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Glory to Beauty, Charisma & Talent 闪耀着美丽、魅力与天赋


INPenang Awards is Penang’s most significant and celebrated event that recognises outstanding organisations and amazing leaders that have achieved success in their respected fields and contributed to the society of Penang. It is a night when charming lights shine a brighter hue on the flashy red carpet and champagne glasses chime a resounding song of elegance. It is a night where we celebrate some of Penang’s highest society and pay tribute to beauty, charisma and talent. Not only that it is a time to recognise the achievers, it is also in accordance to the underlying principle of CHTNetwork, “Where All Good Things in Life Meet…” where beautiful people are brought together and good quality products are showcased.

The significance of INPenang Awards has given opportunities to key players in the industry to showcase their talents and abilities, explore new business alternatives and encourage competitiveness among local businesses. The INPenang Awards, in its 3rd glorious edition, celebrated the evening honouring Penang’s assiduous entrepreneurs and industry veterans whose successes have gained the island state of Penang reputation as an incipient city with growing opportunities. This year, two new award categories for individuals, namely the INPenang International Outstanding Achievers Award and the INPenang Lifetime Achievement Award were introduced. These winners are specifically chosen for their contribution to their community and significant role in putting Penang on the world map.


而 INPenang 大奖主要是为各行业领域的关键者搭建展示他们才能和天赋的平台,探索全新的商机和促进当地企业竞争力。 INPenang 大奖在迈入荣耀第三届,槟城值得尊敬的百折不挠企业家和行业退休者,他们的成功造就了槟城成为拥有活跃增长力的声望早期城市。今年,大会也推出了2项增设的个人奖项类别,即 INPenang 国际卓越成就奖和 INPenang 终身成就奖。增设奖项的用意除了感念获奖者对社群的贡献,也是积极把槟城置于世界地图上而特别策划。

The Winners

The crème de la crème of awards of the evening – The INPenang Lifetime Achievement Award 2017 – was vehemently awarded to Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Michael Yeoh Oon Kheng, the Chief Executive Officer of The Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute (ASLI) for his long-standing leadership and prominent contributions to the Penang and Malaysian society. He also serves as the Chairman of the World Chinese Economic Forum and the ASEAN Leadership Forum.

Winners of the INPenang International Outstanding Achievers Awards include Bernard Yong (Malaysia), Chef Walter Lee (Thailand), Nicole Chow (Australia) and Dato’ Elaine Kang (Malaysia) alongside other INPenang Awards Winners: Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa, Gurney Paragon Mall, Ewein Zenith Sdn Bhd, Entopia, Winter Warmers Coffee & Tea House, Wonderfood Museum Penang, Vouk Hotel Suites, GenomixLAB, Penang Medical College, and Ideal Property Group.

INPenang Awards Winners : Ewein Zenith Sdn Bhd
INPenang Awards Winners : Wonderfood Museum Penang
Winter Warmers
INPenang Awards Winners : Winter Warmers Coffee & Tea House
Vouk Hotel
INPenang Awards Winners : Vouk Hotel Suites
Rasa Sayang
INPenang Awards Winners : Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa
INPenang Awards Winners : Penang Medical College Malaysia
INPenang Awards Winners : IDEAL Property Group
INPenang Awards Winners : Gurney Paragon Mall
INPenang Awards Winners : Entopia
INPenang Awards Winners : GenomixLAB
Ch’ng Huck Theng with INPenang International Outstanding Achievers Awards include Chef Walter Lee (Thailand), Nicole Chow (Australia), Dato’ Elaine Kang (Malaysia), & Bernard Yong (Malaysia)
The INPenang Lifetime Achievement Award 2017 Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Michael Yeoh Oon Kheng, the Chief Executive Officer of The Asian Stategy & Leadership Institute (ASLI)

Vips3.jpgThe VIPs

Over 400 notable VIPs ranging from local and foreign dignitaries including guest of honour The Honourable Danny Law Heng Kiang – Penang State EXCO Member for Tourism Development & Culture, award winners, distinguished guests and media attended the black tie event with the theme “Melody in Spring” at the prestigious The Wembley – A St Giles Hotel, Penang on the 5th of February 2017. Other VIPs included Her Excellency Miss Ekajit Kraivichien, Consul-General of Royal Thai to Penang; His Excellency Mr Kiyoshi Itoi, Consul-General of Japan to Penang and Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Tan Khoon Hai, Chairman of Penang Fujian Merchants Association.

