Of Knights, Flying Robots and Pepper

Somewhere in the world at any given point in time someone is saying “you know, I have a plan…..” and these are some of the results…..high tech gadgets that will blast-off  life onto the next level.

Jibo, The World’s First Family Robot

Robots are the latest trend in family pets!   Jibo, is the new robot from MIT roboticist Cynthia Breazeal.  Jibo can go online to order your usual pizza, be the photographer at your home events, and be your personal smart assistant.


Yes Mother Dear!

Disguised in a doll package embedded and encased into your smartphone app, you can choose your choice of notifications be it for your fitness tracking, stats keeper or security systems.


It Glides and Flies

Exclamation Marky Flying Robot is the future of directional signboards. To cap the representation of futuristic vibes and trends of youth, zest for life, enthusiasm and action, hence the flying robot is in the shape of an exclamation mark. Kudos to designers Ronny Sauer and Form & Drang


MiP – Sway With Me

This bionic balancing-act is a sight to behold. Perched comfortably atop a pair of dual-directional wheels, MiP freely stabilises itself and responds to your motions and gestures.

Pair  this outstanding robot to your smartphone via Bluetooth with the free MiP app and you can drive it around just by tracing a path on your smartphone.


K5  Knightscope – High Tech Lone Ranger

The Knightscope(K5) robot security system features a 360 degree high definition camera that can record everything around it. It features high quality microphones that record sounds of any kind.  Other sensors on these robot security guards include thermal imaging, infrared sensor, ultrasonic distance and speed sensor, license plate scanning, air quality sensors and more.


Pepper – Your Robotic BFF

The latest creation from Aldebaran Robotics for SoftBank Mobile, Pepper is a social robot able to converse with you, recognize and react to your emotions, move and live autonomously. Pepper can translate what state you are in using his knowledge of universal emotions  and his ability to analyze your facial expression, body language and the words you use.


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