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Lady of Her Time 女性的时光


Known for her beauty, passion and incredible on-screen success, OMEGA brand ambassador Nicole Kidman was the perfect candidate to officially open OMEGA’s celebratory exhibition in St. Petersburg entitled “Her Time”.

欧米茄(OMEGA)品牌大使 Nicole Kidman 以美貌与激情,还有在电影银幕表演缔造的巨大成就而闻名,当然也是欧米茄在俄罗斯圣彼得堡举办的“她的时光”庆典展览的最佳代表人选。

omega_63.jpgOMEGA’s well-travelled showcase of women’s watchmaking was launched with signature OMEGA style at a special cocktail party and dinner attended by international guests and media, as well as Oscar-winner and OMEGA ambassador Nicole Kidman. OMEGA’s “Her Time” displays OMEGA’s evolution of women’s timepieces and changing styles, from early Lèpine pendants and the iconic Ladymatic, through to “secret jewellery watches” and today’s latest creations.

The granite and marble of St. Petersburg’s famous neoclassical palace provided a stark and striking backdrop to OMEGA’s quintessentially feminine timepieces, and brought a real sense of drama to the display. OMEGA’s journey with women has been a synchronised story of time and fashion. No matter the decade, the brand has always kept step with society’s many changing attitudes and styles.

而欧米茄女性腕表百年臻品展览也显示品牌对于世代杰出女性的赞礼。预览会的鸡尾酒会和晚宴的出席者除了国际宾客和媒体,奥斯卡奖得主、品牌大使 Nicole Kidman 亮相其中。“她的时光”展示了欧米茄对于每个时代女性形象特质的变迁和创新风格,从早期华丽的 Lepine 吊坠怀表到标志性的 Ladymatic,还有“隐秘珠宝腕表”到如今的全新创作。



Asia Rendezvous Charts New Territory on Penang Island 亚洲名品汇集新领域槟岛

Penang Rendezvous Day 1 _ 2 Highlights (74)

After its successful editions in Singapore and Phuket, Southeast Asia’s most anticipated luxury lifestyle event, Asia Rendezvous, brought the excitement to Penang Island where guests were treated to one-of-a-kind experiences by renowned brands in luxury lifestyle. From yachts, classic cars and supercars to high-end properties, art, fine wines and gastronomy, this four-day event also introduced visitors to world-renowned brand showcases offering unique customisation options.

The event took place at the scenic Straits Quay Marina, a picturesque sea-fronting space where it saw Kronenbourg, Leopard Catamarans, Martell, Bentley, Pen Marine and many other event partners converge to showcase their latest product and services.

Aditus, a luxury access platform for crypto-affluents and sponsor of Penang Rendezvous, hosted a number of seminars to introduce the powerful method of investment and building the standard of luxury in the lifestyle industry through cryptocurrency.

Asia Rendezvous continue its focus to strengthen its position as the premier luxury lifestyle event and is seeking to secure more anchors and partners to enhance global collaborations.

Guests were treated to four days where the Straits Quay Marina was transformed into a bustling hub to showcase all things luxury, including yachts, supercars, classic cars, properties, a

东南亚万众期待的奢华盛会 “Asia Rendezvou” 继在新加坡和普吉岛成功举办后,这次落在槟城,国际奢侈品牌云集并带来令人兴奋的深刻体验。从游艇、经典豪车、超级跑车和高端房地产等,再到艺术,美酒和美食,四天的活动还为参观者推介了世界知名品牌提供最独家精致的定制选项。

这项盛会在美丽的槟岛海峡港口举行,当天荟聚 KronenbourgLeopard CatamaransMartell BentleyPen Marine 等知名品牌和其他活动合作伙伴,纷纷展示他们的最新产品和服务。

Aditus – 这家以聚集“加密名人”奢侈品和生活方式门户平台,同时也是这项盛会的赞助商。透过举办一系列研讨会,介绍通过加密货币投资和建立奢华生活方式标准的强大渠道。

至于 Asia Rendezvous 将持续专注加强作为汇集顶级奢华生活方式的盛会活动,并寻求获得更多的聚焦点和商业伙伴,以扩展全球合作。

Penang Rendezvous Day 1 _ 2 Highlights (355)

