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Gloria Residence Luxurious and Homey Stay 华泰瑞舍 – 新东方美学


Located right in the heart of Taipei City, Gloria Residence simple, vivid and fresh exterior is the masterpiece of Aoki Jun, the prominent architect engaged by Louis Vuitton. Illuminated by sunlight, Gloria Residence cloud pattern formed by a mosaic collage of more than 200 pieces, shine an extraordinary light on the restless Linsen North Road. Besides Akori Jun, award winning designer Ray Chen was the mastermind behind the interior design at Gloria Residence. His use of natural oak brings roundness to the interior, and with the added urban Asian inspired furniture choice, each room becomes a space where guests can relax and feel at home.

Gloria Residence is the only luxury apartment style hotel located at the intersection of Minsheng East Road and Linsen North Road. With this strategic location, it is close to many renowned attractions, the Zhongshan Culture and Art Quarter, the Zhongshan Shopping District, Taipei Main Station and MRT Shuanglian Station.

Gloria Hotel Group invests NT$500 million in Gloria Residence, to enable guests to embark upon a comfortable and luxurious life in Taiwan. The lounges, bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms are all designed with the utmost care, allowing guests to feel as though they have come back home. Gloria Residence has a total of four room types and 51 rooms, most of them is around 43 square meters, with the largest room being around 150 square meters. Every room is equipped with a kitchen, iron and iron board; they also have enough storage space beneath the bed for guests to keep a whole season’s worth of clothes.

As the only luxury apartment style hotel in Zhongshan business district, Gloria Residence has targeted the frequent business traveler in hoping that when on trips and when staying in Taipei, they will feel just as comfortable as they were at home.

Apart from the addition of the warm coziness of home, Gloria Residence’s considerate attentiveness towards guests can be seen in small details. Gloria Residence cares for guests’ sleeping quality by providing the thoughtful Pillow Options service. This service makes four pillows available for guests to choose from, including a latex pillow, a memory pillow, a buck wheat pillow and an anti-snore pillow. The guest can select the pillow on the basis of his own needs.

Apart from its entertainment room and swimming pool, their 24 hours lounge is the exclusive facility that other hotels don’t offer. Located in the cozy space of floor B1, this lounge offers snacks, coffee and tea, selected beverages and fruits. It also has books, newspapers and magazines around, enabling guests to feel as comfortable and at ease as being at home.



华泰瑞舍此次除了请来 Louis Vuitton 御用建筑大师青木淳设计酒店外观,更邀得知名建筑设计师陈瑞宪法为酒店进行内部设计,以内敛而惬意的新东方家具点缀的空间,为旅客带来温润宜人的旅居氛围。



除了视听娱乐室以及室内温水游泳池等公共设备,华泰瑞舍24小时开放的 “The Lounge” 是别家酒店所没有的独特设备。这个位于酒店B1的温馨空间,提供书报杂志、零食点心、现煮咖啡、英国茶包、精选饮料以及水果等,让旅客在这里就像窝在家里客厅一般自由自在。

In Good Stead 受益无穷

Simon Angrove

Director of Operations, Pullman KLCC Hotel

Creating consistency in customer service is the key.  We can’t afford to have a bad day

There are forces that move the world, and likewise in KL city, Malaysia, there is Simon Angrove, director of operations who is moving and shaping things at the Pullman Kuala Lumpur City Centre Hotel and Residences. 

An Australian citizen who arrived six months ago with his family, Angrove has worked with leading hotel brands in Australia and Asia. “The Accor Group is a family. As we do for our guests, we treat our staff the same, like family. It’s all about making people feel welcome and valued. The company is growing by the day, particularly in this region – Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. With 119 properties in the world and 20,000 employees with the Pullman brand, we are really looking forward to give Pullman a great representation in Malaysia.” 

Overseeing the big renovation project with a lifespan of 18 to 24 months, Angrove is well ahead of schedule. “We are currently doing the guest rooms and club lounge, then moving on to public areas, lobby and restaurants and finally, speciality dining.”    

“The Pullman brand is young, funky, intense and edgy, very much about state-of-the-art connectivity and comfort, which serves our typical age demographic of 25 to 45, exceedingly well.”

One of the biggest challenges for Angrove is customer service.  “We want to get customer service right every single day. If I have done my best, put hand on heart and say that we’ve gone above and beyond, then I can sleep well at night. Creating consistency in customer service is the key. We can’t afford to have a bad day.”

“For me there are three simple strategies in running a hotel – teamwork, leadership and initiative. Everyone has an important role and no one should be better than the other.” 


