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The biggest, the boldest, the most expensive, the best of the best – this is your definitive guide to ultimate luxury

The Rich Going Under 富豪往海底钻

The struggle of the super-rich today is how to enjoy life even more than just owning magnificent mansions filled with luxury automobiles and probably a super yacht parked at a nearby harbour.


Not to mention the exclusive tailor-made fashion accompanied by million of dollars of exquisite jewelleries, branded watches, bags, etc. Of course it is instinct that some will never admit to any form of major plastic surgeries, claiming that most of the parts are still genuine and natural. So now the question is, what is the luxury frontier for these ultra-rich?

The recent new buzz for those with a lot of spare is to go under. The new toy topping the list of beyond contemporary luxury is a ‘personal’ submarine. Everyone can fly but not many can dive. Imagine being the Captain Nemo, swimming next to a great white or a flock of sardines with some light music and a bottle of fine expensive champagne together with your loved ones – it is going to be well beyond few simple sentences can describe.

Actually, private submarines have been around since a few years ago, but only in the past two years that it has caught the attention of those high net worth. It is believed that there are approximately 100 proud submarine owners in the world sailing in the Seven Seas. However, most prefer to remain anonymous. These mainly two-seater submarines come in a very hefty price tag of around USD1-3.5 million while some of the prices are only available upon request.

Currently, there are not much issues about these cute little swimming machines but many have foreseen that the governments, environmentalists and those affected in one way or the other such as the fishermen will be knocking on their doors.







In 1952, a car that could reach a top speed of 120 mph was unheard of until Bentley released its iconic R Type Continental. The four-seater is known as the world’s first Grand Tourer, and only 208 cars were produced, making them the car of the season.

50 years later, this grand dame of the road inspired Bentley’s designers to girt the world the first Continental GT.

The Continental GT echoes the elegance of its R Type predecessor with the three Continental styling cues. First, the seamless curve of the striking power line and second the muscular haunches that indicate the brute force concealed within the updated version of Bentley’s prestigious heritage, built by coachbuilders H.J. Mulliner. The third element is the Continental’s famous swooping, fast roof line.

Almost doubling the performance of its first version, the Continental GT reaches a top speed of 206mph with its W12 power engine to give the world a technological marvel that is the Bentley Continental GT.



欧陆GT呼应R型的优雅前身,还有三个关键线索传承。首先,惊人的力量感曲线,第二元素是宾利著名的遗产和更新版本,车尾部的战斗性肌肉曲线,由经验丰富的H. J. Mulliner车厂制作。最后的线索就是欧陆著名的俯冲,快速的顶线。


Ducati Scrambler Italia

Produced as a limited, numbered edition of only 1,077 bikes, the Ducati Scrambler Italia Independent offers an original and unique interpretation of the Bologna-made motorcycle, sophisticated and elegant at the same time, while maintaining all the key characteristics of the Ducati Scrambler.

This latest collaboration between this new Ducati brand and Italia Independent showcased a perfect combination of a creative and stylish company that blends fashion and design, tradition and innovation.

The Ducati Scrambler Italia Independent is each embellished with an aluminium plate laser marked with the bike’s serial number, features the Ducati Scrambler-Italia Independent logo and is characterised by fuel tank side panels and both the Night Copper-coloured frame and wheels.

Other unique features include the black engine with machined cylinder head fins and other machined details in full view, the Termignoni exhaust with black pipes and silencer covers, the low tapered bars and low-slung aluminium rear view mirrors. Moreover, the short front mudguard, the “café racer” nose fairing and leather seat with Night Copper stitching with an embroidered Italia Independent logo on the back emphasize even more the unique style of this edition.

