Colourful Dreams Floating in the Air 台湾台东国际热气球节 : 梦想升空

Since year 2011, many colourful and vibrant hot air balloons can be seen floating in Taitung City’s stunning blue sky every summer. Those amazing balloons carry passengers slowly in the air, soaring above the mountains, fields and lakes, bringing them closer to the sky for a breathtaking 360 degree view of picturesque beauty.

Travel to Taiwan and you will have a whole summer to ride one of these colourful hot air balloons and have your dreams come true! Taitung Taiwan International Balloon Festival is coming to its 6th year in 2016. It will kick start on 1 July and end on 7 August. In 2014, BBC named it as one of the Top 10 Hot Air Balloon Festivals around the world. One of Taiwan renowned magazine Common Wealth also appraised this as one of the Top 5 festivals in Taiwan.

Although the main event takes place in Luye Gaotai township, a series of other activities such as the fantastic Night Glows concert will take place across different towsnships such as Jhihben hot spring area at Beinan Township and Dapo Pond at Chihshang Township. While at Sansiantai at Chenggong Township and The Aurora Garden at Taimali Township, you can enjoy the Morning Glow. Be it in the daytime or at night, those performances are promised to bring upon great and memorable experiences to the audiences.

Due to the wind direction and safety concerns, hot air balloon rides are only available in the early morning and evening. If you are planning to visit the festival, please make sure you log on to their official website ( to have its latest updates. Once you come to beautiful Taitung for the hot air balloon festival, remember to pamper yourself by staying for a few more days and embrace this lovely land.




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