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Stepping Into The Bedroom 阶层式卧室

It is no surprise that Chinese or Oriental furniture are popular especially among the expats living in Malaysia. When it comes to that, Splendid Interior Décor does provide interior designs with Oriental feel. In fact, most of its designs will carry a very unique piece of furniture called the Tansu cabinet or usually known to many as the steps cabinet.

Tansu is a traditional mobile storage that was first used in the Genroku era of the Edo Period (1688-1704). Today this classic step cabinet can be found not only in Japan, but also China and Korea. Some interior designers prefer to shy away from adopting this furniture into their designs as it is not an easy piece to fit without much experience. However, this Chinese step cabinet can be considered as a signature of Splendid’s design – one could easily see a piece or sometimes a collection of these very classical furniture as a divider, a wall cabinet or just for pure decoration.

When it comes to owning a house, the bedroom interior is definitely an important focus as it is the place where we spend most of our time in. We can see that when one is abroad, the common phrase used is ‘There is no place like my home’; if one is back home then it would be ‘There is no place like my room’. This is why Splendid Interior Décor places much emphasis on designing bedrooms for a simple reason – one needs to feel good and sleep well to ensure that the body and mind will be ready to function again after a good rest. Thus, the professional designers are well-experienced in blending classical Chinese furniture into modern architectures. It is no doubt Splendid’s distinctive signature presentation where East meets West.

Splendid Interior Décor recent project was a luxury penthouse beautifully situated up North in Penang facing the sea. With a view fit for a king, the Peranakan style four poster bed was the choice of selection for the master bedroom as for centuries, bed has been a symbol of wealth and the Peranakans were among the most influential generations in the early 20th century. Not only so, there is also a pair of majestic Ming styled blue and white vases to compliment this nostalgic space.

中式或东方式的家具毫无疑问受到居住于马来西亚外国人士的欢迎。Splendid Interior Décor优美的设计,除了散发浓厚东方韵味,更有趣的是,大部分的设计都少不了一个独特的家具-称为Tansu柜子或阶层柜。

Tansu是日本传统的移动柜子,最先在江户的元禄时代(1688-1704)开始流传。今天,这个经典的柜子,不仅日本,中国和韩国也可见。一些室内设计师皆回避采用类似家具,因为如果缺乏相关经验,这并非可以轻易驾驭的家具设计。然而,中式的阶层柜是Splendid Interior   Décor标志性的设计,单独或几件古典家具作为分隔作用,一个墙柜或纯粹装饰。


Splendid Interior Décor最近的设计方案是环境优美的豪华公寓,向北可达槟城,面向大海。为了符合土生华人(Peranakan)的风格,几个世纪以来四柱床一直是主卧室的基调,同时是财富象征,而在20世纪初,土生华人是非常有影响力的一代。此外,蓝色和白色明代风格花瓶宏伟兼明亮对比,完美匹配怀旧空间。

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Simply Eclectic

by CHT

Interior designer house Splendid Interior Décor’s distinctive signature is found in many luxurious apartments in Penang. Ranging from the elegant and minimalistic to the richly decorated and unusual are some of the styles that were conceived through its creativity and experience. Splendid’s latest penthouse project definitely provides an insight to its creativity when it comes to finding the perfect blend where East meets West.

Anyone visiting this penthouse will have the first impression of …’it’s going to be another Chinese design’ before knocking on the old yet solid pair of Chinese doors. Upon entering, one will definitely be convinced that the feeling of it will be a typical Chinese designed penthouse when greeted by a pair of Ming style chairs. However the confidence will be distracted with an unexpected but impressive vertical greenery along the hallway dividing the entrance and the dining areas where it is guarded by a red terracotta soldier.

The 19th century Chinese intricately gold gilded wood carving Chinese antique bed is an amazing piece and adding to its beauty is the owner’s antique Oriental musical collection within. Not only the living area is perfect but surprisingly this penthouse has a kitchen that fits a Master Chef where class and brands are not compromised. A magnificent place for fine dining especially with a streams of sunlight and the breeze that sweeps through the rooms.

