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Managing Uncertainty Exploring Opportunities 管控不确定性,探索新商机


Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia Datuk Seri Dr. Ahmad Zabidin Hamidi delivered a keynote address during the 9th World Chinese Economic Summit 2017 in Hong Kong. The two day event themed ‘Managing Global Uncertainty : Exploring New Opportunities’ gathered leaders, government officials, academics and business people as well as thinkers from more than 30 countries as a platform to further explore strengthening global ties among countries. Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute or ASLI ACE Tan Sri Michael Yeoh said that there are still many opportunities despite growing global uncertainties including the USA and North Korea issue. 500 participants attended the summit and among the global leaders were Minister of Transport Malaysia Dato’ Seri Liow Thong Lai, Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affair of China in Hong Kong, Chief Executive of Hong Kong Carrie Lam, Governor of Victoria, Australia, Linda Dessau, former President of Pakistan General Pervez Musharraf and many more. The organizer also took the opportunity to honor 20 outstanding Lifetime Achievement Awards recipients that included Hon.C.Y.Leong (Vice President, China People’s Political Consultative Conference), Tan Sri Lim Hock San (MD, LBS Group), Tan Sri Dato’ David Kong (Chairman, Nirvana Asia Ltd), Dato’ Seri Khor Teng Tong (Executive Chairman Hunza Properties Berhad) and Tan Sri Paduka Fong Ah Seng, JP (Chairman, Yayasan Muhibbah Tan Sri Fong Ah Seng).

马来西亚副首相拿督斯里 Dr. Ahmad Zabidin Hamidi 在香港举行的 2017 年第九届世界华人经济峰会上发表了主旨演讲。这项为期两天的活动主题是“管控不确定性,探索新商机”,包括来自 30 多个国家的领导人、政府官员、学者和商界人士以及思想家,作为进一步探索,并加强各国之间全球联系的平台。亚洲战略与领导力研究所 (ASLI) 创始人丹斯里杨元庆博士表示,尽管包括美国和北韩问题在内的全球不确定性不断加剧,但机遇还是不断。500 名政商名人参与了这项峰会,而作为关键代表的马来西亚交通部长拿督斯里廖中莱、中国驻港外交部事务专员、香港特区行政长官林郑月娥、澳大利亚维多利亚州长 Linda Dessau,巴基斯坦前总统 Pervez Musharraf 将军等。主办当局还借此机会表彰了20位杰出的终身成就奖获得者,其中包括中国人民政治协商会议副主席梁振英,林木生集团有限公司董事经理丹斯里林福山局绅,富贵集团创办人兼执行董事丹斯里拿督邝汉光博士,汇华产业集团创办人兼执行主席拿督斯里许廷忠和丹斯里拿督巴杜卡黄荣盛博士局绅(丹斯里黄荣盛局绅全民团结慈善基金会主席)。

Recognizing A Leader

_O8A1217 copy.jpg
Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Michael Yeoh Oon Kheng, Dato’ Seri Liow Thong Lai, Dato’ Seri Khor Teng Tong & Dr. Ahmad Zabidin Hamidi

The World Chinese Economic Summit Lifetime Achievement Award was established in 2011 to honor individuals who have made significant fundamental contributions in their respective field of work. One of the 20 Award Recipients for 2017 was none other than Dato’ Seri Khor Teng Tong, Executive Chairman of Hunza Properties Berhad. Coming from a fishing village, Khor later made a mark in the Malaysian seafood industry before successfully entering the property market. He has demonstrated a lifetime commitment to make a difference and has provided outstanding contributions over the years in the Malaysian property market and was awarded the ‘Leadership in Property Development and Shopping Complex Lifetime Achievement Award’ recently in Hong Kong.

设立于 2011 年的世界华人经济峰会终身成就奖,旨在表彰在各行业领域中做出重大建设贡献的个人。作为 2017 年的 20 名荣誉受奖人之一,拿督斯里许廷忠是白手起家的佼佼者,身为汇华产业集团创办人兼执行主席,他出生于一个渔村,在成功迈入房地产市场之前,曾经也是马来西亚海鲜行业一个标志性的存在。拿督斯里许廷忠在马来西亚房地产领域奉献了毕生心力,并在过去的几年中拥有杰出的建设贡献,在香港获得这项 “房地产发展与综合商场终身成就奖” 为实至名归。


IM First Class Official Launching 毅际媒体推介奢华极致杂志及电子平台

Ichi Media launched the first ever bilingual luxury magazine in Malaysia and digital platform at Glass House Seputeh, right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur on 16 October 2017.

This glitzy event was attended by local celebrities from Astro, Wayne Phoo, Media Prima NTV 7 Happy, OneFM DJs Nicholas, Angeline, Ding and Brandon, Melody FM DJ Li Qiang, along with Ai FM DJ JC Soh, guests from renown corporate and lifestyle companies. “We see it as our mission to provide the latest consumer information that would suit their lifestyle needs of our targeted audience.” Remarked Mr Oo Lean Hooi, Managing Director of IM First Class Magazine in his opening speech at the launching ceremony. He added that the concept of Exclusive Luxury, Enriching Life lies not only in the content offered, but in the network which it operates and this is the very essence that makes IM First Class different from other luxury magazines in the market.




