Joie De Vivre 乐享人生

Nelson Chew.pngNelson Chew

Executive Director of Pensonic Holdings Bhd

Being sad or happy is a state of mind, and we always have the right to choose whether we want to spend our days feeling down in the dumps or happy as a lark.

A Google search on Nelson Chew of Pensonic Holdings Bhd, yielded more than ten webpages of remarkable content and images. The scion of the Pensonic empire, Chew is the second generation and youngest of the three sons of Dato’ Sri Chew Weng Khak, founder of the homegrown Penang-flavoured success story.

Often seen in the company of celebrities and socialites, Chew junior is a tour de force in the boardroom and among corporate echelons. This flamboyant Executive Director of Pensonic summarises, “Although we brothers share many roles together, my main responsibilities are leading the brand management, communications, market research, customer service and exports.”

The journey from Keat Radio to the multi-conglomerate Pensonic, was not always easy and filled with stark realities. “We lived above our retail shop where we had the opportunity to interact with customers. I remember answering phone calls and issuing cash bills even at a very young age.”

Although not purpose-built for Pensonic, the three Chew brothers always knew their destinies. “We were lucky enough to be given the freedom to select our majors. However, we always understood that our father wanted us to be in the business that he has created.”

The one thing I learned from my folks is to be a trustworthy and reputable person. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Walk the talk.

With friends the likes of Alan Yun and Amber Chia, it is hard to pin down a favourite celebrity. “Would it be too cliché if I say my favourite star is my dad, the founder of Pensonic? I see a trustworthy, hardworking, humble and very sharp person. A 30-minute conversation with him will give me the knowledge that’ll probably take me weeks to learn.”

Pensonic is dedicated to ‘Your Enjoyment’. As the corporate motto goes, Chew’s joie de vivre is infectious. “I bring my personal element of fun into whatever I do. Even selling kitchen appliances or refrigerators can be fun. If you make your work enjoyable, every moment will be good. In a nutshell, my whole life feels like a hobby.”

Pearls of wisdom from this inspiring individual come in spades. “Never be afraid to fail or lose. You need to work twice as hard for everything, focus and do more than others. Rewards will come in due time.”

Nelson Chew_1.jpg


如果用谷歌搜索遍视利控股有限公司 (Pensonic Holdings Bhd) 的周俊方 (Nelson Chew),将会发现逾10个网页中非同凡响的内容和图片。除了身为 Pensonic 王朝的后裔,并且作为槟城发家、成功故事创始者拿督斯里周荣吉的第二代,也是后者三名儿子中的幼子。


从父亲初始开创的 Keat Radio 到现今多元化的遍视利,这段旅程并非一帆风顺,其中也充斥着严峻的现实。“我们一直生活在零售店里,所以与顾客的互动非常多。我记得在很小的时候,就已经学会接电话和开现






By Billie Ooi-Ng Lean Gaik

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