超过400名的知名人士和国内外贵宾齐聚,包括荣誉嘉宾槟州旅游发展委员会主席罗兴强行政议员。而所有获奖者、宾客及媒体也出席2017年2月5日在 The Wembley-A St Giles 酒店盛大展开的“我与春天有个约会”主题晚宴。其他贵宾包括泰国驻槟城总领事Ekajit Kraivichien,日本驻槟城总领事 Kiyoshi Itoi 及槟城福商公会主席丹斯里陈坤海。

The Auction
The evening came to a close with an auction of selected exclusive luxury items where part proceeds of the sold items were given to charity. Guests threw in their bids for the chance of owning a CORUM Admiral’s Cup Legend 47, a specially designed jewelry piece titled ‘The Queen’s Collection’ from Royals Blue, a set of 100% fine marino wool carpets from Nasim Carpets and two exclusive paintings from Penang Art Society.

One of the most glamorous auction items ‘The Queen’s Collection’ was sold at RM50,000 to Ms Erlinna Tan while Mr Edward Mai was the proud owner of the legendary CORUM Admiral’s Cup Legend 47.

晚宴上也有一场精心设计的奢侈品拍卖会环节,拍卖物品中的部分收益捐献慈善。在场宾客投出价格,有机会拥有一只 CORUM Admiral’s Cup Legend 47 腕表,另外来自 Royals Blue 特别设计的高端珠宝首饰“皇后珍藏”系列,Nasim Carpet 一套100%精细马里诺羊毛地毯和两幅槟城艺术学会献出的独家画作。

最后,其中最迷人的拍卖品 “皇后珍藏”被 Erlinna Tan 以5万令吉拍得,而 Edward Mai 则是传奇的 CORUM Admiral’s Cup Legend 47 腕表的骄傲拥有者。

‘The Queen’s Collection’ from Royals Blue collected by Ms Erlinna Tan
CORUM Admiral’s Cup Legend 47 bidden by Mr Edward Mai
Nasim Carpets 100% fine marino wool carpets collected by Vincent Chew & Terry Tan
Paintings from Penang Art Society collected by Leon Lee & Dr Lee Kim Siea

Best Dress.jpgThe Best Dressed
Nicole Lee, the Senior PR Manager of L’Oréal Professionnel accompanied by Oo Lean Hooi, the Business Development Director of Ichi Media presented the Best Dressed Momentos and exclusive L’Oréal Professionnel haircare kit to the Best Dressed Award winners.

L’Oréal Professionnel 的高级公关经理 Nicole Lee 连同毅际媒体业务促进总监余联辉,向最佳穿着得奖者颁发 L’Oréal Professionnel 专业护发套装。

Show1.jpgThe Show
Prior to the presentation of the awards, Penang’s leading bridal studio and gallery – Anovia Bridal in collaboration with Obsidian Production Studio entertained the guests with an alluring fashion show. It showcased 8 pieces of sweet romantic wedding gowns and another 8 pieces of elegant and high fashion evening gowns.

在颁奖之前,槟城顶尖的新娘工作室和摄影馆 – Anovia Bridal 与 Obsidian Production Studio 携手为宾客呈献一场精彩的时装表演,展示了8件甜蜜浪漫的婚纱和另外8件优雅高级晚礼服。

BookThe Book
A beautifully crafted coffee table book featuring all the award winners, hosts and sponsors was unveiled on the night to commemorate the prestigious event. All the VIPs were invited to the stage for the book launching ceremony.


