A Feast Fit for an Emperor 帝王式 饕餮盛宴

Not every loving couple has a remarkable wedding story to tell but the least most would have wanted to receive the blessings from their families and friends. Hence the grand wedding dinner that usually falls on the night after the wedding ceremony is a big deal simply because all invited family members, friends and associates will gather to witness this love story. Usually this is the part where the food served is usually not up to expectation and the guests are left to go home with a bad impression.

The Maple Palace restaurant in Penang is one of the few five stars Chinese restaurants that has the reputation of serving fine Chinese cuisine and making sure all guests are well served.

This luxury bungalow style restaurant has ample carparks on ground floor making parking easy and easy access for customers with all ages. Adding to this is the classy interior environment, the owner and also chief chef Loy Tan has a reputation to select only quality ingredients making sure that all guests are pampered with a feast fit for an emperor.



这家奢华别墅风格的中餐厅拥有充分的地面停车场,让客人感受称心便利。另外,优雅舒适的室内用餐环境,餐厅主人兼总主厨Loy Tan为客人们精心挑选高品质食材,确保大家沉浸在帝王式饕餮盛宴。

For more information or to make reservations, please call or visit website
+604 227 9690 / +604 227 4542 | http://www.maplepalace.com

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