Connect CHT with Astalift CHT 与 Astalift 呈献上镜之美 

Connect CHT with Astalift was held in Penang’s prestigious E&O Hotel where specially selected guests were treated to an exclusive English afternoon tea. Astalift is an award-winning brand by Fujifilm Japan which aims to achieve Photogenic beauty. It is a lifestyle that will bring out one’s photogenic beauty on his or her forthcoming birthday and many more birthdays to come. Some of the guests were well known Penangnites such as Datin Annie Chin, June Goh and Chou Pei Yee.

Connect CHT 与 Astalift 携手在槟城优雅的依恩奥酒店,为特别挑选的客人准备独特的英式下午茶。Astalift 作为日本富士胶片公司属下屡获殊荣的品牌,旨在实现上镜美。这是关于美丽的生活方式,也为他或她将迎来的生日实现上镜之美,当然还会迎接更多生日。出席宾客为槟城闻人拿汀甄安妮,June Goh 和 Chou Pei Yee 等。

ConnectCHT with Astalift_1ConnectCHT with Astalift_2ConnectCHT with Astalift_3ConnectCHT with Astalift_4ConnectCHT with Astalift_5


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