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Flowers Without Spikes 退去尖刺的花朵

Cactus de Cartier is Cartier’s newest and free-spirited collection that indulges in non-spiky yet uncompromising sculptural pieces that may now be observed and touched up close. Seductive with a luscious blend of the sometimes gentle, sometimes cruel pleasure of duality, Cartier has again redefined jewellery: the geometry, cut-outs and proportions of this subliminal spiky collection revealing three unexpected designs. It is all about plant shapes dotted with zesty, succulent gemstone flowers in emerald, chrysoprase or carnelian; the generous volumes with geometric structures, gold domes illuminated by precious dewdrops, corollas of radiant and fresh faceted lapis or diamonds; and lastly the REBELLIOUS FLOWER – the audacious beauties adorned with unexpected curves, undulating with ripples and twists and unconfined movement. At the jeweller’s touch, the gold comes to life with twisting contours, open work and precious, pearly droplets.


38165 copy.jpg
Cactus de Cartier necklace, 18-carat yellow gold, lapis lazuli, set with 61 brilliant-cut diamonds.
38147 copy
Cactus de Cartier ring, 18-carat yellow gold, set with 6 brilliant-cut diamonds.

卡地亚全新的仙人掌系列以自由不羁的迷人魅力,诠释与与众不同的美态,妖媚与温和同存,充满双重乐趣。这一系列运用几何线条、细腻装饰和丰盈造型的设计手法,展现了3种别致的情怀,再次突显了工匠的珠宝工艺。以祖母绿、绿玉髓、红玉髓仿出植物的形态;或以几何结构用黄金、钻石和青金石打造花冠;最后的 REBELLIOUS FLOWER 系列,以意想不到的囊空形态和黄金装饰,大胆地以纽索和波纹塑造的线条充满了曲线美。


Cactus de Cartier bracelet, 18-carat yellow gold, emeralds, set with 204 brilliant-cut diamonds.
38133 copy.jpg
Cactus de Cartier earrings, 18-carat yellow gold, emeralds, carnelians, each set with 11 brilliant-cut diamonds.

Roppongi Hills Welcomes Cartier 六本木之丘迎卡地亚

(C)2017 Shingo Katori_painting.jpg

The new Cartier boutique’s recent opening in Roppongi Hills will evolve along with times, people, and society while staying true to the unchanging essence of the maison. Following one in Cannes, France, this is the second boutique that comes with a new format where furniture can easily and freely be rearranged. The limited-time gallery “TANK 100” – celebrating the TANK watch’s 100th anniversary – will be held in conjunction with its grand opening in line with its concept to present the space sometimes as a gallery, sometimes as a conceptual boutique. The opening saw the performance of Berlin-based electronic DJ Victor Tricard. Artist Shingo Katori has produced two original works of art inspired by Cartier’s legendary TANK watch, which is now being exhibited at “TANK 100”. While one will be displayed as a key visual at the gallery, the other, a luminous object conveying an image of TANK’s century-long history titled “TANKOTHEQUE” is displayed in the main room. The store interior is produced by Studios Parisien.


东京六本木之丘全新卡地亚精品商店将随着时代、人文和社会的发展将继续真实保留典雅世家的不变本质精粹。跟随法国戛纳,这是第二家采用新格调设计的精品店,家具轻松随意地摆放。至于时间画廊“TANK 100” 这是为了庆祝 TANK 系列手表的 100 周年纪念,除了将与宏大的开幕式结合,也以同样概念来展示空间,偶尔作为画廊,有时成为概念精品店。一开场来自柏林的电子 DJ Victor Tricard 也呈献精彩表演。而日本艺人香取慎吾创作了2件原创作品,灵感来自于卡地亚正进行展出的传奇 TANK 手表。在主要展览厅,主题为 “TANKOTHEQUE” 的关键视觉展示的画廊,是由一个发光的物体传递 TANK 长达世纪的历史影像。精品店内部设计由 Studios Parisien 所制作。

Cartier Host Polo Games 卡地亚精彩马球赛

679665457_NH_3728_F18F4DE97691A48E30EA0B2C17435F94.jpg_cmyk.jpgSome 600 Cartier guests attended the 12th edition of the prestigious Cartier International Dubai Polo Challenge under the patronage of HRH Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, wife of HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. The game concluded with a 9-6 win for Zedan Polo watched by HRH Princess Haya from the Royal Box accompanied by HRH Princess Azemah of Brunei, Alessandra Ambrosio, Jerome Metzger, Retail Director Cartier Middle East and India and Ali Albwardy, the founder of the Desert Palm Resort and Polo Club – the home of Cartier polo in Dubai since 2006.

Zedan Polo Team members, Ali Albwardy, HRH Princess Azemah of Brunei, HRH Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, Jerome Metzger, Alessandra Ambrosio, Zedan Polo Team members.

