Hollywood A-Lister Attends Panthère De Cartier 众星齐聚卡地亚派对

Cartier celebrated the launch of Panthère de Cartier watch in an evening attended by an all-star guest list including Sienna Miller, Dakota Johnson, Kirsten Dunst, Lily Collins, Miranda Kerr, Alicia Keys, Mark Ronson and many more alongside Cyrille Vigneron (President & CEO of Cartier International), Mercedes Abramo (President & CEO of Cartier North America) and Sofia Coppola. The party was held at Los Angeles’ Milk Studios which saw a gathering of beautiful and talented celebrities from the world of film, television, music and entertainment.

Cyrille Vigneron & Bianca Brandolini
Panthere de Cartier Party in LA
Quann Sisters
Panthere de Cartier Party in LA
Dakota Johnson & Sienna Miller
Lion Babe

好莱坞明星的豪华阵容亮相殿堂级品牌卡地亚的 Panthère de Cartier 猎豹腕表推介晚会,其中包括 Sienna Miller、Dakota Johnson、Kirsten Dunst、Lily Collins、Miranda Kerr、Alicia Keys,Mark Ronson 等等,出席者们与卡地亚国际总裁兼首席执行员 Cyrille Vigneron,卡地亚北美洲总裁兼首席执行员 Mercedes Abramo 和品牌挚友著名导演 Sofia Coppola 共享美好时刻。 这个美丽具有代表性的派对在洛杉矶的 Milk Studios 举行,聚集了来自电影、电视,音乐和娱乐领域一批优质而才华横溢的名流。

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