A Place To Call Home 完美家园,人生羁绊

Strategically located in one of Penang’s last prime address, the up-and-coming Botanica CT Phase 5C project is a beautiful and stunning township development containing both bungalows and semi-detached, well integrated with Prince of Wales Island International School, commercial village and medical centre etc serving the needs of its resident population. Appointed for its interior design, Splendid Interior Decor and the team responded to the changing taste of today’s consumers making sure that every design benefit both loving couples and families with most of the decorative items specially handpicked, making this the perfect place to call home. A combination of natural lighting from the ceiling window matching with harmony natural colour distinctively provide a spacious and warm environment.

web4web1.jpgweb2.jpgweb3.jpg即将登场的住宅综合发展计划 Botanica   CT   Phase   5C,除了策略性的坐落在槟城最后自然区域,这个令人惊叹的别墅与半独立房屋优美乡镇结合发展项目,加上地点临近槟城威尔士王子岛国际学校,商业村,医疗中心等,完善的设备完整供应居民所需。而别墅的室内设计环节重任落在 Splendid Interior   Decor团队身上,为了顺应当今消费者的品位变化,他们确保每一项设计都符合恩爱佳偶与家庭的爱之氛围,大部分的装饰件皆由他们的团队亲自精挑细选,打造完美家园,羁绊所在。至于集合自然光的天花板与窗户组合,还有和谐柔美色彩也营造了宽敞、温馨的舒适环境。

For further information, email : splendidinteriordecor@gmail.com

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