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The Flying Goose

The Flying Goose

Hong Kong is famous for its delicious Cantonese crispy roast pork, duck and goose. The most iconic and award-winning restaurant in Hong Kong that serves the world’s best roast goose is none other than Yung Kee restaurant. Strategically located in the Central of the CBD, this restaurant has a humble beginning as a ‘Dai Pai Dong’ (a name for a street foodstall) in 1942. Today, Yung Kee is managed by second generation Ronald Kam and his two children Carrel and Yvonne. This last remaining charcoal-grilled oven in town is not only famous for its flying roast goose but also other dishes including its roast chicken and the suckling pig popular among locals and tourists. According to Yvonne who comes from an accounting background, it is important to ensure an authentic way of roasting and cooking; by selecting the finest goose and choosing the very best ingredients. This is not only to preserve the good name of Yung Kee but also to ensure that the heritage brand of Hong Kong is protected.


香港粤菜中以脆皮烧猪、鸭和鹅等美食见称,其中标志性和屡获殊荣的“镛记酒家”,除了供应全世界最香脆的烧鹅餐厅,也是香港烧鹅界的鼻祖。座落在中央商务区的这家餐厅自1942年以“大排档”(街道食摊)的方式起家,目前镛记由第二代Ronald Kam和他的孩子Carrel和Yvonne接棒掌管。而祖传的炭火烧烤方式不仅是造就了飞天烧鹅,其中如烧鸡和乳猪也拥有一致口碑。具备财务会计资历的Yvonne表示,确保纯正的烧烤和烹饪方式,遴选最佳的鹅和原材料,不仅是捍卫镛记的名声,也是保护香港品牌文化遗产。


The InterContinental Grand Stanford 海景嘉福洲际酒店

The InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong is strategically located between Kowloon and Hong Kong city centres. Perfectly nestled in the ‘quiet’ gully slightly away from the hustle and bustle of this metropolis, this hotel is located only minutes away from some of Hong Kong’s popular tourist destinations such as Hong Kong Science Museum, Tsim Sha Tsui Shopping District and Promenade and MTR. Moreover, breathtaking view of Victoria Harbour from the hotel room and friendly staffs are just reminders why you should prolong your stay. The captain responsible for leading this 5-star luxurious hotel is none other than hotelier heavyweight Alexander Wassermann. He has managed respected and international hotels around the world including brands such as Hilton, Kempinski, Movenpick and InterContinental.

Alexander was indeed an interesting and most certainly an informative man. This General Manager was fascinated with 5-star hotels and their impeccable services since he was a kid and eventually came face-to-face with having to decide a career path. His three choices were between being a priest, a chef and a rock star. He thought that being a priest was not a suitable choice as he still preferred girlfriend(s); cooking was a bit too difficult and being a rock star was a tad too ambitious. Consequently, Alexander decided that joining the hotel industry was the best option which led him to starting an apprenticeship in 1992 and joining the Intercontinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong as Hotel Manager in 2007 before spending some time in China, and returning as the General Manager in Intercontinental Grand Stanford in 2014. Today Hong Kong is home for this ‘Intercontinental Boy’ as he believes that he is in the premier league of hospitality.

Although there are plenty of dining choices in Hong Kong, InterContinental Grand Standford takes a notch up by offering Halal meals to guests and diners upon requests. Hoi King Heen, one of the restaurants at the hotel, is recognised as one of Hong Kong’s finest Chinese restaurant in town. Awarded ONE MICHELIN STAR by the Michelin Guide Hong Kong & Macau in 2011, this restaurant boasts not only authentic Chinese dishes but also its celebrity chef Leung Fai Hung for his skilled craftmenship. Customers who had dined at the restaurant has only described meals fit for the Emperor.

EZ highly recommend the ‘Braised Beef Brisket Stuffed in Pear’, ‘Fried Prawns with Wasabi and Sesame Sauce’ and ‘Braised Winter Melon Balls stuffed with Black Olives Mustard’. To finish off the perfect meal, try its refreshing selection of desserts of either ‘Almond Cream with Egg White’ or ‘Chilled Hawthorn Rolls’. If there is a choice to experiencing one 5-star hotel in Hong Kong, let it be InterContinental Grand Standford, a choice for comfort, service, class and fine dining.


海景嘉福洲际酒店位于九龙城和市区之间,闹中取静,完美的稍微隔开都市的喧嚣,距离一些热门旅游胜地如香港科学馆、尖沙咀购物区,海滨长廊和地铁只有几分钟的路程。此外,一览维多利亚港海景的客房和亲善员工,都起了很大留客的作用。而负责带领这家五星级豪华酒店的“队长”就是Alexander Wassermann,这名成功在世界各地国际酒店品牌如希尔顿、凯宾斯基、莫凡彼和洲际创下佳绩的领导者。