Are you a Winner in this Pandemic?

by Coach K

Founder of Wisdom Woods®️

Some people may take offence at the title of this article, claiming it to be rather unsympathetic towards many people who are not doing so well due to the surrounding circumstances. I would urge you to think otherwise. In fact, I am writing this piece for everyone who may not think one can be a winner, with the hope of turning you into a winner!

First of all, you’d agree with me that there are winners, especially those in the so called ‘right’ industries like e-commerce, healthcare, selected technologies, last-mile deliveries and a few others.  If industry is the only defining factor, why are there businesses within the above-mentioned industries which are not doing just as well?  On the other hand, there are also businesses in other industries that are out-performing the rest, increasing their market values in 2020.  Check out Tesla, China Tourism Group, Fortescue Metals Group and many others.  Nike even recorded their 50-year historical best in their most recent fiscal quarter. 

If you are not convinced that you can be in the same league as the businesses above, let me give you more good news. About a year ago, we would read reports that the world economies will be facing contractions, with the exceptions of China. Fast forward to today, according to the Global Economic Prospects published by the World Bank Group in June 2021, economies are forecasted to enjoy positive growths across the globe. The statistics seem to suggest that we are beginning to kickstart an upward trend. The question now is are we ready to ride the wave of growth?

Source data: The World Bank (June 2021)

So, snap out of it!  Please don’t use the Pandemic as the excuse!  You’ve got to start by believing that you can be a winner! We cannot just hope that everything will just automatically return to normal one day but we do need to believe that the light at the end of the tunnel is in sight. We’ve got to commence actions to adjust our trajectory towards the winning direction. Some might be asking their astrology masters when is the right time? No timing is better that NOW!  

So, what can we do? My friends, that’s another story…