Chinese Cuisine Redefined 重新定义中式料理

A great dining experience often involves not only fresh ingredients or good taste, but never lacks of creativity and innovation that surprises the diners. There is a restaurant in Penang that has all the qualities and values that is mentioned above, which is the Maple Palace Chinese Restaurant 美寶閣.
Maple Palace has a good reputation for serving quality and interesting menu. We substantiated this reputation by interviewing 3 well-known food bloggers in town who have something to say about the restaurant.



Khoo Ling Tze

Our recent specially curated dinner at Maple Palace showcased the restaurants capability and creativity, presenting us with dishes that were top notch in quality.

The highlights included the BBQ Roasted Spanish Iberico Pork Ribs (served with crispy potatoes and truffle oil salad) which in the deft hands of their chef, could certainly rival any other Western Ribs place in Penang.

The aromatic duck with 7 Head South Africa Abalone combined the best of both worlds – land & sea! Meanwhile the Braised Ee Fu noodles with Goose Web was a rare delicacy that had us wanting more with deep, richly flavoured goose web and addictive springy noodles.

Maple Palace pushes boundaries when it comes to Chinese Cuisine in Penang. From dishes using simple ingredients that pack a punch (like the “Paku Pakis” with ‘Ubah’ Sauce) to the aforementioned highend dishes, Maple Palace shines with their innovative spirit and passion for bringing excellent food to the folks in Penang & beyond!





C.K. Lam

Being one of the leaders in Chinese cuisine, Maple Palace strives to provide a pleasant dining experience by combining wonderful ambiance and delicious food prepared using quality and fresh ingredients.

A proven favorite of diners, the restaurant offers options for large and small events, to wedding receptions and also specially-curated set with off-menu dishes based on diner’s preferences.

Like many other diners, I have found comfort in dining at Maple Palace. The restaurant has been providing innovative and flavoursome food. Worth mentioning are the fish steamboat and the BBQ roasted Spanish Iberico pork rib which is an exciting Western fare.The same can also be said about the efficient service and parking convenience.




JJ Jason

Maple Palace is a place filled with memories for me. I still remember how I spent time with family members during weekends at this restaurant in the past. There are many unforgettable dishes that my family and i would always go back just to have the same dishes again.

Ever since they changed ownership in 2009, I can only see more improvements and the food is getting better and more creative. More creative fusion dishes have been added into the menu and became more popular among the local Penangites. Maple Palace is one of the best Chinese restaurants around and I believe it will always be top on the list.


虽然美寶閣曾在 2009 年易主,但它的料理改进得更好更有创意,菜单中添加了许多融合中西的创新料理,非常受当地人欢迎。我相信美寶閣永远都是名列前茅受欢迎的中式料理餐馆。

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 4.23.14 PM

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