Connect CHT Hunza Penang Property for Australians 槟城房产面向澳大利亚


Connect CHT with Hunza in Melbourne Melbournens gave Penang developer Hunza Property an amazing reception during the recent introduction of Alila 2 in SpACE@Collins. More that 100 guests were invited to understand first hand why it is beneficial to invest in Penang properties in terms of investment or simply owning holiday homes on a resort island. It has always been developers promoting Melbourne properties in Malaysia but never the other way round. This maiden event marks the first in Malaysia history where a Malaysian property was introduced to the people down under. Directors of Hunza were impressed with the reception and confident that they would be returning to Melbourne in the near future. Among the guests were West Moreland, Consul General of Malaysia, Khor Tze Ming and Lily Tan, Executive Directors of Hunza, investors and industry players including David Liao, Hubert Jahja, Idamo Lee, Andrew Lee and many more.


最近在位于墨尔本 SpACE@Collins 行的雅逸嵐2 (Alila 2) 高端房产项目推介会上,Connect CHT 联合马来西亚房地产开发商汇华产业有限公司 (Hunza Property) 接待了墨尔本的客人们。当天出席的逾百名宾客更深入了解投资槟城房地产的优质方案,或者纯粹实践在美丽岛屿上拥有度假屋的夙愿。值得一提的是,从来都是开发商在马来西亚推广墨尔本的房地产,但这是首次反其道而行之。


与会贵宾有马来西亚总领事Westmoreland,汇华集团执行董事许芝敏与陈秀芬, 投资领域和业界人士包括 David Liao, Hubert Jahja, Idamo Lee, Andrew Lee 等等。



Penang Art Society Turns 65 槟城艺术协会 65 周年

PAS65_1.jpgThe oldest art society in Malaysia turns 65 this year and celebrated this auspicious milestone in style. An exhibition show-casing 160 works by 160 artists from various states and abroad was held at the Penang State Art Gallery. The President of Penang Art Society in his speech mentioned that the government should support the local art scene by collecting local art and also using art as gifts to foreign visiting dignitaries. He also took the opportunity to thank the support from the Penang Chief Minister, YAB Chow Kon Yeow, YB Yeoh Soon Hin and private donors such as Tan Sri Tan Khoon Hai, Dato Sri Khor Teng Tong, Lee Khai and many others that have contributed to the success of the event.

After the opening ceremony, artists and guests adjourned to The Top Penang to visit its latest attractions and enjoyed a lovely buffet dinner at The Top View Restaurant. Everyone joined in to sing Happy Birthday and a cake cutting ceremony was held in celebration of the 65th birthday of Penang Art Society.


马来西亚历史最悠久的艺术社团今年正式迈入 65 周年,为了庆贺这项重大里程碑,160 位艺术家齐聚槟城艺术画廊的展览会,现场共汇集 160 件各州各地艺术家的艺术心血作品进行展出。


开幕式结束后,艺术家和嘉宾们前往 The Top Penang 观景台参观美丽景点,并在 The Top View 餐厅享用自助晚餐,所有人都欢唱生日快乐曲子和参与切蛋糕仪式。


The Best in Broadway Theatre 最佳演出云集百老汇剧院

The Antoinette Perry Award for Excellence in Broadway Theatre or commonly known as the Tony Award this year saw the musical “The Band’s Visit” being the big winner of the night, taking home 10 Tony Awards, including best musical, best actor in a leading role in a musical and best actress in a leading role in a musical.

“Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts One and Two” won six awards, including best play and best director. Sara Bareilles and Josh Groban hosted the 72nd annual awards show at Radio City Music Hall for the first time. Anna Wintour, Michael Cera, Christine Baranski, Lindsay Mendez, Bruce Springsteen and many other big names in the industry were seen walking the red carpet in the best outfits.

