From classic to contemporary, Splendid Interior Décor creates styles that suit your individual taste.

As the heart of your home, it is important that the kitchen is inviting, comfortable and functional. That does not mean you have to sacrifice on personal style preferences. A minimalist kitchen can be as cosy as one that is modeled after a country-style kitchen. The trick is to play around with the colour scheme, light and appliances to infuse the sleek, contemporary look with some warmth.

And this is where Splendid Interior Décor weaves its magic. Specialising in classic chic to modern luxury styles, the team at Splendid spearheaded by aesthetic whiz, Darren Tan is able to transform your kitchen space into an elegant, functional and comfortable room.

Splendid has always delivered its promises perfectly and the personalized service provided is something it prides itself on; its clients have come to expect the high standard that accompanies the company’s end-results.

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