这世上总是有强大的力量试图改变和塑造事物,而在马来西亚吉隆坡 – 铂尔曼 (Pullman) 吉隆坡市中心酒店及公寓任职运营总监的 Simon Angrove 正是其中佼佼者。

这名在6个月前与家人抵达吉隆坡的澳大利亚人,也对于这家澳大利亚和亚洲领先酒店品牌的任命感到荣幸。“雅高集团 (Accor Group) 是一个大家庭。正如我们为客人所做的,还有对待员工的态度,皆以家人方式相对,这是让人们觉得受到重视和爱惜。公司的业务也日益增长,特别是在马来西亚,印尼和新加坡等区域。我们在全球拥有119家酒店,2万名员工与铂尔曼品牌共同并进,我们非常期待铂尔曼在马来西亚的活跃表现。”



Simon Angrove 认为所面临的最大挑战之一就是客户服务。“我们希望每天都能获得客户满意回馈。如果我已经尽了全力,我将把手放在心上,说我们已经超越了,一夜安眠。打造连贯性的客户服务是非常关键的,我们尽量杜绝负面状况。”

“对我来说,运营酒店有3种简单的策略 – 团队协作,领导力和主动性。每个人都将发挥重要性,没有人会完全占优势。”

By Billie Ooi-Ng Lean Gaik

George Town Festival turns 8 乔治市庆典迎向8周年

A city at the heart of Penang is celebrating its eighth year festival dedicated to its inauguration as a UNESCO Heritage Site.

Anthar Agni theater show from The Temple of Fine Arts, Singapore
The Manganiyar Classroom a theater directed by Roysten Abel from India.

Endorsed by the Penang State Government, George Town Festival (GTF) is a month-long celebration of the arts, culture, heritage and community. It is growing into a major Asian Arts event, as quoted by International New York Times.

This year, GTF will run from 28 July to 3 September together with its satellite event Butterworth Fringe Festival (BFF) on 12 August and 13 August. Making a comeback for the third year, BFF is a two-day street festival consisting of local and international acts.

Executive director Joe Sidek, believes George Town is emerging as a crucible of an artsy and contemporary city, giving local artists a hub to nurture their talents, as well as providing them a global platform.

With more than 100 events, GTF transforms the city into a universal stage where different arts from traditional to contemporary, local to international converge. Through art, design, photography, film, music, dance and drama, GTF aspires to present the stories that make-up George Town’s identity today.

Many programmes, both local and imported will be announced in the following weeks.


今年,GTF将于8月28日至9月3日之间展开,其中8月12日与13日将进行卫星活动Butterworth Fringe Festival(BFF),这是由本地和国际组成的两天街头艺术呈现,也是BFF第三年卷土重来,。

这项庆典执行总监 Joe Sidek 认为,乔治市逐渐形成深具艺术气息和当代城市的熔炉,作为培育或发掘当地艺术家才华的中心点,并提供一个全球化的平台。



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義香在澳大利亚飘香 Ghee Hiang in OZ

There were 200 guests who turned up at the ‘Right Oil Great Health’ event. Organised by one of the world’s leading sesame oil company, this was the first time this proud heritage brand of over 160 years held its first event in Australia sharing with the public why it is important to use good quality sesame oil. “There are a lot of brands in the market but for the sake of a healthy family, one must choose wisely as sesame oil of inferior quality contains high stearic acid that will lead to cardiovascular disease,” said Ch’ng. Meanwhile, invited guest speaker Dr Mecherl Lim elaborated on the antioxidants, vitamin E and Omega that are vital for our youth and health. The night ended, with a high note when Melbourne’s popular restaurant, Wonton House Secret Kitchen, handshake on an Memorandum of Understanding pledging to use Ghee Hiang sesame oil in all their kitchens. 


作为全球领先公司,同时扬着160年历史旗帜的传承芝麻香油品牌 -义香 (Ghee Hiang),这令人自豪的悠久老品牌首次飞跃澳大利亚,与大家分享使用优质麻油对于人体健康起着关键作用。而逾200位嘉宾出席了这项“优质油保健康”活动。该品牌经营者庄学腾认为,市场上有无数品牌,但为了家庭的健康,必须做出明智选择,因为质量差的麻油含有高硬脂酸,会导致心血管疾病。同时,大会邀请嘉宾 Mecherl Lim 博士阐述解析人体维持青春和健康常驻的抗氧化剂,维生素E和不饱和脂肪酸的资讯。另外,墨尔本热门的中餐厅-正斗 (Wonton House Secret Kitchen) 也与义香握手签署备忘录,将会在所有厨房里都用上义香麻油。


A Place For Customized Fine Dining 度身打造的精致饮食

Aromatic duck with 7 head South Africa abalone
Highlight of the menu, if you really want to go all the way for fine dining, this is a must order dish as the duck is crispy on the outside and juicy inside, while the abalone brings out the flavour of the sea.

Fine dining is more than just serving premium food in a nice environment, it is also about experiencing the creativity of each dish where sight, smell and taste compliment each other making each individual serving unique and special.

Maple Palace Restaurant in Penang is a must try for diners who demand exquisite dining experiences. A notable restaurant offering a perfect blend of the exotic Asian cuisine and the distinctive Western dishes. Guests not only can choose from its regular menu, Maple Palace can also do special order catering to how extensive the menu should be.

In short, Maple Palace Restaurant is one the the top restaurant in Penang serving a full range from its delicious appetizers, interesting sides, amazing mains to beautiful desserts. Dining here is truly a culinary adventure.




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