Braised To Perfection 完美焖炖

Maple Palace-2
银杏胡椒猪肚汤 The Double-boiled Pepper Pork Stomach Gingko soup
Maple Palace-3
鲍汁冬粉鹅掌煲 Braised Goose Web with Vermicelli & Abalone Sauce in Clay Pot

Maple Palace has a longstanding reputation for serving some of the most exquisite dishes infused with the highest quality known to the Asian community in Penang. The classic dishes offered at the restaurant are not only classic favourites for many of its returning customers, but  continues to captivate the taste buds of many reunion family dinners and gained new patrons along the way.

The braising method used at Maple Palace has been one of Asia’s oldest foolproof method to celebrate the goodness of meat. Brace for the all time favourite Braised Goose Web with Vermicelli basked in abalone sauce. Traditionally prepared with a claypot, it is a masterpiece infused with all time goodness for the mind and soul. Go full circle and let your senses be restored with the Braised Chicken Feet, Pork Stomach & Pork Belly. It’s definitely a protein booster that will last you all week.

The Double-boiled Pepper Pork Stomach Gingko soup is a recipe deeply rooted in traditional Asian cuisine and known for its medicinal effect to boost metabolism. Gingko remains one of the most popular superfood in Chinese cuisines and has been proven to stabilise asthma and soothe coughes.




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