (位于英国伦敦121摄政街) 除了将提供英式风格菜单,在全新和独特区域内,致力奉献礼品于客户们。自 2015 春季开始营业的 Thomas’s Cafe,同样为博柏利的客户们提供美妙的英式菜单餐点。这个历史悠久的奢侈品牌馈赠专属礼品和个性化的服务,体验舒适优雅的购物感受。博柏利成立于1856,是一个全球性的高端品牌。

G_03 Burberry expands its Regent Street Flagship 6.jpg

Images courtesy of Burberry