来自意大利的精品重机车厂杜卡迪,这次和时尚眼镜品牌Italia  Independent合作,推出Ducati Scrambler Italia Independent,全球限量发布1077辆。

杜卡迪与 Italia  Independent 的跨界合作,成果是完美的。此车款仍保留Ducati Scrambler主要的传统特点,但同时间却能通过结合时尚的现代设计,让重机也能展现时尚感及创意。

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2015 Bugatti Gangloff

The latest 2015 Bugatti Gangloff is a dream automobile for those with fine taste and money. This extraordinary creation comes with a concept featuring the interior and exterior detail design that becomes the strength of this luxurious car. Information about this car is very limited where detail of the release date and price are yet to be announced. However it might take another year or two for one’s dream to come true.

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A Convertible Called Speed

In the exclusive world of senior-league exotics, Bentley’s new Continental GT Speed Convertible is to be the class of one. Fed by twin-turbochargers W12 engine, it offers a full spectrum of performance from whisper-quiet cruise to snarling full-throttle acceleration. The Continental GT Speed Convertible is priced at USD 234, 400 and is currently the fastest 4-seat convertible in the world. On the road, at the wheel of the exhilarating supercar, the 635PS engine, eight-speed transmission and tuned sports exhaust is all the entertainment you’ll need.

Class Act Wheels!

The top 10 most expensive cars in the world


1. Lamborghini 1. 1. Veneno USD4.5Million RM 16.4Million)

An exclusive limited edition of 4 created and 3 sold this baby is nothing less than a breath-stopper, jaw-dropping moment when you lay eyes on this performer for Lamborghini’s 50th anniversary!

The Lamborghini Veneno with its focus on optimum aerodynamics and cornering stability brings the experience of a racing prototype homologated for the road.  Described as the racing prototype for the road it brings to speed all the driving fun elements of a light weight car. Veneno – Spanish for “poison” – is one Italian thunderclap complete with lightning flashes that will bring 60 in 2.8 seconds which is probably faster than sound can leave your body during a terrified scream.

Lykan HyperSport 2014 Dubai Motorshow

2. W Motors Lykan Hyper sport USD3.4Million (RM 12.4Million)

It’s not just about kebabs and baklavas, but the Lebanese can now lay claim to having presented the first supercar to be produced in the Middle East. Only seven units of the car are planned for production. The pre-production Lykan Hyper Sport by W Motors was launched at the International Dubai Motor Show in November 2013.

The cause of the car’s expensive price tag is due to its included options. It is the first car to have diamonds in its headlights. The front lights are made up of titanium LED blades with 420 diamonds (15cts). The buyer can choose which rubies and diamonds they want embedded in the headlights. In addition, the client can choose between a selection of rubies, diamonds, yellow diamonds, or sapphires to be integrated into the vehicle at purchase.

Mansory Vivere

3. Mansory Vivre: Bugatti Veyron USD3.4Million (RM 12.4Million)

Should your idea of sophisticated glitter, razzmatazz and bling be accompanied by wheels, then the Bugatti Veyron is for you. Bugatti owners now have the option of venturing beyond the Bugatti Blue and Napa Leather interior.  With an exterior of lacquered carbon fiber, other touches include a new inner front grill, shortened hood, larger side scoops, a spoiler package that provides new diffusers, front apron, etc. Headlight and tail light clusters come with new LED versions and of course Mansory made sure the rims were not left out – shiny new ones!


4. Ferrari F60 America USD3.2Million (RM 11.6Million) 

Here’s the good news – an incredibly exclusive supercar based on the already outrageous F12 Berlinetta. Here’s the bad news – Production has been limited to only 10 cars and all 10 have been sold.

The F60 America takes the form of a roadster, with carbon fiber-trimmed flying buttresses that stretch from behind the cabin to the rear of the car. There’s no power soft- or hardtop available – instead, Ferrari says the car can be closed off with a light fabric top that’s usable at speeds of up to about 75 miles per hour.

The F60 is painted in the classic North American Racing Team livery, with a unique 60th anniversary Prancing Horse on the wheel arches and transmission tunnel inside the cabin. That NART tribute explains the car’s seriously limited production run, as well.