Sponsors.jpgThe Sponsors
INPenang Awards this year is proudly sponsored by CORUM Watches, The Wembley-A St Giles Hotel, Cathay Dragon, L’Oréal Professionnel, Ichi Media and Nasim Carpets. Other sponsors included Asia Gemological Laboratory (AGL), Aim Max Media Sdn Bhd, Focal Concepts, Ming Xiang Tai, Red Box Karaoke, Starbucks and Lee Video Productions. Ghee Hiang Premium Gift box was presented by the Chairman of Ghee Hiang Dato’ Ar Ooi Sian Hian as a token of appreciation to the sponsors.

今年的INPenang大奖由 CORUM Watches、The Wembley – A St Giles酒店、Cathay Dragon、L’Oréal Professionnel,毅际媒体和 Nasim Carpets 荣誉赞助。其他赞助商包括 Asia Gemological Laboratory (AGL),Aim Max Media 有限公司、Focal Concepts、名香泰饼家、
Red Box Karaoke,Starbucks 和 Lee Video Productions。在颁奖典礼结束之前,義香董事主席拿督黄先贤还亲自赠送了精致的義香级

Making the Fire Work

EZ has a chat with Asia’s most recognised firework maverick, Joe Ghazzal, who has orchestrated some of Malaysia’s most iconic fireworks events.

Up in the sky, breaking the treacle dark expanse, bursts of colours shoot from the ground, loud and shrill in their accent only to break out into a thunderous explosion of magical proportions. Such is the beauty of the firework, a human invention that combines the science of pyrotechnic with the aesthetics of art.

Fireworks, like many other endeavours of human expression, have over the centuries taken on various forms to produce what is known as the three cornerstone effects fireworks – the sound, the light, and most importantly, the effects.  So sophisticated are the fireworks of today that they can burn with flames and sparks of a wide range of colours and in spectacular effects with distinct sounds.

Though it may trace its roots back to 7th Century China where they were invented, fireworks have become a form of entertainment of its own.   Mind you, we are not talking about run-of-the-mill consumer fireworks that can be purchased by the public during major festival seasons but professional grade fireworks used in world class events; fireworks that have become a symbol of grandeur and prestige. These are fireworks that stretch the possibilities of pyrotechnics while continually seeking to perfect its art and science.

One such fireworks event, which also happens to be the largest international fireworks competition, is the Danang International Fireworks Competition (DIFC). Held annually in Danang, Vietnam, DIFC surprisingly has a Malaysian connection which began at its conception through the Malaysian and Hong Kong based Global2000 International Ltd. At the helm of Global2000 is the enigmatic Joe Ghazzal – a leading figure in the entertainment and events industry.

‘We were invited by the Vietnamese Government to produce the Danang International Fireworks Competition in Vietnam in 2008; we have been producing and choreographing (the competition) since then,’ said Joe. ‘DIFC is a complete success and it attracts a million visitors to watch the event over two nights.’

Prior to being invited to produce DIFC, Joe’s Global2000 was already making waves in the region for its spectacular fireworks shows and also for organizing world class events. In 2007, Global2000 organised, produced and managed Malaysia International Fireworks Competition (MIFC), which was the first ever international fireworks competition staged in Malaysia. ‘MIFC was the key and major event for Visit Malaysia Year 2007 and 50th Merdeka celebrations,’ explained Joe. ‘MIFC was hosted and supported by Ministry of Tourism in 2007 and 2008 for Visit Malaysia Year and it was a huge success that attracted 3.5 million people to Putrajaya.’

Joe’s involvement in the fireworks industry happened quite naturally. Having been involved in the entertainment industry since his university days, Joe has seen it all and conquered it all, that is, until he went full force in producing world class fireworks competitions and events. He started deejaying in Singapore during his university days and would then go on to recruiting and supplying DJs, records and equipment to new clubs, first in Singapore and then expanding up to Kuala Lumpur. ‘Whilst I was in the clubbing scene, I got into producing special events for product and brand launches in these clubs. Then I moved on and opened an event management company in 1994,’ said Joe on his venturing into event management.

