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Keeping Time On Holidays 休假中维持精准

The gift of everlasting style – Swiss watchmaker Rado has recently launched the DiaMaster Power Reserve – part of a quartet of eye-catching timepieces for gents and ladies just in time for the holiday season. It’s definitely a gift with both style and substance as it is constructed by high-tech ceramic while offering good looks, scratch resistance, lightweight and truly brings comfort to its wearer. The two automatic timepieces from the DiaMaster Power Reserve collection are both 43 mm wristwatch crafted in either polished black or plasma high-tech ceramic and features sunray detailing on the dial. The timepiece shines in either black or blue, with the power reserve indicator situated at 9 o’ clock. Engineering to last up to 80 hours between wears, this timekeeper is sure to please any gentleman with a flair for the mechanical. Rado’s pioneering spirit holds true to its brand philosophy of “if we can imagine it, we can make it”. What else is better?


源自瑞士的腕表制造商雷达 (Rado) 最近推出 DiaMaster 钻霸系列动力储存腕表,这款为男女士在假日时刻保持精准的秘密武器。由高科技陶瓷制造,同时具备漂亮外观、防划、轻盈,真正为佩戴者提供舒适感,完全是送礼佳品。这两款自动表皆为直径43毫米,以抛光黑色或电浆高科技陶瓷工艺精心制作,表盘上也拥有太阳纹细节。表盘闪耀着黑色或蓝色光芒,功率储备指示位于9点钟方位。具有80小时的动力储存,这个腕表估计会令喜爱机械原理腕表的男士趋之若鹜。雷达的开拓精神忠于品牌理念:“如果我们能想象,我们就能做到”。还有什么比这更好的吗?


Going the Distance with Rado

For fans of plasma ceramic who prefer a more pared-down model, Rado presents the Rado HyperChrome Automatic. Polished plasma ceramic meets rose gold coloured elements, which add to the deep warm metallic shine of the plasma, achieved without the use of any metal. Undercover, this metallic-looking watch has all the benefits of ceramic. It is the timepiece that will not only stand by you as you are put through your paces on the court, track or field, but will be equally at home on your wrist at a black tie event. In short the lightness of this high-tech ceramic watch makes it a pleasant companion, while its hardness ensures that it will come out without a scratch.

Rado Presents Tang Wei

Rado is pleased to present its new TV commercial, featuring glamorous brand ambassador Tang Wei. The entrancing new video shows the magical creation of the Rado HyperChrome Diamond in plasma ceramic, with Tang Wei as a mythical muse looking on as it takes shape.

This intriguing new TV commercial underlines Rado’s mantra, that “Time is the essence we are made of”. Rado’s materials are mysterious and magical, perhaps none more so than plasma high-tech ceramic. Rado watches are the result of extreme conditions. Ceramic starts as a granular compound, is injected at high pressure into high-tech molds, and then subjected to extreme temperatures. The result are objects of subtle and everlasting beauty.

Art of Touch

Kicking off a night to remember, the Rado’s new HyperChrome Ceramic Touch Dual Timer was unveiled in an exclusive occasion in the heart of George Town. Held in an eclectic setting at Kebaya Dining Room at Seven Terraces, guests were given the opportunity to ‘’travel at the touch of a finger’’ and to experience the ground-breaking timepiece. As the name suggests, the new HyperChrome Ceramic Touch Dual Timer features two time-zone dials. Expect the unexpected with the ceramic touch technology, with just a simple touch on the timepiece; you can swap the times displayed on each dial.