5. Koenigsegg One USD2.0Million (RM 7.2Million)

An impressive automotive first has been achieved – a one to one power to weight ratio in a road car which is a tremendous pay-off for having been labelled in the automotive industry as “the crazy uncle off in his corner doing his own thing”.

This machine weighs just 1,340 kilograms and puts out 1,340 horsepower. And that weight includes a full complement of fluids and an average driver. It probably stands as the fastest accelerating car if not plane, that money can buy – as in 0 to 250mph in less than 20 seconds and a claimed probable top speed of 273 mph or more.


6. Pagani Huayra USD1.3Million (RM 4.7Million)

The  Huyara is powered by two V12 turbochargers and the engine capacity is of 6 liters. The name ‘Huyara’ means the ‘God of Winds’ in Incan language and it is indeed capable of speeds event the deities would be envious of. The speed can be as high as 230 mph and the design is very unique in nature.  Comes with an accent on Gull wing doors, extra ordinary leatherwork and the Pagani patented mirrors.


7. Ferrari La Ferrari USD1.3Million (RM 4.7Million)

First there are sports cars. Above that come the exotic sports cars. The La Ferrari is positioned to be the king of all exotic sports cars. Capped as the most extreme performance ever achieved by a Ferrari, this beauty features the most advanced and innovative technical solutions which in future will be filtered down to the rest of the Ferrari range.

8. Envoi ST1 USD1.2 Million (RM 4.3Million)

 Pure power and style designed to have the eyes of the eagle and the prowling prowess of the lion. Entirely the result of a Danish Design, the ST-1 is made entirely by hand with the exception of a high performance, 5 axis CNC routers. The ST-1 comes equipped with keyless entry, satellite navigation, telescopic steering wheel adjustment and electrically adjustable leather racing seats. Zenvo uses a distinctive hexagonal pattern in many of the car’s components, such as the grill and the LED headlight pattern.  Zenvo adds to Denmark now being known for supercars and not just butter and Hamlet.


9. Hennessey Venom GT USD1.1Million (RM 4Million)

This speedster set a Guinness World Book record time of 13.63 seconds from 0 to 300kph or 186mph in January 2013. Its design is based on Lotus Elise roadster and Exige coupe model.

The Venom GT is created from a base Lotus Elise/Exige and utilizes components including but not limited to the roof doors, side glass, windscreen, dashboard, cockpit, floorpan, HVAC system, wiper, and head lamps. It is emphasised that Hennessey Performance and the Venom GT are not associated with Lotus Cars.


10. McLaren P1 USD1.1Million (RM 4Million)

Herein is the car that re-defined the supercar performance bar. Upon review, most headline writers loved the fact that the McLaren F1 was the fastest production car in the world – setting a record of 240.1mph – its greatest legacy was its technical innovation. It was the first road car to be built around a carbon fibre tub, a technology pioneered by McLaren in Formula 1, and one that lies at the heart of all of its current models. The McLaren F1 also used its hand-built V12 engine as a stressed component, had a unique central driving position, and the design team’s quest for lightweight perfection was such that gold foil was used in its engine bay to reflect heat. While it was never designed for competition, the F1 also morphed into an enormously successful race car – winning the Le Mans 24 Hours in 1995.


Princess 82 Motor Yacht

The notion of exploring the world aboard a luxury yacht seems almost like it were lifted of a page in the autobiography of a tycoon. A beauty at 25-metres in length and a large cockpit fitted with teak table for some alfresco dining out in the open waters, the Princess 82 Motor Yacht is in a class of its own and is all yours for the taking.

Sporting a sleek and elegant look that accentuates its spacious interior, the 82 Motor Yacht is contemporary, powerful and dynamic.  Her deep-V hull is uniquely design and resin-infused, giving this yacht the performance edge that matches her stunning overall design. The 82 Motor Yacht is a highly capable and efficient performer, giving her captain assurance and the thrill of driving her.