2018 年度托尼奖在百老汇剧院圆满举行,而当天音乐剧“乐队造访”成为了大赢家,承包了 10 项大奖:包括最佳音乐剧、最佳男主角(音乐剧),最佳女主角(音乐剧)。而舞台剧“哈利波特与被诅咒的孩子”获得了6项大奖,包括最佳戏剧奖和最佳导演奖。Sara Bareilles 与 Josh Groban 首次在无线电城音乐厅主持这项第 72 届年度颁奖典礼。Anna Wintour、Michael Cera、 Christine Baranski、 Lindsay Mendez 和 Bruce Springsteen,还有许多业内知名人士身着华丽礼服亮相红毯。

2018 Tony Awards - Red Carpet2018 Tony Awards - Show2018 Tony Awards - Show2018 Tony Awards - Red Carpet2018 Tony Awards - Show2018 Tony Awards - Show2018 Tony Awards - Red Carpet2018 Tony Awards - Red Carpet2018 Tony Awards - Red Carpet

IWC Pop-up in Amsterdam Airport 万国表在阿姆斯特丹机场快闪游击

Now the new trend for the branded is Pop-up! IWC Schaffhausen recently opened its first pop-up store at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol with a fully dedicated concept celebrating the brand’s 150th anniversary celebration.  With a total surface area of 139 square meters and spread over two floors, it features a library, a lounge area, and a bar where visitors can enjoy a refreshing drink upon invitation. The pop-up store is operated in cooperation with Gassan, official IWC retail partner in the Netherlands. Visitors can expect to discover exclusive selections from IWC’s six product families including the iconic Pilot’s Watches, Portugieser, Haute Horlogerie, Portofino and Aquatimer.

目前品牌游击店(快闪店)已经成为新趋势,沙夫豪森 IWC 万国表最近在荷兰阿姆斯特丹史基浦机场开设了第一家快闪店,并以全新的概念来庆祝该品牌成立 150 周年。店面占地 139 平方米,拥有两层空间,具备图书馆、休闲区和酒吧。

客人们在受邀后可享用饮料。这家快闪店是与荷兰 IWC 官方零售伙伴 Gassan 合作经营的。参观者可以在 IWC 的6个标志性系列产品中寻觅自己心仪的设计,包括飞行员、葡萄牙,柏涛菲诺和海洋时计系列等等。


Connect CHT with Astalift CHT 与 Astalift 呈献上镜之美 

Connect CHT with Astalift was held in Penang’s prestigious E&O Hotel where specially selected guests were treated to an exclusive English afternoon tea. Astalift is an award-winning brand by Fujifilm Japan which aims to achieve Photogenic beauty. It is a lifestyle that will bring out one’s photogenic beauty on his or her forthcoming birthday and many more birthdays to come. Some of the guests were well known Penangnites such as Datin Annie Chin, June Goh and Chou Pei Yee.

Connect CHT 与 Astalift 携手在槟城优雅的依恩奥酒店,为特别挑选的客人准备独特的英式下午茶。Astalift 作为日本富士胶片公司属下屡获殊荣的品牌,旨在实现上镜美。这是关于美丽的生活方式,也为他或她将迎来的生日实现上镜之美,当然还会迎接更多生日。出席宾客为槟城闻人拿汀甄安妮,June Goh 和 Chou Pei Yee 等。

ConnectCHT with Astalift_1ConnectCHT with Astalift_2ConnectCHT with Astalift_3ConnectCHT with Astalift_4ConnectCHT with Astalift_5


Connect CHT with Yung Kee in Hong Kong CHT与香港镛记亲密连接

Good friends and associates were invited for dinner with Ronald Kam, owner of Yung Kee Restaurant in Hong Kong famous for its delicious roast goose and other authentic delicacies. Nicole Wong from Nicole’s Kitchen, Roger Teow from Bank of China, IT specialist TK Tan were some of the invited guests. This was the first Connect CHT in Hong Kong where specially invited friends exchanged thoughts and ideas from Malaysian politics to the definition of good food. It was indeed a successful and memorable evening.