Another very interesting sight is the unique island-shaped table in the dry kitchen. Meanwhile, the simple yet fashionable blue tiled top in the balcony can easily captivate the attention of guests. It is not an overstatement that guests could be invited to dinner for a week and be seated on different tables!

In short, this penthouse has a luxurious taste of both East and West.

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Show Stopping Showhouses

In a time when properties are hitting the million-ringgit mark and beyond, and with each development one-upping the other with new technologies and security features, aesthetics can play an important and deciding role. How one presents a showhouse could be the key to the potential home-buyer’s heart.

When potential home-buyers walk into the space, they immediately start visualizing how the space could fit their requirements and lifestyle, more so when the property is on the higher end of the market. This is the reason showhouses exist – to show how a particular house can serve as a home and how the standard space can be transformed into something new and with the right design by the interior decorator, spectacular.

Penang-based interior décor firm, Splendid Interior Décor, is one such expert in transforming empty shells into statement houses. Employing clever lighting techniques, smart space management and arresting art works, Splendid Interior Décor has designed some outstanding contemporary showhouses.

One such project is the Botanica.CT residential development in Penang’s idyllic town of Balik Pulau.   Styling the two-storey and three-storey houses, Splendid Interior Décor has created showhouses that are not only liveable and practical, but also elegant and stunning.

One of the design elements that was used to enhance the ambiance of the spacious living and dining areas was lighting, which in this project consisted of a combination of gorgeous chandeliers and warm accent lights. By combining the right lighting fixtures with the correct hues and intensity, Splendid Interior Décor has highlighted features of specific room that deserved the attention, and making the generous spaces cosy and charming.

Playing off the lighting, artworks in earth tones adorn the wide walls, blending in perfectly with the perfect ambience, colour and illumination scheme of the showhouses. Another design element that elevates the overall concept of the Botanica.CT showhouses is the contemporary sculptures that add a certain glamour to the spaces. The result is a set of showhouses that are inviting, stylish and reflective of a contemporary lifestyle.

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Eclectic Charm

A touch of modern, a hint of retro and a whole lot of character

Penang’s beach district of Tanjung Bungah is home to some of Malaysia’s most luxurious super-condominiums. With rumours of well-known Asian movie and pop stars having holiday homes here, clearly having a Tanjung Bungah address is glamorous to say the least.

It is not just enough to own a super-condominium. It is the manner in which one chooses to accentuate the confines of such a place that make the distinction of style, class and luxury. One of the hottest super-condominiums in Tanjung Bungah is the Infinity Beachfront Condominium. With a built up area of 4,000 sf on average, it poses quite the challenge to home owners who wish to bring out the best of the space.

One such homeowner at Infinity Beachfront Condominium reached out to Splendid Interior Décor to turn the empty shell into a space that reflected their personal style and living comforts. Splendid Interior Décor (Splendid), a reputable and award-winning interior decorating firm based in Penang is no stranger when it comes to working on high-end, luxury properties.

After discussing with the homeowners about their likes, dislikes, expectations and budget, the team from Splendid, led by Darren Tan, took to the task of creating a unique concept that would perfectly match the homeowners. The condo should not only serve as a space to live in, but also to be a sanctuary where the residents can retreat to and relax; it should also be a space that is functional, interesting and appealing for the homeowners to entertain their guests.

Employing various colours to create the mood for different spaces, what is created is a distinct home with lots of personality. To enhance the each area’s theme, arresting artworks and furniture were used to create a distinguished style. The artworks and furniture used were mostly purchased by Darren around the world specifically for the project to complement items from the homeowner’s personal collection.

Artworks and sculptures are casually displayed around the condo, creating conversation spaces which draw in attention unconsciously, perfect for entertaining guests as these spots are a seamless conversation space. The private areas of the condo are cleverly concealed and are cosy, while the public spaces are open and airy, creating a wonderful juxtaposition of the inner and outer spectrums of a home.

The end result is a space that is charming, eclectic and, most importantly, inviting. Despite its size, the condo exudes an intimate feel as the Splendid team had masterfully created private spaces within the relatively open layout of the unit.