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Malaysia’s Top Brands in Hong Kong 马来西亚顶级品牌到访香港


Malaysia’s oldest sesame oil brand Ghee Hiang together with Hung Chun soy sauce organized a meet and greet session with the media in Kim’s Kitchen Hong Kong. Purpose was to introduce Ghee Hiang 100% pure high quality sesame oil and Popo soy sauce to the local food bloggers and influentials. Among the guests were Kin’s Kitchen owner and famous food writer Lau Kin Wai and Jack Ting from Telford. This program was made possible by Ichi Media.


马来西亚历史最悠久的品牌义香麻油和恒珍酱油在留家厨房(Kin ‘s Kitchen)举行了一次隆重的媒体见面会。目的是将100%纯正高品质的义香麻油和宝宝酱油推广至具备影响力的当地美食网络传媒与各界。现场来宾包括留家厨房创始人兼著名美食作家刘建威和来自 Telford 的 Jack Ting。这项见面会是由毅际媒体所策划。

ICHI MEDIA Discovering Luxury 毅际媒体极致奢华

Oo Lean Hooi
Partner Business Development Director of Ichi Media

20 years of experience in the media industry prompted Oo Lean Hooi to combine editorial with marketing, whereby he managed to secure the profitability while expanding his network to include various experts and professionals from different industries. This is also the best strategy for the traditional media to keep up-to-date and stay competitive with the social media.

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 11.21.27 AM.png

He joined Ichi Media believing that media should not be conservative but innovative and dare to change, only then it will better develop the business and expose the company to a wide variety of opportunities. He is tremendously passionate about the growth and expansion of the media, thereby devoting much time and effort to ensure its success. In fact, he always desires for transformation and breakthrough, constantly craving to create the extraordinary. Take for instance, when he led a Chinese magazine team on an Australian tourism project, he broke the rules and presented it bilingually. Needless to say, the feedback was indeed overwhelming.

Ichi Media promotes the fabulous and luxuries in life, while being the frontier of branding and creating competitive platform for the best. With diversified strategies, Ichi Media also promotes cross-platform branding where publishing, digital and business networking come in one to achieve optimum results.

On 30th July 2016, Ichi Media will collaborate with CHTNetwork to organise the first Red Carpet Gala Dinner in Butterworth, “The North Banquet 2016 – The Host and The VIPs” at Sunway Carnival Convention Centre, established to identify the influential personalities as hosts and provide them a platform to invite their VIPs and express their gratitude to them. Meanwhile, it will also be an evening of extensive networking and business opportunities. Besides a renowned Celebrity Chef from Thailand, the momentous occasion will also feature jewellery presentation, hairstyling show and charity auction.

In the near future, Ichi Media is going to publish exclusive magazines. Projecting for next year, Ichi Media plans to work on different projects including Expo, workshops, art exhibitions and more while contributing to the growth of local tourism and economy.





今年7月30日,毅际媒体将与CHTNetwork合作於北海双威会展中心举办一场前所未的地毯式北马鸿宴 The North Banquet – The Host and VIPs ,目的就是让客户们有机会成为主人家,设宴感谢他们的贵重顾客外,同时还可籍此机会认识其他商场上有机会合作的人士。这场盛宴不只有星级厨师,还有珠宝、发秀及拍卖会。