好友与合作伙伴受邀与香港镛记掌门人甘琨礼共进晚餐,镛记是以驰名中外的烧鹅及香港风味美食见称。这场晚餐盛会的座上宾还有来自 Nicole’s Kitchen 的创办人黄婉秋,中国银行的 Roger Teow,科技专家 TK. Tan 等。这也是 Connect CHT 首次在香港与友人们共同分享从美食到政治的想法和课题,共度一个难忘又有意义的夜晚。

 ConnectCHT with HK_2ConnectCHT with HK_3ConnectCHT with HK_4

Connect CHT with RHB Premier in Ipoh CHT 和 RHB Premier 的珠宝之约

The first Connect CHT with RHB Premier in Ipoh was indeed a success where some of Ipoh’s who who were invited for a luxury dinner evening in the famous Italian restaurant Marianis@7 by Dato Dr. Wendy and Kim Goo. An investment sharing session was presented by Head of RHB Premier Calvin Goon whereas Singapore fine jeweler Royals Blue flew in two specialists, Noel Lo and Michael Yau from Hong Kong to share about investing in precious color stones and showcase an exquisite collection of jewelry that commands a market value of about RM15 million. Among the guests were Datin Caroline Wong, Dato Yen, Dr. Kelvin Yong, Elena Phor, David Yam, Ooi York Seng and many other beautiful people.

Connect CHT 与 RHB Premier 这次移师怡保,首次在由拿督蒋慧莹和 Kim Goo 经营的 Marianis@7 意大利风情餐厅举办一场珠光宝气的奢华聚餐会。这项珠宝分享会由兴业银行高端市场 (RHB Premier) 资深副总裁阮晨祐主持,并连同新加坡珠宝商 Royals Blue 的香港籍珠宝专员 Noel Lo 与 Michael Yao,向大家分享珍贵的珠宝彩石和市价1500万令吉的精致珠宝收藏品。出席的美丽嘉宾们有 Datin Caroline Wong、Dato Yen、Dr. Kelvin Yong、Elena Phor、David Yam 和 Ooi York Seng 等。

ConnectCHT with Premier_2ConnectCHT with Premier_3ConnectCHT with Premier_4ConnectCHT with Premier_5ConnectCHT with Premier_6ConnectCHT with Premier_7

The Stars’ Parade 星光汇聚


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CHTNetwork recently organised the 7th edition of CHT International Awards awarding some of the most successful and inspiring individuals and companies internationally and nationwide at the prestigious Sheraton Petaling Jaya Hotel in the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. The evening began with the arrival of ladies adorned with elegant dresses and men in dapper suits and bow ties at the ballroom foyer where cocktails were served. Arriving guests sneak-previewed some of Emily Ward and Serena Lindeman’s designs before the grand reveal when models, clad in the designs, paraded them among guests during the cocktail session. The foyer also saw the display of to-be-auctioned and newest designs by Corum, Nasim Carpets, Astalift and Royals Blue.

President Ch’ng Huck Theng founded CHT International Awards and CHTNetwork for an ambitious vision to forge the spirit of “Where All Good Things in Life Meet”. He promoted the limitless possibilities when the old and new captain of the industries meet in his opening speech: “This CHT International Awards is not only to honour those who have achieved success in their respective industries and contributed to the society, it is also to creating a platform for old comrades and new friends to connect.”

由 CHTNetwork 所呈献的 “第七届CHT国际大奖”,再次将成就非凡、享誉国际的成功人士和公司组织带上镁光灯聚焦的舞台。这项在马来西亚首都吉隆坡八打灵再也喜来登酒店举办的盛典,赢得国际性和全国的瞩目。晚会开始时,女士们身着优雅晚礼服,男士们皆西装笔挺齐聚在华丽的宴会大厅。而到场的嘉宾在开幕礼前,先观赏设计师Emily Ward 和 Serena Lindeman 的时装预演,在鸡尾酒会上,模特们身着精心设计的服饰凝聚了大家的目光。另外,大厅里也陈列着Corum、Nasim Carpets、Astalift 和 Royals Blue 的最新产品设计。

CHTNetwork 与 CHT国际大奖的创办人兼总监庄学腾是基于 “让生活中一切美好的事物相遇” 的精神创造了这些 “邂逅” 的机遇。他促进各行业的新旧领导者汇集碰头并且制造了无限商机。犹如他在开幕词中说的,这个奖项不仅是表彰那些在各自行业领域中创造成功并且贡献社会者,这也是为旧雨新知的朋友们创建的联系平台。