Guest of Honour for the launch ceremony, Mr Sam Cheah Swee Hee, president of Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH) commended Ichi Media on their bold move to venture into the new media.

Mr Ch’ng Huck Theng, a friend of Ichi Media congratulated the company on the first print of the magazine. “IM FIRST CLASS, is a ray of hope in the deemed sunset industry of publishing and I do hope that this concept of new media would act as a role model and revive the publication business.” He added.

The sneak preview of the inaugural issue of IM FIRST CLASS which is to officially hit the shelves of major book stores, airport lounges and hotels in November 2017.


大马酒店协会会长谢瑞熙先生为当天盛会的特别嘉宾,他对毅际媒体勇于打造新传媒平台加以赞赏。毅际媒体的朋友庄学腾先生则希望 IM First Class 奢华极致杂志能为出版业注入刺激素,进而振兴备受时代发展挑战的出版业。




Keeping Time On Holidays 休假中维持精准

The gift of everlasting style – Swiss watchmaker Rado has recently launched the DiaMaster Power Reserve – part of a quartet of eye-catching timepieces for gents and ladies just in time for the holiday season. It’s definitely a gift with both style and substance as it is constructed by high-tech ceramic while offering good looks, scratch resistance, lightweight and truly brings comfort to its wearer. The two automatic timepieces from the DiaMaster Power Reserve collection are both 43 mm wristwatch crafted in either polished black or plasma high-tech ceramic and features sunray detailing on the dial. The timepiece shines in either black or blue, with the power reserve indicator situated at 9 o’ clock. Engineering to last up to 80 hours between wears, this timekeeper is sure to please any gentleman with a flair for the mechanical. Rado’s pioneering spirit holds true to its brand philosophy of “if we can imagine it, we can make it”. What else is better?


源自瑞士的腕表制造商雷达 (Rado) 最近推出 DiaMaster 钻霸系列动力储存腕表,这款为男女士在假日时刻保持精准的秘密武器。由高科技陶瓷制造,同时具备漂亮外观、防划、轻盈,真正为佩戴者提供舒适感,完全是送礼佳品。这两款自动表皆为直径43毫米,以抛光黑色或电浆高科技陶瓷工艺精心制作,表盘上也拥有太阳纹细节。表盘闪耀着黑色或蓝色光芒,功率储备指示位于9点钟方位。具有80小时的动力储存,这个腕表估计会令喜爱机械原理腕表的男士趋之若鹜。雷达的开拓精神忠于品牌理念:“如果我们能想象,我们就能做到”。还有什么比这更好的吗?


An Exhibition of Opulence 富饶多彩的展览

Expo121 copy.jpgExpo271.jpgExpo229.jpgExpo235.jpgExpo259.jpgExpo263.jpg

CHTNetwork recently hosted the RHB Premier International Luxury Collections Week 2017 at Gurney Paragon – the first-of-its-kind exhibition in Malaysia that showcases the finest and most glamorous jewellery, luxurious automobiles, fine arts, genuine antiques, expensive watches, properties, fashion and auctions for reputable dealers and collectors surrounding the region. The exhibition aims to provide a newly formatted event especially for Penang’s tourism purposes spenders to attract and impress more local and international spender to Penang.

由 CHTNetwork 所策划的 “RHB Premier 国际奢华精选周”日前在葛尼百丽宫广场隆重举行。这是马来西亚首个跨领域精品汇集的展览会,同时展示精美夺目的珠宝、豪华耀眼的汽车、典雅珍藏的艺术品,融合了真正的古董、奢侈表、房地产、时尚时装和拍卖于一身,为区域的知名经销商和收藏家们提供服务与选择。这也是为槟城的旅游文化树立了新格式,希望能吸引更多本地及国际买家前来槟城。

YB Danny Law Heng Kiang, Penang State EXCO for Tourism Development and Culture endorsed the red carpet project and also attended as Guest Of Honour at its grand opening. Amee Philips, a renowned brand in the jewellery industry, presented an exclusive show of their finest collections. Other participating exhibitors included RHB Premier, Gurney Paragon Mall, CORUM Watches, Thai Airways International, Crown Worldwide Group, Hunza Properties Berhad, and more.


槟州旅游发展委员会主席罗兴强行政议员作为荣誉贵宾出席并主持开幕仪式。而享有盛誉的国际珠宝品牌 Amee Philips 独家展现他们最佳珍藏品。其他参展商包括 RHB Premier、葛尼百丽宫广场、CORUM Watches、泰国国际航空公司、嘉柏国际集团,汇华产业集团等。


Attendees got to see a live auction hosted by MNP Auctioneers – with participation from dealers and artifact enthusiasts – bidding for exclusive Nyonya wares, Chinese porcelains, figurines, art pieces and jewellery. Alongside a session on ‘The Beauty of Sapphire’ presented by gemologists Asia Gemological Lab (AGL), audiences get to also sit in a panel on ‘Investing in Antiques & Art’ led by prominent speakers which include Ali Kusno Fusin, Lee Khai, Chris Ong & Joshua Tan.