Built and designed by the world-famous Princess Yachts, the 82 Motor Yacht embodies the superior design and performance philosophy of the British yacht manufacturer.  Princess Yachts, based in Plymouth, UK, is reputably the best of British yacht manufacturers and is acclaimed for its quality craftsmanship, design and engineering pedigree. Beyond its performance track, the yachts bearing the Princess name are at once elegant and luxurious, both in their interior styling and the exterior designs. These hallmarks of the Princess brand are very much embodied by the 82 Motor Yacht.

In Malaysia, Princess Yachts is represented by Pen Marine Sdn Bhd, a luxury yacht dealer based in Penang.  In a statement released to EZ, Pen Marine’s Sales Director said, ‘The Princess 82 is a stunning new model in the Princess line-up which was debuted at the London Boat Show in January 2013. As the Malaysian representative of Princess Yachts, we had the opportunity to view the beauty personally at the Southampton Boat Show last year and she did not disappoint us.’

‘Not only does the 82 Motor Yacht have beautiful exterior lines, its elegantly designed interior is customisable with luxurious furnishings and finish based on owner’s preference,’ she stated, ‘she would be great for sea lovers who want to spend several days out without sacrificing comfort.’

The 82 Motor Yacht’s spacious flybridge allows for a spacious seating area which is fitted with sun pads and a wet bar, making it perfect for entertaining guests or even hosting parties on board. Designed to suit various occasions and needs, the yacht also has private enclaves that offer its occupants a retreat for some time alone. According to Oh, the yacht has added privacy features, including ‘the forward Portuguese bridge seating shields the guests on board when the yacht is berthed in a marina.’

Reaching a top speed of approximately 33 knots, the 82 Motor Yacht comes with three different diesel engine options; the Twin Caterpillar C32 A (2 x 1622mhp), Twin Caterpillar C32 A (2 x 1723mhp) or Twin MTU 10V 2000 M94. Even in rough seas, the combination of a powerful engine and impeccable engineering allows for a comfortable of and soft ride.

‘For those who are looking for a yacht which can afford plenty of volume and usable space for entertainment, the Princess 82 Motor Yacht is waiting for you to take her out on her first cruise, cruising along the West coast of Malaysia and the Andaman Sea,’ said Oh, summing the reasons why you should make a date with the gorgeous yacht.

Infinite Indulgence

QX70_17_2Infiniti’s QX70 5.0 is the quintessence of luxury

Every automobile that passes through Infiniti is a sophisticated marvel identified with the brand through a blend of raw power and distinct agility.

Bearing the hallmark synonymous with precision engineering and flawless design, Infiniti carries the legacy of the world’s second-largest carmaker through its attention to detail. Every automobile that passes through Infiniti is a sophisticated marvel identified with the brand through a blend of raw power and distinct agility. The depth of every car’s character grabs attention for its celebrated tenacity, responsiveness and mind-blowing torque.

The distinctive crossover QX70 5.0 AWD is Infiniti’s marque that promises all that and more. Feel the power course through its veins as you take one out for a spin and listen to the purr of its 5.0 litre V8 engine. Pumping out 390 hp at 6,500 rpm, the mean machine tears up the road effortlessly with an acceleration of 0 to 100 kmph in just 6.8 seconds and a top speed of 235 kmph. Now that is all raw muscle coming from this mighty metallic beast: hitting all the right notes with high performance, low emissions and maximum fuel efficiency.

Encased within the irresistible crossover is extravagant comfort in the seat of safety, for Infiniti has incorporated several systems into the QX70 5.0 AWD that will put your mind at ease, even in the midst of traffic jams. Let the intelligent cruise control embedded in the console automatically maintain a following distance, using a laser-based digital rangefinder to detect vehicles ahead. And maneuver into your parking bay smoothly while keeping an eye on the Around View Monitor, which maps out a birds-eye view of your surroundings through the the four cameras built into the crossover.

