Simply Eclectic

by CHT

Interior designer house Splendid Interior Décor’s distinctive signature is found in many luxurious apartments in Penang. Ranging from the elegant and minimalistic to the richly decorated and unusual are some of the styles that were conceived through its creativity and experience. Splendid’s latest penthouse project definitely provides an insight to its creativity when it comes to finding the perfect blend where East meets West.

Anyone visiting this penthouse will have the first impression of …’it’s going to be another Chinese design’ before knocking on the old yet solid pair of Chinese doors. Upon entering, one will definitely be convinced that the feeling of it will be a typical Chinese designed penthouse when greeted by a pair of Ming style chairs. However the confidence will be distracted with an unexpected but impressive vertical greenery along the hallway dividing the entrance and the dining areas where it is guarded by a red terracotta soldier.

The 19th century Chinese intricately gold gilded wood carving Chinese antique bed is an amazing piece and adding to its beauty is the owner’s antique Oriental musical collection within. Not only the living area is perfect but surprisingly this penthouse has a kitchen that fits a Master Chef where class and brands are not compromised. A magnificent place for fine dining especially with a streams of sunlight and the breeze that sweeps through the rooms.

Another very interesting sight is the unique island-shaped table in the dry kitchen. Meanwhile, the simple yet fashionable blue tiled top in the balcony can easily captivate the attention of guests. It is not an overstatement that guests could be invited to dinner for a week and be seated on different tables!

In short, this penthouse has a luxurious taste of both East and West.

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