Tech for Travelers

As sea levels continue to rise, it’s time to think ahead and plan your next trip to work with these terrain-blending transporters. Flooded roads, clogged waterways and swamps are no longer a barrier to punctuality, and these über-rugged hybrids will see you through to your next meeting in style.


The forms of a helicopter and catamaran come together to form this futuristic vessel. Built for rough and tough waterplay, this watercraft takes on turbulent seas and wide rivers easily with its two independent motor systems. Take it for a spin between island-hopping and wet adventure tours at speeds of up to 64 kmph.


A jetplane made for water? It certainly seems that way. The SeaPhantom uses its twin hydrofoils to raise the vessel out of the water, until the vessel is supported in mid-air like an aircraft. At this stage, the SeaPhantom cruises over wave crests at speeds reaching almost 200 kmph, while saving on fuel consumption as you fly on the seas.

Gibbs Humdinga

Never sit through a traffic jam again when you can exploit the waterways with this boat-car hybrid. Using High Speed Amphibian (HSA) technology, the Humdinga cruises up to 160 kmph on land and 65kmph on water. A turbo diesel engine powers this full-time 4WD amphitruck, which transitions into a jet-powered boat effortlessly within seconds.

Mercier-Jones Supercraft

Blending cutting-edge hovercraft innovation with luxury supercar technology, this first Supercraft of the world was born. Maneuverable and agile, this is another advanced amphibious vehicle that oozes style. Elements of the Bugatti Veyron, Maserati Gran Turismo and Audi R8 are the opulent automotive inspirations that blend with high-performance versatility in this Supercraft.

Dream Kitchen Helpers

Even if only a fleeting impression on the taste buds, there is a satisfaction to the art of gastronomy that lures many, from gourmet connoisseurs to greenhorns, to experiment with cuisine. For those with a grand sense of taste, these avant-garde machines are equally grand on design and concept.

CAMBUSAMeneghini La Cambúsa

Bring art into your kitchen with this majestic centerpiece. This three-door ice chest is no ordinary refrigerator, with a customizable layout. The Cambúsa can even accommodate a coffeemaker, icemaker, microwave oven, steam oven or a multifunction oven in its spacious compartments. Its wood frame and brass hinges lend a polished air to the food-lover’s favourite place in the house.

GKILO and CLOGK by Thingk

A cook’s best companions have to be this scale and clock, which weigh your ingredients, estimate the optimal cooking time for that amount of food and tell you when your food is done. In chic shades of fair wood, burnt wood, marble and aluminium, the GKILO and CLOGK interact with each other and notify the Thingk app installed in your smartphone via wireless modules incorporated into their build.

Whirlpool Interactive Cooktop

Are you reading this while cooking? If you own this unconventional induction stovetop, you probably are. Like a giant tablet complete with capacitive touchscreen and high-res display, there’s nothing to stop you from accessing social media, your email, check the weather or even see recipes without leaving the frying pan!

Ravi Wine Chiller

Even red wines need to be served slightly chilled for the perfect taste, but ice buckets tend to serve over-chilled wine after the third glass or so, and without it, wine eventually warms up to well above the optimum temperature for taste. This compact wine chiller solves the conundrum in seconds without the hassle of batteries, and works well for up to an hour.

SousVide Supreme Water Oven

The preferred method of cooking amongst fine-dining aficionados is sous-vide, where food retains its texture, moisture and all its original flavours that would have been lost if cooked using conventional methods. The SousVide Supreme keeps food in a water bath at precise temperatures for hours or even overnight, so you can explore fine-dining with ease.

Scanomat TopBrewer

Like beer, your next cup of java could come from a tap too. Stylish in its simplicity, the TopBrewer brews the perfect cup of fresh-bean coffee without fail. But this sophisticated gadget doesn’t just do coffee; it brews juice, fresh milk, hot water, chilled water and even steam to blanch your vegetables with. Connect it wirelessly to your mobile device and control every drop of milk and coffee that goes into your concoction.

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