George Town Festival turns 8 乔治市庆典迎向8周年

A city at the heart of Penang is celebrating its eighth year festival dedicated to its inauguration as a UNESCO Heritage Site.

Anthar Agni theater show from The Temple of Fine Arts, Singapore
The Manganiyar Classroom a theater directed by Roysten Abel from India.

Endorsed by the Penang State Government, George Town Festival (GTF) is a month-long celebration of the arts, culture, heritage and community. It is growing into a major Asian Arts event, as quoted by International New York Times.

This year, GTF will run from 28 July to 3 September together with its satellite event Butterworth Fringe Festival (BFF) on 12 August and 13 August. Making a comeback for the third year, BFF is a two-day street festival consisting of local and international acts.

Executive director Joe Sidek, believes George Town is emerging as a crucible of an artsy and contemporary city, giving local artists a hub to nurture their talents, as well as providing them a global platform.

With more than 100 events, GTF transforms the city into a universal stage where different arts from traditional to contemporary, local to international converge. Through art, design, photography, film, music, dance and drama, GTF aspires to present the stories that make-up George Town’s identity today.

Many programmes, both local and imported will be announced in the following weeks.


今年,GTF将于8月28日至9月3日之间展开,其中8月12日与13日将进行卫星活动Butterworth Fringe Festival(BFF),这是由本地和国际组成的两天街头艺术呈现,也是BFF第三年卷土重来,。

这项庆典执行总监 Joe Sidek 认为,乔治市逐渐形成深具艺术气息和当代城市的熔炉,作为培育或发掘当地艺术家才华的中心点,并提供一个全球化的平台。



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