The ESG Champion

Dr. Ch’ng Huck Khoon

Director of CHK Consultancy Sdn Bhd

“My aim is to share my knowledge on corporate compliance, sustainability strategies, cases and solutions on ESG to as many as possible.”

Corporate compliance issues are becoming increasingly important to regulatory authorities.”

After obtaining a PhD in Finance from Universiti Sains Malaysia, Dr. Ch’ng devoted himself to the financial and capital industry and has been working in this field for the last 30 years. In addition to establishing his own corporate consulting company, he has also been invited by five public listed companies to serve as an independent director, and he has held important positions such as the Chairman of the Board, Chairman of Audit Committee and Risk Management Committee.

He often publishes current issues and financial-related topics in major newspapers and magazines, invited to speak on radio and television shows, and online media. He is also the author of the book “How to Select a Winning Stock”.

“He has been invited to conduct more than 1,000 seminars including public listed company director training to more than 20,000 local and foreign financial and capital services professionals in the last 20 years.”

Dr. Ch’ng also provides consulting services to large corporations. He has extensive expertise in corporate compliance, especially in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), Anti-Corruption, Money Laundering and Digital Economy issues that are becoming a grave concern for regulatory authorities and corporations in our country.

As he foresees the increasing importance of ESG, Anti-Corruption and Anti-Money Laundering procedures, he will be conducting more public seminars in these areas, sharing sustainability strategies, cases and solutions.