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Millennial Stars 千禧明星

The latest BAMBI Awards 2017 in Berlin saw Kryolan – the leading international manufacturer of professional make-up – present the red-carpet stars with some of the latest Red Carpet Looks of the season to make their perfect entrance: the discrete “no make-up look” for him and the popular “millennial pink” for her. While the “millennial pink” celebrates the ‘unintentional’ highlights and the comeback of rouge, the 2017/2018 red carpet season also highlighted glowy cheeks in dewy peach tones – a combination of subtlety and intensity that leaves both an impression and a sense of playfulness. As for him, Kryolan strives to commit to the subtle look with transparent mascara and colourless eyebrow gel to guarantee a magical moment in the flurry of camera flashes. Who said men don’t need make-up? It’s discretion that plays an important role.


2017 年 BAMBI 大奖在德国柏林盛大举行,国际领先的专业化妆品制造商 Kryolan 展示全新的红地毯妆容,让明星们完美登场。除了以透明妆容为男明星点缀,广受欢迎的“千禧粉”也让女明星们锦上添花。“千禧粉”是指“无意”的点亮和胭红的回归,2017 / 2018 年的红毯季也凸显另外一种风格的桃粉色脸颊,这是微妙和强烈的结合,给人留下深刻印象,而且带有调皮感。至于男士们,Kryolan致力以透明的睫毛膏和无色眉胶来保持英挺俊朗的外型,应对镁光灯闪烁的神奇时刻。谁说男人不需要化妆?其实关键是适度。


Babor at BamBi Awards 芭宝聚光斑比奖

Around 800 well-known guests from society, show-business, media, politics and economy joined the glamourous night of the 67th BAMBI Awards. The German luxury skincare brand BABOR exclusively showcased its effective ampoules at the after-show party of the BAMBI Awards 2015 in Berlin. Celebrity guests such as Hilary Swank, Rita Ora and Heidi Klum curiously gathered around the stylish presentation.

At the end of the glamorous evening, all guests received a 7-day treatment packaging of the tiny elixirs and could see and feel the almost magical effect for themselves. Isabel Bonacker, who is part of the BABOR owner family and personally attended the event, enjoyed the party together with VIP guests like Toni Garrn and Sylvie Meis. BABOR CEO Michael Schummert explained the connection between BABOR and the most important German media award: “BAMBI stands for grand style, glamour and emotions and for a little golden deer that has quite some radiance. Very similar to our little, only 2ml small highly concentrated ampoule that makes every skin glow with youthful radiance – also after a long BAMBI night by the way.”

约800名来自影视、媒体,政治和经济界的名人嘉宾参与了第67届斑比奖。在这个魅力四射的夜晚,德国高端护肤品牌芭宝(BABOR)专门展示其高效精密安瓶(Ampoules)品牌,这项2015年斑比奖在柏林演出后的派对盛会,处处可见名人嘉宾Hilary   Swank, Rita Ora 和 Heidi Klum聚集的身影。

在迷人夜晚结束之际,所有客人都收到了7天疗程小包装芭宝美容液,亲身体验这不可思议的效果。来自芭宝家族的 Isabel Bonacker亲自出席此次活动,与 VIP 贵宾 Toni Garrn与Sylvie   Meis等一起享受欢愉派对。芭宝首席执行员 Michael Schummert 解释芭宝和这个德国媒体大奖之间的联系:“斑比奖代表着强烈风格、魅力和情感,金色小鹿散发着漫长的光辉,这与我们的产品相似,只有2毫升浓缩的精密安瓶,使每一个肌肤焕发青春光彩。”

Image Courtesy of image.net