第12届卡地亚国际迪拜马球挑战赛成功迎来600名宾客。尊贵的Haya Bint Al Hussein公主殿下出席支持盛会,她也是阿拉伯联合酋长国副总统,总理兼迪拜酋长Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum殿下的夫人。公主殿下观看了Zedan马球队以9-6胜出的精彩比赛,文莱皇室Azemah公主、巴西超级模特Alessandra Ambrosio,卡地亚中东与印度区域销售总监Jerome Metzger以及沙漠棕榈岛度假村和马球俱乐部的创始人Ali Albwardy也陪同参与。这家俱乐部也是自2006年以来,卡地亚马球赛在迪拜的主战场。


Cartier Polo Tournament Dubai.
HRH Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, wife of HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Alessandra Ambrosio

The visitors also had a chance to view Cartier’s latest inspired collection, Cactus de Cartier. A stunning collection of yellow gold rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces, featuring additional warmth from lapis lazuli, carnelians, emeralds and diamonds.

参观者还有机会观赏卡地亚珠宝品牌最新灵感系列Cactus de Cartier。无论是黄金戒指、手镯,耳环和项链的珍贵收藏,都令人赞叹不已,也包含温暖优雅的青金石,红玉,祖母绿和钻石。

Cartier Timeless Treasures 卡地亚隽永无尽的珍宝

The winds of change in the New York air and a new desire for easy elegant gold jewelry inspired the Cartier Mansion workshop to introduce the Love bracelet in 1969. It immediately captured the hearts of long-time clients including the Duchess of Windsor and Elizabeth Taylor and new ones such as movie stars Ali MacGraw and Julie Andrews. A couple of years later, Cartier- New York followed up the instantly iconic Love bracelet with another modern hardware concept, a gold Nail bracelet later named Juste un Clou.

纽约的变化风潮及对于轻奢金饰珠宝的渴望激发了卡地亚旗舰店工作室在1969年推出“Love”经典手镯,当时立即捕获长期拥簇者的心,包括Windsor公爵夫人和Elizabeth Taylor,还有电影明星Ali MacGraw和Julie Andrews。几年后,纽约卡地亚紧随着Love系列这个标志性的作品后,创出另一个超越时代感的概念:Juste un Clou手镯。

nail-bracelet-1971.jpgNail bracelet, Cartier New York, 1971. Cartier Collection. Designed by Aldo Cipullo for Cartier.

Italian-American jewelry designer Aldo Cipullo (1935-1984) liked to subvert everyday objects with humor and affection. This creation was later named Juste un Clou.

1971年的“Nail手镯”,纽约卡地亚,卡地亚珍藏系列。同样出自Aldo Cipullo的设计。意大利籍-美国珠宝设计师Aldo Cipullo(1935-1984)善于使用幽默与感性颠覆日常物品。这个设计创作后来命名为Juste un Clou。

love-bracelet-1977 copy.jpgLove bracelet, Cartier New York, 1977. Cartier Collection. Designed by Aldo Cipullo for Cartier.

Provenance: The Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

1977年的“Love手镯”,纽约卡地亚,卡地亚珍藏系列。由Aldo Cipullo为卡地亚设计。

archive-necklace-burton-taylor-1969.jpgThe 68 carat Cartier-Burton-Taylor diamond necklace is created for Elizabeth Taylor by Cartier New York in 1969. It was seen worn by Taylor at Princess Grace of Monaco’s fortieth birthday and at the 42nd Academy Awards.

1969年,这条68克拉的Cartier-Burton-Taylor钻石项链是纽约卡地亚为Elizabeth Taylo量身打造,Elizabeth Taylor在摩纳哥王妃Princess Grace的40岁诞辰和第42届奥斯卡金像奖也戴上它亮相。

Aldo Cipullo

“It was the marking of a transition to something totally different which nobody was doing.”

Aldo Cipullo, the New York designer who created the Love bracelet and the Nail bracelet for Cartier later named Juste un Clou, 1981. These creations conceived in New York are still among Cartier’s most popular designs worldwide.

纽约设计师Aldo Cipullo,在创造了好评如潮的Love和1981年的Juste un Clou系列手镯作品后,它们依旧是卡地亚在纽约乃至全世界最受欢迎的设计。“这是标记着一个完全与众不同,无人触及的变迁。” Aldo Cipullo说。

drawing-necklace-la-peregrina-1972.jpgDesign drawing for the necklace comprising the La Peregrina pearl, created by Cartier for Elizabeth Taylor, 1972. The actress indicates her preferences in red ink on the drawing, a reminder of her consultations with Cartier.

1972年由卡地亚为Elizabeth Taylor所订做的La Peregrina珍珠项链设计图。身为女演员的她以偏好的红墨水绘图,这也是与卡地亚之间的磋商印记。

The Game Of Kings

Cartier International Dubai Polo Challenge 2015

After four fast-paced chukkas, HRH Princess Haya presented the impressive Cartier trophy to the winning team. HRH Princess Haya, accompanied by the Marquess of Blandford, then awarded Amr Zedan of the Guards team with the La Martina Most Valuable Player of the Tournament Award. The La Martina Best Playing Pony Rug was won by Ali Albwardy’s Castora, who was played by Desert Palm’s Diego Cavanagh.

VIPs and guests also had an invitation to view Cartier’s latest collection, Clé de Cartier, in the beautifully styled Villa Layali.