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An Eye For Style & Philanthropy 时尚与慈善的聚焦点

Datin Caroline Wong.pngDatin Caroline Wong

Ambassador of International Ipoh Fashion Week

“It should be a common objective for every woman to look beautiful and healthy. I love to sing and dance, and that keeps me alive and energetic”

A philanthropic spirit curb more generosities within the human heart than you can ever imagine exist. Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give” is a true and honest expression whose statement many would agree. The conception of this virtue for ‘love of mankind’, whether in big or small ways, speak of only kindness and love; an effort of walking the talk.

When the EZ Malaysia team first met Datin Caroline Wong, her smile exuded a generous and warm charisma – “a personality we all wish would come naturally to us”. Caroline’s passion for giving a hand is never far away. And throughout the years, her charitable efforts surrounding the Ipoh valley did not go unnoticed. Her regular appearance, many times in the name of friendship, naturally became philanthropic efforts and pride to many who know her. A dedicated mother from the start, she threw herself into motherhood and was actively supporting the interests of her children. These initial involvement were the start of a life-long support for many Perak swimming meets.

Coupled with her love for dressing up, she takes on stylish roles for many charity organisations, beauty pageants, and was most notable for her ambassadorship for Ipoh’s very first edition of the International IPOH Fashion Week (IIFW™) in 2017. She worked closely with Louis Sebastion, CEO of IIFW and its board members at the paediatric cancer care unit at Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun in Ipoh with the objective of connecting humanity through fashion.

The mother of three is proud of her Ipoh roots and carries that pride wherever she goes. As a public figure, her appearance shows her love for style and beauty seen in her carefully chosen attire for every occasion. “It should be a common objective for every woman to look beautiful and healthy. I love to sing and dance, and that keeps me alive and energetic”, said Datin Caroline. Her adoration for colour is also seen in her vibrant selections of attire – always respectful to herself and the host who’d invited her.     

She now splits her time between maintaining a healthy lifestyle, helping those in need and as a pillar of support to her family.

Datin Caroline Wong_3.jpg

Datin Caroline Wong, as an ambassador for The International Ipoh Fashion Week Gala Dinner 2017 in Ipoh Syeun Hotel Ballroom.


博爱精神让人类内心比想象中更慷慨激昂的情感有了节制。英国著名政治家 Winston Churchill 曾说过:我们靠得到的东西谋生,我们靠给予的东西生活。相信大部分人都认同,这是一种真实、纯粹的表达。这种美德对“人类的爱”的概念,无论事物的大小,信奉慈悲仁爱;努力实践所说的。

当《御智马来西亚》采访队第一次与 Caroline Wong 面对面时,她的微笑散发出一种慷慨而温暖的魅力—“我们都希望自己能自然而然地拥有这样的个性”。而她对伸出援手的热情从未冷却。多年来,她在怡保周边进行的慈善活动并没有被忽视,而她经常以友谊的名义出现,成就了许多认识她的人的慈善事业和影响力。


而且由于 Caroline 的衣着打扮时尚,她在时尚界所扮演的慈善角色更是多彩多姿,最著名的是2017年第一届怡保国际时装周(IIFW™),她作为盛会的大使参与其中。她与 IIFW 的首席执行官Louis Sebastion -同时是位于怡保的 Raja Permaisuri Bainun 医院儿科癌症护理部门的董事会成员密切合作,目的是透过时尚将社群联系起来。




Datin Caroline Wong_2.png
Hospital interviewing the Paediatric Cancel Patient in Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun Ipoh.


Small But Mighty 微小却强势

Wayne Lim.pngWayne Lim

Group CEO of Malaysia SME

Group CEO/Group Chief Editor of MALAYSIA SME® Media Group

Founder & Chief Facilitator of Qŭ Exchange

Within 3 years Wayne propelled the group from being the publisher of a single SME directory to becoming an established SME media corporation in Malaysia.

Wayne Lim has been actively involved with the SME community for over 24 years. His involvement with the SME community began when he was attached to a Singapore PLC. There he started the SMI Business Directory with the SMI Association of Malaysia in 2001 and ever since, he has been deeply involved in the business of SMEs.

He founded the MALAYSIA SME® media group in 2005 and subsequently conceptualised the MALAYSIA SME® media brand. Within 3 years he propelled the group from being the publisher of a single SME directory to becoming an established SME media corporation in Malaysia.

In the course of his business endeavours, he has always kept abreast and connected to the SME community; along which, he acquired in-depth understanding of their trends and challenges. He regularly champions for SMEs to be recognised and assisted on a level playing field with large corporations.

On September 9, 2017, he launched Qŭ Exchange, a Fintech set-up that helps to solve and improve SME’s temporary cash flow. It is an online marketplace that facilitates the trading of business products & services with the use of Qŭ Point (QŭP), a SME currency.

When he is not thinking and ‘breathing’ SMEs, he is passionately engrossed in the game of football; Wayne is an avid football fan and a FAM certified football coach.

Wayne Lim_2

Wayne Lim_4
Annual event for MALAYSIA SME Congress 2017 at Muar Johor.


林明财 (Wayne Lim) 积极参与中小企业社区活动已经逾 24 年。他是在加入一家新加坡公司后,开始涉足中小型企业。2001年,他与马来西亚中小型企业公会共同创办了 SMI 企业名录,不间断对于企业经营进行更深入的运筹帷幄。

自 2005 年他创立了马来西亚中小型企业®媒体集团 (MALAYSIA SME® media brand),随后概念化马来西亚中小型企业®媒体品牌。在3年内,他推动集团从单一的中小型企业名录出版商,成为马来西亚一家有口皆碑的中小型企业媒体公司。


2017年9月9日,他创办取换思维 (Qŭ Exchange) 的金融科技,以这种方式协助解决和改善中小企业的临时资金流动问题。这个线上交易市场,也提倡业务产品和服务使用 Qŭ Point (QŭP),一个属于中小型企业的融资机制。


Wayne Lim_3.jpg