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by Dr Mecherl Lim MD (MA) Naturopath (ND) , Holistic Kinesiology

Q: How you can educate yourself and remove toxins in the body?
A: When people try to guess my age, they tend to think I am 15 years younger than my chorological age because I look young and fit in the Body, Mind and Spirit. Some people blame it on my Asian Heritage, “NO” The Secret is DETOX & LIVE.

Most people are on diet loaded with Sugar, rely on Packaged Processed Food, Dairy products, Wheat, Yeast, Alcohol, Caffeine, Nicotine, & Chemicals. People carry within their bodies a modern day chemical cocktail derived from industrial chemicals, pesticides, food additives, heavy metals, anaesthetics & residue of pharmaceutical legal & illegal drugs.  In addition, many people are suffering from HURRY SYNDROME, No time to Eat, Rest, Meditate, Love, be Loved, Recollect and Reflect, only time to Hurry and eventually get sick. If you belong to this category, you definitely need to educate yourself in my DETOX & LIVE Book which is available now at http://www.michelleherbstherapy.com with detailed information to help you understand why EVERYONE needs a DETOX?

What is Detox?

Eliminating wastes and poisons via the lymphatic, digestive and urinary systems. Secondary routes of elimination are via the SKIN and LUNGS. Bad breath or recurrent skin eruptions may be evidence of the lung’s and skin’s attempt to assist overworked of weakened primary organs of elimination.

All the DIGESTIVE ORGANS play a crucial role in detoxification. The LIVER, in particular, is responsible for oxidising, breaking down or otherwise processing toxins. It filters a litre of blood per minute, straining out ENDOTOXINS, BACTERIA and POISONS.

Some of these toxins are deposited into bile, which is squirted into the INTESTINES by the gallbladder and moved out of the body. Prescription drugs, birth control pills and other hormonal medications, high fat diets, gallbladder diseases and variety of other factors can reduce the quantity and the quality of bile produced. Hepatitis, cirrhosis, biliary disease and nutrient deficiencies can all hamper the liver’s ability to effectively purify blood.

The KIDNEYS receive toxins, and the glomeruli, a specialised apparatus within the kidneys, filters the blood and metabolises water, electrolytes and nitrogen based waste. Heavy metals, long term aspirin consumption and numerous pharmaceutical medications can damage the kidneys and hamper their ability to detoxify these substances possibly leading to cancers. Toxemia is the precursor to AGING, loss of tone and function and permanent degeneration.

In FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE, the bowels are considered the soil of the body, Nutrient absorption, metabolism, and synthesis of many hormones and enzymes, as well as processing and elimination of waste products and toxins, all occur in the BOWELS. The enzymes, proteins, fats and hormones found in every cell of the body are largely the result of what the digestive organs absorb, metabolise, secrete and excrete. Like a chain reaction, intestinal constipation will lead to cellular inflammation.

No discussion of detoxification would be completed without mentioning the organs of elimination. Detoxification programs target organs whose role is to cleanse and protect your body from toxic substances.

Primarily, the liver, kidneys, colon, lymphatic and blood system.  Detoxification can target each of these organs individually or all of them together.

What is the difference with other DETOX & INTERGRATED DETOX?

HEALING CRISIS: The most common occurrences during a detoxification programme especially one that focus primary on treating the LIVER without first correcting the environment and the gut is sometimes violent reaction known euphemistical as Healing Crisis. Patients may feel nausea, pain, headache, aggravations of inflammatory symptoms or increased sensitivity to dietary and environmental chemicals. This is caused by stimulation of the Liver detoxification without the correct supplements to support the entire process. This leads to an increase in the production of reactive intermediate harmful substances that causes damage to cells and tissues and increase the production of inflammatory medication.

….to be continued in the next issue.  For more information visit http://www.michelleherbstherapy.com