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Standing The Test of Time 鼎立于时间洪流


The Woo Hing Brothers Rolex Boutique in Penang, whose origin dates back to 1950s, remains a preferred and trusted choice amongst customers when it comes to purchasing the world-renowned brand’s luxurious and popular timepieces.

Located at the intersection of Campbell Street and Cintra Street in the heart of George Town, it continues to thrive under the dynamic leadership of the father and son team, Austen and Kevin Wong.

The present-day modern market is currently dominated by large retailers and online stores and such family businesses are a rarity. But they have been able to punch above their weight, going head to head with the bigger entities by building up customer loyalty with an ethical and sincere heart approach and treating each and every customer as a most important one.

“When it comes to buying and servicing a Rolex watch, we are privileged to be the first choice because customers know the level of service expected from us.”

“The world has become very connected, so information about watches and specifications are readily available online. People come to us more informed, and have a good idea of what they want.”

“Our role is to help them understand what they are buying, guide their choices and make those difficult decisions easier,” said the younger Wong, who worked as a human resources consultant in Melbourne until 2014, when he decided to join the family business.

Austen, who was delighted with his son’s decision to come on board, said, “After devoting so many years to this business, it’s fantastic knowing there’s someone in the family to carry it further.”

“It’s a new era of engaging with customers. While we frequently discuss on strategy and operations, he is the one who ultimately calls the shots now. The foundations have been laid for his gradual takeover.”

And it is an experience that Kevin finds highly satisfying. He added, “Having the privilege to participate in a family business such as this is rare. We both spend a lot of time at work finding ways to improve processes, and when certain opportunities appear we share ideas on how to make it work.”

Inside the newly renovated Woo Hing Rolex Boutique, visitors are enveloped in an atmosphere inspired by water and the sea. This evokes the essence of Rolex, which in 1926, invented the Oyster, the world’s first waterproof wristwatch.

A wall of illuminated laser-etched Aqua glass with a gently undulating wave motif provides a focal point, while the gold-effect Rolex crown, an iconic symbol of the brand, decorates the entrance, walls, and display cases. Adding further sophistication are the polished walnut wood cabinets, bronze detailing and Crema Marfil marble floor. It all comes together to create a customer experience that is as luxurious as the watches on display.

Kevin also points to their unparalleled watch expertise and after-sales service, cultivated over six decades of working with Rolex, as factors in their longevity.


坐标在槟城的“Woo Hing Brothers Rolex Boutique”劳力士精品专卖店,这家起源可追溯到上世纪50年代的世界闻名奢华时尚品牌的名表商店,横跨新世纪后依旧是顾客首选和信赖的抉择。

位于乔治市中心新街 (Campbell Street) 和日本横街 (Cintra Street) 的交汇处,由父子兵团 – Austen与Kevin Wong掌舵下的名表专卖店,业务仍昂扬向上。

“当涉及到购买和维修劳力士手表时,我们有幸成为第一选择,因为我们的服务水平绝对能满足客户需求。” Kevin自豪的说。






在他们重新装潢设计的劳力士精品专卖店,参观者将被海洋与水的神秘世界激发的氛围笼罩着。这也带出劳力士品牌的精粹:劳力士在1926年推出全球首枚防水腕表 – 蚝式表 (Oyster)。


Woo Hing Rolex Boutique
96 Lebuh Campbell, George Town, 
10100 Penang, Malaysia.
Tel : +604 261 5287 • Monday – Saturday : 10:30am – 6:30pm • Sundays and Public holidays closed