‘I have done over 100 events for Petronas; I did the Launch for the Mercedes cars, produced and launched (events for) Astro, Measat, KLSE new building, KL Tower, Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, Sepang’s F1 circuit, Formula 1 opening ceremony, F1 Gala dinner and produced and managed the official Millennium celebrations at KLCC Petronas,’ said Joe. ‘I wanted to create a legacy for the new Millennium, so I produced a mega party at the Subang Terminal One, which was called ‘Zero’ – One World One Party.’ The airport, according to Joe, was a symbolic choice – it signified the departure of the old and arrival of the new Millennium. ‘It was the biggest party ever held in Malaysia that attracted more than 100,000 revellers!’

This is where the fireworks connection comes in. According to Joe, all his past major outdoor events capped off with a bang with a fireworks display. ‘As the finale was important to the event, I personally choreographed the fireworks so that the fireworks display would sync with the actual events.’

The lure of such fireworks displays is undoubtable. Elaborate fireworks displays are fascinating and quite magical. As Joe elaborated, it is ‘the creative side that is the wonder of fireworks. It is a combination of curiosity and emotion that lead us to watch these shows of explosive art. The one reason everyone continues to be fascinated with fireworks is that they remain incomprehensible. They are a chain of reactions that begins with a spark on the ground and ends in flashes of light several hundred meters in the air.’ This adds to the magical allure of the firework, which he said makes us ‘appreciate fireworks much in the same way as we do art – well-choreographed fireworks displays take us on a magical journey!’

While it may seem enchanting to the spectator, a lot of work by a large team of experts goes in to producing a wow-worthy fireworks event. ‘A major event like DIFC, requires writers, content producers, lighting designers, sound engineers, technical and safety specialists and event production team and logistics planners. To produce (the event), it takes months of planning; a team of good skilled and talented men and technical crew – which Team Global has – months of communications with clients and the selected participants,’ said Joe. On the technical front, stringent quality standards and procedures need to be adhered to.

For Global2000, which is capable to provide A to Z services for large scale international fireworks events, the gamut of its involvement in events such as DIFC and MIFC is indeed vast. ‘We implement the scheduling and format of the competitions and we also manage the press conferences, radio and television programs; receptions and other public events prior to the events,’ he said.

‘In some cases, we supply all supporting hardware and technical equipment; Mortars, Racks and firing system that is required for the fireworks competition as well as produce and manage all logistics,’ he added. ‘It’s a lot of work and many man-hours because we provide a complete turn-key production from start to end.’

The Malaysian-born-Singapore-educated Joe professed a deep passion and fascination for fireworks that goes beyond just a professional interest. ‘Fireworks have always fascinated me since I was a kid. It’s the sound of the massive explosions followed by a barrage of bright colours that makes me happy! I think it has to do with the many patterns of the fireworks because they are all different and unpredictable, just like life, and they explode in various directions and it just looks amazing above the night skies. People just love the explosions in the sky and love bright giant glowing paintings in the sky. The sky is a large canvas and fireworks allow me to paint the sky with my art.’

The sky is a large canvas and fireworks allow me to paint the sky with my art.

To Joe, everything he does seems to come from the heart. Outside his work, he is all about having a wonderful time with his family and friends. While his tastes might veer to the extravagant (a penchant for fast cars, globe-trotting and putting off at golf courses all over the world), Joe is very much grounded and humble. ‘I am a very normal fellow. I have a wonderful family just like the ordinary Malaysian Joe! I have a lovely wife and a beautiful daughter. They mean the world to me. I have a bunch of good friends and I love them too,’ said Joe. As for his work, Joe has only nice words to say, ‘I enjoy the work I do, so, it’s my hobby more than work. I put my heart and soul into my hobby.’

This hobby of his in which he has made the sky as his canvas has proven to be more than just a spectacular form of art; it has helped transform the way tourism is done. Joe and Global2000’s contribution to the region of Danang has not gone unappreciated. ‘We were presented with a special certificate awarded by the Danang Government for significant contribution to socio-economic development, international friendship promotion and humanitarian activities for the city of Danang,’ said Joe.

Artful Living For the 21st Century

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