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Malaysia’s Top Brands in Hong Kong 马来西亚顶级品牌到访香港


Malaysia’s oldest sesame oil brand Ghee Hiang together with Hung Chun soy sauce organized a meet and greet session with the media in Kim’s Kitchen Hong Kong. Purpose was to introduce Ghee Hiang 100% pure high quality sesame oil and Popo soy sauce to the local food bloggers and influentials. Among the guests were Kin’s Kitchen owner and famous food writer Lau Kin Wai and Jack Ting from Telford. This program was made possible by Ichi Media.


马来西亚历史最悠久的品牌义香麻油和恒珍酱油在留家厨房(Kin ‘s Kitchen)举行了一次隆重的媒体见面会。目的是将100%纯正高品质的义香麻油和宝宝酱油推广至具备影响力的当地美食网络传媒与各界。现场来宾包括留家厨房创始人兼著名美食作家刘建威和来自 Telford 的 Jack Ting。这项见面会是由毅际媒体所策划。

Trumping Reillys Wines & Naturavino 王牌莱利斯葡萄酒

Teels Heritage Café, located in Penang, recently organised a wine tasting session featuring wines from the Clare Valley in South Australia by winemaker Justin Ardil. The evening was hosted by Reillys Wines & Naturavino principal Raymond Yeap accompanied by Chef Bryan Tang in a degustation tasting menu of 9 courses with a variety of wines introduced to over 30 attendees. Teels Heritage Café provide an atmosphere of times gone by with a cosy interior decorated with upholstered couches and black and white photos reminiscence of a blast from the past.

Teels 195

位于槟城的 Teels Heritage Café, 咖啡馆餐厅近日举行一场由澳大利亚南部克莱尔谷的莱利斯(Reillys)酒庄首席酿酒师Justin Ardil 酿造的葡萄酒品酒会。当晚,Reillys Wines & Naturavino的负责人 Raymond Yeap 连同大厨 Bryan Tang 透过9种不同类别的美酒品尝菜单进行介绍,让逾30名参与者获益良多。至于 Teels Heritage Café 咖啡馆餐厅充满怀旧氛围,舒适的室内装潢基调,惬意的软垫长沙发,记忆过去大事记的黑白照片,令人松懈心情。

義香在澳大利亚飘香 Ghee Hiang in OZ

There were 200 guests who turned up at the ‘Right Oil Great Health’ event. Organised by one of the world’s leading sesame oil company, this was the first time this proud heritage brand of over 160 years held its first event in Australia sharing with the public why it is important to use good quality sesame oil. “There are a lot of brands in the market but for the sake of a healthy family, one must choose wisely as sesame oil of inferior quality contains high stearic acid that will lead to cardiovascular disease,” said Ch’ng. Meanwhile, invited guest speaker Dr Mecherl Lim elaborated on the antioxidants, vitamin E and Omega that are vital for our youth and health. The night ended, with a high note when Melbourne’s popular restaurant, Wonton House Secret Kitchen, handshake on an Memorandum of Understanding pledging to use Ghee Hiang sesame oil in all their kitchens. 


作为全球领先公司,同时扬着160年历史旗帜的传承芝麻香油品牌 -义香 (Ghee Hiang),这令人自豪的悠久老品牌首次飞跃澳大利亚,与大家分享使用优质麻油对于人体健康起着关键作用。而逾200位嘉宾出席了这项“优质油保健康”活动。该品牌经营者庄学腾认为,市场上有无数品牌,但为了家庭的健康,必须做出明智选择,因为质量差的麻油含有高硬脂酸,会导致心血管疾病。同时,大会邀请嘉宾 Mecherl Lim 博士阐述解析人体维持青春和健康常驻的抗氧化剂,维生素E和不饱和脂肪酸的资讯。另外,墨尔本热门的中餐厅-正斗 (Wonton House Secret Kitchen) 也与义香握手签署备忘录,将会在所有厨房里都用上义香麻油。