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Beauty & The Jewels 美人与珠宝

“They remind me of the warmth of the sun and the magnificent scenery.”

Thus effused the Korean beauty and actress Ha Ji-Won of Piaget’s brand new Mediterranean Garden High Jewellery collection that captures the essence of the Mediterranean in its dazzling jewelleries.

The beauty and the splendid jewellery of Piaget were both the stars in a photoshoot by world renowned photographer Tien-Jen Huang. Huang captured the fascinating exquisiteness and classic elegance of this match made in heaven. Designed for the modern woman in mind, nothing says radiant sophistication and understated luxury better than the Piaget.


韩国美女演员河智苑优雅诠释伯爵全新Mediterranean Garden高级珠宝系列,体现另外六十年代蔚蓝如梦,粼粼波动的地中海优美风情。


Ha Ji-Won 2

Limelight Mediterranean Garden necklace, earrings and ring in 18K white gold. Mediterranean Garden项链,耳环和指环,18K白金。

Passion of the Rose

The rosey love affair of Piaget

In a love story that stretches back to the 1960s, Piaget’s fascination with the rose has taken a prominent place in the brand’s jewellery and this is no more prominent than its latest collection. The Piaget Rose Passion, which comes as a tribute to the queen of flowers, is a glamorous and bold haute jewellery line that is vibrant as it is colourful.

In 1979, the current chairman of Piaget, Yves Piaget, created the trophy for the Geneva International New Rose Competition, and in 1982, his passion for the rose was recognised when the winner of that year’s competition named his prize-winning rose breed the Yves Piaget Rose. This love affair with the gorgeous flower is captured in Piaget Rose Passion collection of 75 jewellery pieces and 25 watches.

Each piece of jewellery bearing Piaget’s name is made entirely in the brand’s own jewellery workshops using a myriad of precious stones. With choice jewels ranging from white and yellow diamonds to luscious emeralds and pink sapphires, the pieces in Piaget Rose Passion are fresh and feminine.

The Pearls of Hodel

Pearls of Fire

Hodel’s Fire Line Sizzles

While diamond is a lady’s best friend, the pearl is her soul mate. Luscious, exquisite and magical, pearls make for dramatic jewellery when paired with diamonds.

Celebrating the breath-taking natural form of the pearl, luxury pearl jeweller Hodel Switzerland, has created some truly divine pieces in which pearls take centre stage. As part of its Fire line under the Elements collection, these pieces blend fine pearls with other elements, and combines artistic vision with precision craftsmanship.

Hodel’s Fire line makes for an arresting work of art that can be worn, admired and cherished.

Pearly Perfection

Beauty of the South Sea
Luscious. Exquisite. Magical. These are a few words to describe Hodel’s new collection, which features an exotic combination of South Sea baroque pearl, keshi pearls, blue sapphires, white sapphires and diamonds in white gold. When worn together, the necklace and earrings make for arresting and admiring works of art.