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All On Board 船艇盛典

The Chief Minister of Penang YAB Lim Guan Eng recently launched the inaugural Maritime International Showcase Malaysia (MIS.M) that was organised by Reissiger Marine, together with Pen Marine Sdn Bhd, STYLO International, and Boatshed Asia. Mercedes-Benz, Airbus and Dassault Aviation were the sponsors. Among the highlights of the event is the maritime forum which featured some of the leading names in international maritime speaking on topics related to the growth and potential of yatching market in Asia.

Later in the evening, the MIS.M Gala Dinner took place at Penang’s historic Suffolk House. During the event, the organisers presented ASEAN Maritime Development Award to Dato’ Seri Tengku Dr. Zainal Adlin, BakriCono Shipyard won the ASEAN Maritime Company of the Year, Julian Chang was presented the ASEAN Maritime Personality of the Year and Grand Bank’s Yatchs took home the MIS.M ASEAN Maritime Company of the Year.

槟城首席部长林冠英国会议员最近出席首次在槟城举行的“马来西亚国际海事展览”(MIS.M),这项由Reissiger  Marine、Pen Marine,STYLO国际和Boatshed  Asia联合主办的船艇盛会,同时是由梅赛德斯-奔驰,空中客车与达索飞机制造公司热情赞助。而展览会亮点是由国际知名航运机构主持海事论坛,主题为亚洲游艇市场的增长和潜能。

而MIS.M的晚会在槟城历史悠久的瑟福屋举行。晚会上,主办方颁发东盟海事发展奖予拿督斯里Tengku Dr. Zainal Adlin,BakriCono造船厂获得东盟海事公司奖,而Julian Chang也颁发东盟海事年度个性奖,还有由大银行游艇捧回的MIS.M东盟海事年度公司奖。

Ducati & Italia Join Forces 杜卡迪和独立意大利携手合作

Ducati Scrambler and Italia Independent presented their new creations in Miami during the week of the prestigious contemporary art exhibition “Art Basel”. The two luxury brands launched a new limited edition Ducati Scrambler and a collection of dedicated sunglasses inspired by the “Land of Joy,” the theme that characterizes the iconic motorbike made in Bologna, Italy.

This three-years global partnership would see Ducati and Italia for the first time creating an incredible mix of Made in Italy style and creativity. The focus of the collaboration is Ducati Scrambler, the brand created by Ducati to interpret the values of the iconic 1970s motorbike, introduced in the United States and shortly after achieving international acclaim. A special logo, representing the union of the two different souls from which the project originated, has been designed to characterize the products that will be developed together. It is expected that great care and attention to detail from a combination inherent characteristics of Ducati and Italia Independent to amaze those that of exquisite taste.

意大利顶级摩托车品牌杜卡迪和著名太阳眼镜品牌独立意大利联手合作,在迈阿密的“巴塞尔艺术展”上推出了他们所打造的全新产品。意大利两个高端品牌共同发布了这款全球限量版的 Ducati   Scrambler 摩托和一系列启发自“Land of Joy”的时尚太阳眼镜。这个主题把出产自意大利博洛尼亚 Ducati   Scrambler 独一无二的特征带出来。

经过三年的全球伙伴关系,杜卡迪和独立意大利第一次携手推出了这个创意独特而蕴涵着意大利时尚精髓的产品。这次的合作主要是为了推广Ducati   Scrambler,这个品牌的诞生完美的把70年代附有代表性的摩托车普及至整个美国,而且在短短的时间内,已获得国际性的认可。一个精致的徽标代表着这两个完全不同品牌的结合,一起为市场创造出这个具有代表性的制作。为了打造一个独特而附有细节特色的产品,杜卡迪和独立意大利两大杰出品牌联手合作,相信将会吸引更多懂得品味人生之人!

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Babor at BamBi Awards 芭宝聚光斑比奖

Around 800 well-known guests from society, show-business, media, politics and economy joined the glamourous night of the 67th BAMBI Awards. The German luxury skincare brand BABOR exclusively showcased its effective ampoules at the after-show party of the BAMBI Awards 2015 in Berlin. Celebrity guests such as Hilary Swank, Rita Ora and Heidi Klum curiously gathered around the stylish presentation.

At the end of the glamorous evening, all guests received a 7-day treatment packaging of the tiny elixirs and could see and feel the almost magical effect for themselves. Isabel Bonacker, who is part of the BABOR owner family and personally attended the event, enjoyed the party together with VIP guests like Toni Garrn and Sylvie Meis. BABOR CEO Michael Schummert explained the connection between BABOR and the most important German media award: “BAMBI stands for grand style, glamour and emotions and for a little golden deer that has quite some radiance. Very similar to our little, only 2ml small highly concentrated ampoule that makes every skin glow with youthful radiance – also after a long BAMBI night by the way.”

约800名来自影视、媒体,政治和经济界的名人嘉宾参与了第67届斑比奖。在这个魅力四射的夜晚,德国高端护肤品牌芭宝(BABOR)专门展示其高效精密安瓶(Ampoules)品牌,这项2015年斑比奖在柏林演出后的派对盛会,处处可见名人嘉宾Hilary   Swank, Rita Ora 和 Heidi Klum聚集的身影。

在迷人夜晚结束之际,所有客人都收到了7天疗程小包装芭宝美容液,亲身体验这不可思议的效果。来自芭宝家族的 Isabel Bonacker亲自出席此次活动,与 VIP 贵宾 Toni Garrn与Sylvie   Meis等一起享受欢愉派对。芭宝首席执行员 Michael Schummert 解释芭宝和这个德国媒体大奖之间的联系:“斑比奖代表着强烈风格、魅力和情感,金色小鹿散发着漫长的光辉,这与我们的产品相似,只有2毫升浓缩的精密安瓶,使每一个肌肤焕发青春光彩。”

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Ermenegildo Zegna and Maserati have created a special capsule collection of fine leatherwear and accessories designed to honour the release of the Ermenegildo Zegna trim package available on all Maserati Ghibli and Quattroporte models. Following the footsteps of the Maserati Quattroporte Ermenegildo Zegna Limited Edition with its Zegna-designed interior, Zegna’s master craftsmen have created a pure silk fabric with an extremely high visual impact for the cockpit and seats in what has been described as the ultimate expression of style and exclusivity.

杰尼亚 (Ermenegildo Zegna) 为玛莎拉蒂豪车创造代表性皮革与配件,其中玛莎拉蒂总裁轿车(Quattroporte) 和Ghibli轿车所有车型将选配奢华内饰套件。杰尼亚Capsule系列采用精致材料搭配,顶级工匠创造出一种极具视觉冲击力的真丝面料,为驾驶座舱打造时尚奢华风范,活力和现代感兼备,不愧为玛莎拉蒂最具代表性的车型之一。