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Common Enemy Forges New Coalitions 缔结新盟驱众怒,得人心者得天下

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Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad

Prime Minister of Malaysia

60 years ago in 1957, various ethnic groups mainly from the Malay, Chinese and Indians forged together and our first Prime Minister proudly declared the independence of Malaya by shouting ‘Merdeka’. Marking the end of British colonialism. Few years later in 1963, Sabah and Sarawak joined and Malaysia was complete. From a humble beginning, Malaysia has became one of the Asian tigers when it came to developments and progress of the nation. It was not until late 1990s when the global financial crisis hit and the economy of this country started to slide. It is undeniable that the race and religion have always been an issue that many choose to be silent of until a decade ago when the opposition parties gained momentum in the political platform threatening the ruling Barisan National. This power shift led some Malay parties and leaders to play the race and religion cards with the hope to cling onto power. Tension was rising and minority groups especially the Chinese was targeted. Topping this were the introduction of GST and the 1MDB scandal that caught the world attention citing impropriate fund management and money laundering. The last two elections saw the shift of support from the Chinese to the opposition parties and but it was never enough.

60 years later, Former Malaysia Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir surprised the nation by becoming the leader of the opposition pack Pakatan Harapan. The so-called ‘Malay Tsunami’ and the dominance of Barisan National finally come to an end when the majority Malay ethnic group finally decided that enough is enough. The General Election 14 Of Malaysia on 9th May saw an unprecedented movement where the Malays, Chinese, Indians, Sabahans, Sarawakians and others came together and removed the only ruling party that had been in power since Merdeka. This time the common enemy what’s not the British empire but sad to say it was Mohd Najib Tun Razak, the Prime Minister who is also the leader of UMNO and Barisan National. The very person who was sworn in to do right for the people and to do better for the country on the contrary has done so many wrongs that not only frustrated the people but made Malaysia a laughing stock in the international arena.

The voices of the people is loud and clear. Peace, harmony and a strong economy are what the people wanted. The fall of Najib marks the end of the ‘RAHMAN’ myth and the beginning of a familiar face, the legendary Tun Dr. Mahathir. The person who made Malaysia a brand in the world scene and now this world’s oldest elected leaders at the age of 93 is back to make Malaysia great again.

PH Leaders
DS Shafie Apdal, Lim Guan Eng, TS Muhyideen Yasin, Tun Dr. Mahathir, Anwar Ibrahim, Dr. Wan Azizah, Hj Muhammad Sabu, Lim Kit Siang

60 年前的 1957 年,主要来自马来人、华人和印度人的各种族群联合结盟,由我国第一任首相自豪的高呼“默迪卡”宣布马来亚独立,结束了英殖民统治时期。几年后的 1963 年,沙巴和砂拉越加入马来亚联邦,组成马来西亚。从一个不起眼的开始,马来西亚逐渐强大成长,成为“亚洲四小虎”之一。直到 20 世纪 90 年代末,全球金融危机使我国经济严重受挫。无可否认,种族和宗教一直是让许多人选择沉默以对的问题。直到 10 年前,当时的反对党在国阵执政的威胁之下势头渐起。这起势力让欲掌握权力的马来党派和领导人以此炒作种族和宗教的议题。紧张局势日益上升,少数民族尤其是华裔成为了箭靶。引进 GST 和不恰当的资金管理及洗钱而引起世界关注的 1MDB 丑闻,让局势白热化。过去两次的选举看到了华裔对反对党的支持,但这远远不够 。

60 年后,马来西亚前首相敦马哈迪医生成为了反对党希望联盟的领导人,使全国感到惊讶。国政的统治地位终于在多数马来人也觉得受够了—所谓“马来海啸”的时候结束。5月 9 日的第 14 届马来西亚大选发生了史无前例的转变,马来人、华人、印度人、沙巴人、砂拉越人团结一致,推翻了独立后执政的唯一政党。这次可悲的共同的敌人不是大英帝国,而是巫统也是国政领导人的首相—拿督斯里纳吉。这位宣誓效忠国家并为人民做的更好的人犯了许多错误,不仅使人民感到挫败,也让马来西亚成为了国际笑柄。


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Hard Working Equals Success 努力乃是成功之道

Tan Sri Dato Seri Tan Khoon Hai

Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Tan Khoon Hai

Executive Chairman of SWS Capital Bhd.