Complementing the design and innovative marvel of the QX70 5.0 AWD is its chic interior. After taking sides between either black quartz or maple wood trimmings, cozy up in the snug seats of quilted leather. Add that to the two-way lumbar support that’s built into the driver’s seat if you are taking the wheel, but what seals the deal is Infiniti’s Advanced Climate Control System (ACCS) so you’ll be reluctant to leave the comfort of your crossover. The glass moonroof slides open with a single touch, letting the elements in whenever you feel like it.

However, the crossover is not the only instrument of excess that you will enjoy. From gift services to reservations, the Infiniti Personal Assistant is a concierge service that comes with the moment you hold the keys of a QX70 5.0 AWD. This is the extent of Infiniti’s commitment to customer care; for luxury, by definition, is special and difficult to obtain. But once you own the QX70 5.0 AWD, luxury becomes a lifestyle that goes beyond the driving experience.


Tech for Travelers

As sea levels continue to rise, it’s time to think ahead and plan your next trip to work with these terrain-blending transporters. Flooded roads, clogged waterways and swamps are no longer a barrier to punctuality, and these über-rugged hybrids will see you through to your next meeting in style.


The forms of a helicopter and catamaran come together to form this futuristic vessel. Built for rough and tough waterplay, this watercraft takes on turbulent seas and wide rivers easily with its two independent motor systems. Take it for a spin between island-hopping and wet adventure tours at speeds of up to 64 kmph.


A jetplane made for water? It certainly seems that way. The SeaPhantom uses its twin hydrofoils to raise the vessel out of the water, until the vessel is supported in mid-air like an aircraft. At this stage, the SeaPhantom cruises over wave crests at speeds reaching almost 200 kmph, while saving on fuel consumption as you fly on the seas.

Gibbs Humdinga

Never sit through a traffic jam again when you can exploit the waterways with this boat-car hybrid. Using High Speed Amphibian (HSA) technology, the Humdinga cruises up to 160 kmph on land and 65kmph on water. A turbo diesel engine powers this full-time 4WD amphitruck, which transitions into a jet-powered boat effortlessly within seconds.

Mercier-Jones Supercraft

Blending cutting-edge hovercraft innovation with luxury supercar technology, this first Supercraft of the world was born. Maneuverable and agile, this is another advanced amphibious vehicle that oozes style. Elements of the Bugatti Veyron, Maserati Gran Turismo and Audi R8 are the opulent automotive inspirations that blend with high-performance versatility in this Supercraft.

Dream Kitchen Helpers

Even if only a fleeting impression on the taste buds, there is a satisfaction to the art of gastronomy that lures many, from gourmet connoisseurs to greenhorns, to experiment with cuisine. For those with a grand sense of taste, these avant-garde machines are equally grand on design and concept.

CAMBUSAMeneghini La Cambúsa

Bring art into your kitchen with this majestic centerpiece. This three-door ice chest is no ordinary refrigerator, with a customizable layout. The Cambúsa can even accommodate a coffeemaker, icemaker, microwave oven, steam oven or a multifunction oven in its spacious compartments. Its wood frame and brass hinges lend a polished air to the food-lover’s favourite place in the house.

GKILO and CLOGK by Thingk

A cook’s best companions have to be this scale and clock, which weigh your ingredients, estimate the optimal cooking time for that amount of food and tell you when your food is done. In chic shades of fair wood, burnt wood, marble and aluminium, the GKILO and CLOGK interact with each other and notify the Thingk app installed in your smartphone via wireless modules incorporated into their build.

Whirlpool Interactive Cooktop

Are you reading this while cooking? If you own this unconventional induction stovetop, you probably are. Like a giant tablet complete with capacitive touchscreen and high-res display, there’s nothing to stop you from accessing social media, your email, check the weather or even see recipes without leaving the frying pan!

Ravi Wine Chiller

Even red wines need to be served slightly chilled for the perfect taste, but ice buckets tend to serve over-chilled wine after the third glass or so, and without it, wine eventually warms up to well above the optimum temperature for taste. This compact wine chiller solves the conundrum in seconds without the hassle of batteries, and works well for up to an hour.

