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GTLF Welcomes You To The Realm of Gods & (IM)Mortals GTLF一探神话与传说

EZ48_PGT2.jpgMalaysia’s largest international literary festival, the George Town Literary Festival (GTLF), returns this November 24th to 26th for its seventh edition. This year, the GTLF takes on the world of myths and legends, pitting monsters against mortals and immortals. Themed ‘Monsters & (Im)Mortals’, the festival looks at light and dark; of genius and madness, reality and fantasy, the element of the shadow in literature and of divine tragedy.

GTLF 2017 will introduce two new elements. The first is the Translators Roundtable, a half-day event of plenary sessions and workshops that discuss and highlight the art of translation in the region. The second element is the Fringe Festival, the highlight of which include midnight heritage walks complete with site-specific performances in English, Malay and Penang Hokkien.

Among the literary giants who will be making an appearance at the GTLF include Belgian cultural historian, David van Reybrouck; Malaysia’s first Pulitzer Prize winner, Mei Fong; Indonesian poet and food writer Laksmi Pamuntjak; Icelandic poet and children’s book writer, Gerður Kristný; Singaporean graphic novelist, Sonny Liew; Dutch author and journalist, Caroline de Gruyter; and Malaysia’s very own fantasy author, Zen Cho.

马来西亚年度盛事――第7届乔治市文学节(GTLF)将于11月24至26日举行。今年 GTLF 的主题为 “Monsters & (Im)Mortals”,以神话和传说为主题,充满光明与黑暗、天才与疯狂、现实与幻想、阴暗和神圣悲剧的文学元素。

GTLF 2017 增加了两个新要点。第一个是翻译人圆桌会议,占时半天的研讨会深入探讨翻译美学。第二个是艺穗节,其亮点包括午夜漫游古迹遗产区,观赏以英语、马来语和槟城福建话呈现的现场表演。

今年参与 GTLF 的文学巨匠,包括比利时文学历史学家 David Van Reybrouck、马来西亚首位普利策奖获奖者 Mei Fong、印尼诗人兼美食作家 Laksmi Pamuntjak、冰岛诗人兼童书作家 Gerður Kristný、新加坡图形小说作家 Sonny Liew、荷兰作家兼记者 Caroline de Gruyter、和马来西亚的幻想小说作家 Zen Cho。

GTLF is free and open to public. For more information on the festival, visit us at www.georgetownlitfest.com or like us on Facebook at @georgetownlitfest.
GTLF 均免费对外开放。欲知更多详情,请浏览我们的网站www.georgetownlitfest.com 或脸书专页 @georgetownlitfest

A Celebration of World Literature, Discourse and Culture @ GTLF 2016 世界文学,研讨与文化庆典汇集

For the sixth year running, Penang, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will celebrate the George Town Literary Festival (GTLF) – one of the most beloved and respected literary festivals in the region. With its charming colonial architecture, vibrant multicultural community and intangible living heritage, the heritage site of George Town will welcome visitors from around Malaysia and the world for a three-day celebration of poetry, prose and spoken word from 25 to 27 November.

Helmed by Festival Director, Bernice Chauly, the three-day festival will see panel discussions, readings, spoken word performances, dance and film screenings around the festival’s theme; “Hiraeth”, a Welsh word which means “the longing for a homeland that is no longer there”. The theme captures a universal unrest and longing for a better world in a reality that sees mass displacement of people, gross violations of human rights and growing chasm caused by the proliferation of crippling neoliberalism and regressive ideologies.

The festival’s stellar line-up of world literary giants and respected social commentators including, Stefan Hertmans (Belgium), Adriaan van Dis (Netherlands), Olga Martynova (Germany), AC Grayling and James Scudamore (UK), Ayu Utami (Indonesia), Tishani Doshi and Mahesh Dattani (India), Tash Aw, Zainah Anwar, Dain Said, Dina Zaman and Karim Raslan (Malaysia), and many more.

GTLF 2016 is free and open to public, with the exception of the writing workshops. For more information on GTLF 2016, visit georgetownlitfest.com or email: info@georgetownlitfest.com.

乔治市文学庆典 (GTLF) 迈入第六年,这也是槟城作为联合国教科文组织世界文化遗产区域,备受推崇的文学盛会之一。具备殖民时期的迷人建筑风情,活力的多元文化社区和无形的活古迹,乔治市将欢迎来自马来西亚和各国的游客,从11月25日至27日,为期3天的庆祝活动包括世界诗歌,散文和朗诵。

由艺术节总监伯尼斯 Bernice Chauly 主导为期3天的节目编排,将会有小组讨论、阅读、朗读表演,舞蹈和电影放映,并环绕着盛会的主题:“Hiraeth”,这句威尔士语的含义为:向往着回不去甚至不存在的故土家园。这项主题的灵感捕捉是源于目视群众流离失所、人权受到严重侵犯与不断增长的鸿沟,这是新自由主义泛滥与意识形态倒退所造成。

盛会也网罗了世界文学巨匠和受尊崇时事评论家包括:Stefan Hertmans (比利时),Adriaan van Dis (荷兰),Olga Martynova (德国),
AC Grayling 与 James Scudamore (英国),Ayu Utami (印尼),Tishani Doshi 和 Mahesh Dattani (印度),Tash Aw、Zainah Anwar、Dain Said,Dina Zaman 与 Karim Raslan (马来西亚 ) 等。