Tan Sri Dato’ Seri is passionate about giving back to the community and works tirelessly in support of social welfare and education charities.

Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Tan Khoon Hai was born in Muar, Johor but fate and a chequered career led him to the bright lights of cosmopolitan Penang where, through sheer talent and determination, he succeeded in carving out an illustrious career for himself. At the same time, he managed to integrate effortlessly into the local Chinese community, contributing his time and talents in a variety of important roles.

Tan Sri Dato’ Seri comes from a poor family, the fourth of eleven children. After graduating from secondary school, he left for Kuala Lumpur where he studied for an accounting qualification while working in various jobs to support himself. An honest and unassuming young man, he got along easily with people and was well-liked by his peers. These qualities have served him well and today, he is a well-respected figure in the business world where he has built up an impeccable reputation and is looked up to as a role model. Highly-accomplished, he is a qualified company secretary, business management consultant and accountant with his own accounting firm which provides a wide range of services catering to various sectors including industries, plantations, public and long-haul bus services, and housing development. He has served on the boards of several companies including, until recently, Pensonic Holdings Sdn Bhd where he was Executive Director and played a significant role in taking the company public in 1995. He is currently the Executive Chairman of SWS Capital Bhd and Chairman of EKA Noodles Bhd. besides being a substantial shareholder in both companies.


An honest and unassuming young man, Tan Sri Dato’ Seri got along easily with people and was well-liked by his peers.

From a very early stage, the young Tan Khoon Hai knew deep down that he would never achieve his full potential by working for other people, and so he made the decision to strike out on his own. The first ten years proved to be some of the most challenging of his career. Working more than ten hours a day, he would ride his motorcycle everywhere, travelling far and wide to meet his clients and do their accounts. Later on, his entrepreneurial ambitions took him down a different career path and saw him venturing into the world of business where his high level of financial acumen and sound judgement helped him succeed in building his fortune.

Tan Sri Dato’ Seri has weathered many storms throughout his career. In the process, he has come to believe that, in order to achieve success, one must not only work hard and accept challenges – one must also be willing to obtain and accept help from others. In his opinion, when one’s personal talents are supplemented by the help and goodwill of others, success will surely be just around the corner. Therefore, he has these words of advice for young people: work hard, persevere and cultivate a good attitude, then at the right time, success will be yours to reap.

Tan Sri Dato’ Seri is passionate about giving back to the community and works tirelessly in support of social welfare and education charities. He currently holds positions in several associations and educational institutions, among them the Federation Of Chen (Tan) Clan Associations of Malaysia, where he is Honorary Advisor, and Penang Fujian Merchants Association, of which he is Chairman cum Trustee. Moreover, heritage and cultural conservation being issues close to his heart, he established the Jin Xiu Art Gallery & Tea House, located in a restored historical building in the heart of Georgetown, with the aim of promoting local arts, culture and the work of new, up-and-coming Malaysian artists.





他表示,成功的秘诀除了勤力和奋斗之外,贵人也很重要,获得贵人扶持加上自身的能力与才华,才能相辅相成,一同迈向成功之道。他在 1977 年在槟城当会计师楼学徒时就结识了槟城遍视利控股有限公司 (Pensonic Holdings Berhad) 的创办人拿督斯里周荣吉。在为一些商家服务时,他贡献自己的知识和专长,协助商家申请新兴工业地位、提供代客加工服务、塑造品牌,最终完成上市大计,现已功成身退。

陈坤海现是 SWS 资本有限公司 (SWS Capital Berhad) 主要大股东兼主席及一家面 (EKA) 有限公司主席兼大股东,他寄语年轻人:“只要秉持拼搏精神、坚持努力不懈、端正心态,天时地利人和之下,成功机会指日可待。”也呼吁年轻人多参与宗乡团、商会组织,从中可获得更多交流平台和商业机会。



丹斯里拿督斯里陈坤海于 2010 年荣膺最高元首端姑米占再纳阿比丁陛下封赐皇室英明将领荣誉勋章 PSM 丹斯里勋衔,较早时分别在 2008 年荣膺槟州元首阁下封赐 DGPN 拿督斯里衔及 2002 年荣膺 DSPN 拿督勋衔。