SousVide Supreme Water Oven

The preferred method of cooking amongst fine-dining aficionados is sous-vide, where food retains its texture, moisture and all its original flavours that would have been lost if cooked using conventional methods. The SousVide Supreme keeps food in a water bath at precise temperatures for hours or even overnight, so you can explore fine-dining with ease.

Scanomat TopBrewer

Like beer, your next cup of java could come from a tap too. Stylish in its simplicity, the TopBrewer brews the perfect cup of fresh-bean coffee without fail. But this sophisticated gadget doesn’t just do coffee; it brews juice, fresh milk, hot water, chilled water and even steam to blanch your vegetables with. Connect it wirelessly to your mobile device and control every drop of milk and coffee that goes into your concoction.

Breaking Limits

Infiniti Red Bull just warmed up their engines

Two days before April breezed in, there was a tempest of roaring engines and adrenaline brewing at the Malaysian Grand Prix. But the thunder of engines and clouds of exhaust at the Sepang circuit couldn’t catch up with the lightning speed of the racecars. EZ leaps into the fray for a taste of the action-packed pit lane with Infiniti Red Bull.

Infiniti goes beyond its recognition as crafter of innovative luxury cars, carrying its legacy of cutting-edge engineering into the fray at Formula One. The luxury carmaker joins forces with Red Bull Racing, the winning team of the 2013 World Constructors’ Championship, to form Team Infiniti Red Bull. Together, they battle against other motorsport giants Ferrari and Mercedes in a fight for the podium.

New rules beckoned the new season with a storm, sending all teams plunging into the unknown with a fresh challenge: reduce fuel consumption by almost 40 percent without concessions on speed and power. What sounded like an impossible feat was made reality, and Infiniti Red Bull Racing can lay claim to that with the latest Red Bull RB10. Born of form and function, the trusty steed brought Sebastian Vettel to the podium at Sepang with a third-place win. The man behind the steering wheel has nothing but accolades for the lean mean machine.

‘It’s good to see that the car is quick,’ Sebastian acknowledged, ‘The guys are pushing back in the factory – it’s been a massive job from them.’ And no wonder, for every inch of Infiniti Red Bull’s RB10 is a technological breakthrough in itself. Like a heart is to the human body, at its core is the engine which treads a delicate balance between being lightweight, compact yet viciously strong. Infiniti sponsors the vital organ that mobilizes the mean machine: the new electrified V6 turbo that takes the cake for being the most stressed component of the car. Comprising of up to six separate elements, it is so complex in itself that engineers of Infiniti Red Bull don’t call it an engine but a power unit instead.

The sleek combustion engine of the V6 is paired with Energy Recovery Systems (ERS) that bump up the mileage. The ERS absorb energy lost through heat and braking, and translate that energy into driving the turbo even after braking. This is a crucial necessity that drastically downsizes fuel  consumption to comply with race regulations. Yet, in no way does this feature detract from the power and speed of Infiniti Red Bull’s RB10. The power unit is more than capable of pumping out 750 hp per litre of fuel, which could rip the skin off your face if you are flying at full speed without a visor! With that much horsepower, the V6 is righteously as loud as a stampede of galloping horses as it tears up the track with a mighty roar.

However, Infiniti Red Bull cannot afford to rest on their laurels after a podium win because it’s always a game of playing catch-up with the Goliaths. ‘We knew that we had some ground to catch up to the Mercedes, so to finish as close as Sebastian did today was a really positive performance and, while we know we’ve got a lot of work to do, we can begin to realize the scale of our challenge,’ said Christian Horner, Team Principal of Infiniti Red Bull Racing. Vettel, too, shared similar sentiments with him, saying, ‘We still have a lot of work to do with the car, but it was encouraging to see that our pace was better than expected.’ Nevertheless, Horner and the Infiniti Red Bull Racing Team agree that the RB10’s win at the Malaysian Grand Prix was ‘an incredible performance.’