Race That Watch 万国表赛车队登场


The IWC Racing Team has recently made its official Swiss debut at the 14th Arosa ClassicCar which saw former Formula One driver Karl Wendlinger drove the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL “Gullwing” on the winding 7.3 kilometre hill-climb route from Langwies to Arosa, finishing in seventh place. In 1999, motoring journalists named the 300 SL the Sports Car of the Century, and is instantly recognizable thanks to its gull-wing doors, which resemble the wings of a seagull.

Wendlinger is an ambassador for Mercedes-AMG, a company with which IWC shares a long-standing successful partnership. The Austrian was part of the Sauber-Mercedes team that won the 1991 World Sports Car Championship and later, became a star in the newly formed Sauber Formula One team. 

The Arosa ClassicCar, dubbed “the little Monaco of the Alps”, has attracted fans of historic motor-sport from across the world since the first edition in 2005. It attracts around 25,000 spectators each year where the races are held along the twisting hill-climb route, which covers a distance of 7.3 kilometres and 422 vertical metres as it winds its way from from Langwies to Arosa. It is also the only course in Switzerland that has a 1.2 kilometre downhill stretch.

-ap42702--pauliPhilip Rathgen (CEO Classic Driver), Karl Wendlinger and Ted Gushue

沙夫豪森 IWC 万国表车队最近在第 14 届阿罗萨经典古董车赛上正式亮相,前一级方程式赛车手 Karl Wendlinger 驾驶的梅赛德斯-奔驰(Mercedes-Benz300 SLGullwing”在蜿蜒 7.3 公里的爬坡路线上从兰维斯(Langwies)开到阿罗萨(Arosa),最终名列第七。1999 年,汽车记者将 300 SL 命名为世纪跑车,因为其形似海鸥翅膀的鸥翼门设计,一眼就能辨认出。

Wendlinger 是梅赛德斯 – AMG 公司的大使,该公司与 IWC 有着长期的成功合作关系。这位奥地利人是索伯(Sauber)-梅赛德斯车队的一员,该车队曾在 1991 年赢得世界跑车冠军,后来成为新成立的索伯一级方程式车队的明星。

而被称为“阿尔卑斯山小摩纳哥”的阿罗萨经典古董车赛,自 2005 年第一年举办,就吸引了来自世界各地的经典车竞赛爱好者。每年约有 2.5 万名观众前来参与,比赛沿着蜿蜒的爬坡路线进行,从兰维斯延伸到阿罗萨,全程 7.3 公里,垂直高度 422 米。这也是瑞士唯一有 1.2 公里下坡的赛道。