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Quick & Easy Tokyo 快速及简易的游览东京

Tokyo prior to 1968 was known as Edo, a small castle town in the 16th century but today it is the world’s most populous metropolis and one of Asia’s must visit destinations for unlimited choice of shopping, entertainment, culture, art and dining. Not to mention the rich history offered by this city to visitors is beyond words can describe. If one only have a few days in Tokyo then…


It is highly recommended that short stay visitors should purchase a daily travel pass that can be used on all JR, subways and bus lines within the Tokyo district. Trains run from 5am till midnight. Transportation here can be very expensive if one does not plan properly.


Tokyo DisneySea is a good choice for those who have been to a few Disneyland around the world and wanted to experience something different but still within the magical Disney. A fantasy theme park inspired by myths and legends of the sea, many reviews have stated that this park is more suitable for the grown up audience but personally I feel that there is no such thing as adults when it comes to the world of Disney. It is the place that even the elderly feel as if they were kids as it just brings back so many memories.



Odaiba is a man-made island in Tokyo Bay where shopping and entertainment are plenty for those who love to explore. Besides the Fuji Building and the Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Joypolis is a fun and exciting play station for those with strong hearts whereas the National Museum of Emerging Science or also known as Miraikan offers visitors an insight to how far technology has progressed and if you are lucky, Asimo will sing for you. Palette Town is a large shopping and entertainment centre that consists of Venus Fort shopping centre, the Ferris Wheel, Zepp Tokyo, Toyota Mega Web and Tokyo Leisureland. There is no doubt that one will feel the ‘pain’ especially on the legs after a long day’s walk so remember to save some time to visit Oedo Onsen, the hot spring theme park that offers baths, scrubs and massages. Guests are expected to be naked.



位于富士电视台建筑物及彩虹大桥旁的世嘉电子游戏玩乐城,适合追求刺激感的游客。若是来到日本科学未来馆,则可见识科技的进步,幸运的话,还可看到机器人Asimo的演唱。五彩城(Palette Town)是一个大型的娱乐商城,由维纳斯广场、摩天轮、Zepp  Tokyo体育馆、丰田汽车Mega   Web展示场及东京休闲乐园组成。


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