The Pearls of Hodel

Pearls of Fire

Hodel’s Fire Line Sizzles

While diamond is a lady’s best friend, the pearl is her soul mate. Luscious, exquisite and magical, pearls make for dramatic jewellery when paired with diamonds.

Celebrating the breath-taking natural form of the pearl, luxury pearl jeweller Hodel Switzerland, has created some truly divine pieces in which pearls take centre stage. As part of its Fire line under the Elements collection, these pieces blend fine pearls with other elements, and combines artistic vision with precision craftsmanship.

Hodel’s Fire line makes for an arresting work of art that can be worn, admired and cherished.

Pearly Perfection

Beauty of the South Sea
Luscious. Exquisite. Magical. These are a few words to describe Hodel’s new collection, which features an exotic combination of South Sea baroque pearl, keshi pearls, blue sapphires, white sapphires and diamonds in white gold. When worn together, the necklace and earrings make for arresting and admiring works of art.

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