This year sees the reinvention of the living areas with exotic motifs, ethnic patterns, artistic details and blends of textures

The living area in your home serves many functions; a formal sitting area for entertaining guests, a family room or a personal space for reading and relaxing. Determining the use of the room often helps when deciding how to decorate it.

Because the living room is used for various purposes it’s best to incorporate furnishings such as bookshelves, cabinets, sofa sets, side tables and built-in entertainments centres. These may just be the basics but you can amp up the atmosphere by simply experimenting with colours, accessories and ornaments. Picture frames, rugs, throw pillows and curtains are all great for adding colour and textures, while mirrors, table lamps and ceiling lights can add dimensions throughout the space.

Mixing old and new interior designs and fusing it with a touch of individuality, creativity and innovation, Splendid Interior Décor is dedicated to transforming your living room into a comfortable and inspired space that brings together family and friends. Spearheaded by aesthetic whizz, Darren Tan, the team at Splendid have always delivered on their promise of bringing to life the space that you call home.

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