CHT International Awards_Group photo
CHT International Awards Winners, (from left) The Teng Company, Ronald Kam, Sukanya Janchoo, Jim Thompson, Ken Ong
CHT National Awards_group photo
CHT Pursuit of Excellence Awards (National), Stephen Doughty, Chew Han Tah, Mandy Chew, Tan Hock Kheng, Roberto Guerra, Kong Wai Seng, Teoh Han Chuan, Dato’ Colin Lee, Ng Peng Wah, Dr Azmi bin Hj Mohd
CHT Awards_Lifetime Achievement
CHT Lifetime Achievement Awards, Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Tan Khoon Hai
CHT Awards_Best Dress Winners.jpg
Best Dress Awards Winners
CHT Awards_Book Launching.jpg
Book Launching

The evening welcomed over 400 national and international guests including Guests of Honour YB Senator Datuk Ng Chiang Chin, Tan Sri Michael Yeoh, Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dato Richard Koh, and Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Tan Khoon Hai, who was also awarded the “CHT Lifetime Achievement Award”. The event saw 10 Malaysian nationals awarded the “CHT Pursuit of Excellence Awards” and 7 “CHT International Awards” given to international organisations for their contributions to their respective industries.

While guests enjoyed the first-course meal of the evening, they were presented with a stunning performance by Singapore’s award-winning instrumentalist The TENG Company followed by Indonesia’s singer Hendrik Wijaya. The evening came to a close with Tourism Australia’s very own fashion showcase and has specially flown in Australian designer Emily Ward and Serena Lindeman with makeup sponsored by Young Blood.


现场宾客在享用第一道菜时,在新加坡载誉归来的乐器演奏家鼟乐团和印尼歌手 Hendrik Wijaya也为大家奉上精彩的演出。而澳大利亚旅游局也特别策划了一场时装展示会,由澳大利亚设计师 Emily Ward 和 Serena Lindeman 携手主导,Young Blood 赞助全场化妆。

The Teng Company
Fashion Show by Tourism Australia & Australian designer Emily Ward (5th from left)

Leaving the best for last, the show ended with its trademark programme chosen exclusively for the CHT International Awards 2018 – the auction of six one-of-a-kind items sponsored by Nasim Carpets, Corum, Royals Blue, a painting by Erica Hetsu Wahyuni and a Chinese Familie Rose porcelain pot made around the Chinese Republic period. Top auctioned items include ‘Everlasting’, a18K white gold and sapphire ring by Royals Blue was sold to Steve Woon from Lexis Hotel Group for RM24,000; and the limited edition watch by Corum was sold to Calvin Goon from RHB for RM28,000.

Guests left the evening clad with tote bags sponsored by Tourism Australia of which were filled with IM First Class magazine, EZ magazine, CHTNetwork’s angpaos and beauty products from Davines. Other sponsors for the evening include Lamborghini Kuala Lumpur, RHB Premier, SpACE@Collins, Thai Airways International, and Ichi Media.

一直来到晚会精彩的后半部,由2018年CHT国际大奖呈现的独一无二的拍卖会,由 Nasim Carpets、Corum 和 Royals Blue 联合赞助的商品,其中一幅 Erica Hetsu Wahyuni 的画作和民国时期的玫瑰瓷锅。另外,顶级拍卖品包括“永恒”,Royals Blue 的a18K 白金和蓝宝石戒指,由来自 Lexis 酒店集团的 Steve Woon拍得,售价2万4000令吉; 而 Corum 的限量版手表则卖给了 RHB 的 Calvin Goon,售价为2万8000令吉。

当晚,宾客们带着由澳大利亚旅游局赞助的手提包尽兴而归,内含《奢华极致》杂志、《御智》杂志、CHTNetwork 红包和Davines 的美容产品等赠品。当晚的其他赞助商还包括吉隆坡兰博基尼、RHB Premier、SpACE@Collins、泰国国际航空公司、毅际媒体。

Chinese Familie Porcelain Bidded by Alain Tan
‘Everlasting’ ring from Royals Blue collected by Steve Woon
Nasim Carpets Supreme Classic collected by Michael Deeb (2nd) & Ravin Vello (4th)
CORUM Big Bubble Magical 52 Earth bidden by Calvin Goon