Catering to an elite clientele, Maple Palace Restaurant delivers on its promise of best food, service and ambience.

When it comes to quality of food and service, the award-winning Maple Palace Restaurant is setting the bar for the F&B industry in Penang. “Food and service are equally important nowadays,” says Tan Loy Sin, the restaurants proprietor-cum-chef. “The main speciality of Maple Palace is the good food and beautiful environment. We continuously strive to provide the best to our customers, accepting positive and negative comments to help us improve.”

Maple Palace Restaurant specialises in Cantonese and Szechuan cuisines made from the freshest and finest ingredients. The elaborate dishes are prepared with unique interpretations that pay homage to various Asian cooking styles. Famous for their commitment to the purity of the food, no MSG is used in the preparations of the food nor is the freshness of the ingredients ever compromised.

Widely acclaimed as one of the best places to dine and be seen in, Maple Palace attracts the upper echelons of society for various dining events. Despite its fine dining status, Loy believes that his prices are reasonable for the level of quality, service and ambience that is provided. Having high expectations to meet, Loy maintains standards and consistency by only hiring skilled and experienced staff without succumbing to the economical option of settling for foreign workers.

Together with his team of kitchen mavericks, Loy relentlessly works to design a completely new menu every six months, whilst the restaurant interior is upgraded every year with new furnishings and tableware. To maintain a positive and inspiring work environment, Loy remains hands-on with the operations and in managing the 70 odd workers.

The restaurant was honoured last year at the inaugural Pinnacle International Excellence (PIE) Awards 2014 when they received an Emerging Class trophy for the Fine Dining (Chinese) category.

For more information or to make reservations, please call                         +604 227 9690 / +604 227 4542 or visit http://www.maplepalace.com.

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