出席者也观看 MNP 拍卖行举办的现场拍卖会—这是由交易商与文物爱好者进行的竞拍活动,竞拍品包括专属的娘惹文化 (Nyonya) 器皿、中国陶瓷器、雕像、艺术品和珠宝。另外,亚洲宝石研究室 (AGL) 的宝石鉴定师也呈现“蓝宝石之美”展出。观众们还参与了“古董与艺术投资”座谈会,主讲嘉宾包括 Ali Kusno Fusin、李凯,王礼强与 Joshua Tan 等著名业者行家。

Millennial Stars 千禧明星

The latest BAMBI Awards 2017 in Berlin saw Kryolan – the leading international manufacturer of professional make-up – present the red-carpet stars with some of the latest Red Carpet Looks of the season to make their perfect entrance: the discrete “no make-up look” for him and the popular “millennial pink” for her. While the “millennial pink” celebrates the ‘unintentional’ highlights and the comeback of rouge, the 2017/2018 red carpet season also highlighted glowy cheeks in dewy peach tones – a combination of subtlety and intensity that leaves both an impression and a sense of playfulness. As for him, Kryolan strives to commit to the subtle look with transparent mascara and colourless eyebrow gel to guarantee a magical moment in the flurry of camera flashes. Who said men don’t need make-up? It’s discretion that plays an important role.


2017 年 BAMBI 大奖在德国柏林盛大举行,国际领先的专业化妆品制造商 Kryolan 展示全新的红地毯妆容,让明星们完美登场。除了以透明妆容为男明星点缀,广受欢迎的“千禧粉”也让女明星们锦上添花。“千禧粉”是指“无意”的点亮和胭红的回归,2017 / 2018 年的红毯季也凸显另外一种风格的桃粉色脸颊,这是微妙和强烈的结合,给人留下深刻印象,而且带有调皮感。至于男士们,Kryolan致力以透明的睫毛膏和无色眉胶来保持英挺俊朗的外型,应对镁光灯闪烁的神奇时刻。谁说男人不需要化妆?其实关键是适度。


Roppongi Hills Welcomes Cartier 六本木之丘迎卡地亚

(C)2017 Shingo Katori_painting.jpg

The new Cartier boutique’s recent opening in Roppongi Hills will evolve along with times, people, and society while staying true to the unchanging essence of the maison. Following one in Cannes, France, this is the second boutique that comes with a new format where furniture can easily and freely be rearranged. The limited-time gallery “TANK 100” – celebrating the TANK watch’s 100th anniversary – will be held in conjunction with its grand opening in line with its concept to present the space sometimes as a gallery, sometimes as a conceptual boutique. The opening saw the performance of Berlin-based electronic DJ Victor Tricard. Artist Shingo Katori has produced two original works of art inspired by Cartier’s legendary TANK watch, which is now being exhibited at “TANK 100”. While one will be displayed as a key visual at the gallery, the other, a luminous object conveying an image of TANK’s century-long history titled “TANKOTHEQUE” is displayed in the main room. The store interior is produced by Studios Parisien.


东京六本木之丘全新卡地亚精品商店将随着时代、人文和社会的发展将继续真实保留典雅世家的不变本质精粹。跟随法国戛纳,这是第二家采用新格调设计的精品店,家具轻松随意地摆放。至于时间画廊“TANK 100” 这是为了庆祝 TANK 系列手表的 100 周年纪念,除了将与宏大的开幕式结合,也以同样概念来展示空间,偶尔作为画廊,有时成为概念精品店。一开场来自柏林的电子 DJ Victor Tricard 也呈献精彩表演。而日本艺人香取慎吾创作了2件原创作品,灵感来自于卡地亚正进行展出的传奇 TANK 手表。在主要展览厅,主题为 “TANKOTHEQUE” 的关键视觉展示的画廊,是由一个发光的物体传递 TANK 长达世纪的历史影像。精品店内部设计由 Studios Parisien 所制作。

Celebrating Big 70 欢庆70寿辰


Datuk Syed Aidid Syed Murtaza celebrated his big 70th birthday in 32 at the Mansion in style when he sang along with his son while Dato’ Brian Tan played the piano. Datuk Aidid later took off his shirt and showed off his body in front of his family and close friends telling all that he was still strong and healthy. Candidly he told everyone that he would have another 30 odd years to go according to the age calculation of his father and grandfather.


拿督 Syed Aidid Syed Murtaza 在热情亲友们的围绕下欢庆 70 大寿。这个在 32 at the Mansion 举行的庆祝会现场一片欢腾,在拿督 Brian Tan钢琴伴奏下,寿星除了与儿子温馨合唱,而且也当场脱下上衣,展示自己的身段,并宣称他依然健壮。他也坦率相告,根据他父亲和祖父的平均年龄计算,他还有 30 多年的时间可持续迈进。